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MARCH 2021  

March is special because all the planets are moving in direct motion. It will be like  driving down a city avenue when your timing is perfect so that you cruise through all the green lights. Pluto and Neptune, the slowest moving planets, move on to the next degrees. Mars will be in speedy Gemini. The theme of the month is forward motion at a fast pace.

The Spring Equinox occurs on March 20. The old saying about March “in like a lion, out like a lamb” reflects this change in seasonal energy.

March 1 – Moon in Libra. Blend your intuition and your thoughts to create a way to move forward in your life and career. You can find the balance you need to have contentment and fulfilment. You’ll feel like doing nice things for your friends and loved ones. Surprise someone with flowers. Take care of tomorrow’s important work as it will be more effective if you do it this afternoon.

March 2 – Moon in Libra, VC from 9:09 am until 3:38 pm when it enters Scorpio. Have those conversations you’ve been meaning to have but have been waiting for a day like today. You can find easy words to say hard things. You can find solutions to fixing issues of power in your relationships. It will be easier to listen to the other side today than it will be tomorrow.

March 3 – Moon in Scorpio. Your intuitive side takes over, so don’t try to explain why you know things. Trust your gut responses even though you can’t find any logic to them. It’s a good day for any kind of therapy. You can find buried insights and motivations and ways to heal unconscious complexes. It’s a fertile Moon for starting seeds.

March 4 – Moon in Scorpio, VC from 11:10 am until 5:43 pm when it enters Sagittarius. Mars went into Gemini last night and he encourages you to write and speak out. Mercury and Jupiter meet to make your words flow. Catch up in your journal, work on writing assignments, and email/text your thoughts to your friends. You’ll be up late talking and thinking.

March 5 – Moon in Sagittarius. Try to make today the weekend day and Sunday the work day. You’ll be too restless to sit in one place and need to be out and about. It will be hard to do just one thing all day. Add an element of adventure to the day and wander down a different path. Make realistic travel plans so you know there’s a trip to look forward to.

March 6 – Moon in Sagittarius, VC from 4:44 pm until 9:20 pm when it enters Capricorn. It’s a play day. Go skiing, skating, sledding, tubing to make the most of winter fun. Find an indoor ring to take a horseback riding lesson. If you stay in, sign up for a webinar to learn something new. Keep your body and mind active. Get take out from an ethnic restaurant for dinner.

March 7 – Moon in Capricorn. You are able to get organized today. Look around you and see what is no longer of use to you. Declutter to make it easier to live in your home. Set some goals for the months ahead and list the steps you need to  the to achieve them. Make this a productive Sunday and then take time to enjoy the pleasures of the material world.

March 8 – Moon in Capricorn, VC 7:52 pm. Put your workplace and business through rigorous decluttering. Make a new business plan for the year ahead. Think speedboat not battleship as you think of ways to improve your job or business. Make the kinds of  deals and agreements which mark a turning point. It’s a serious day to work hard and accomplish many things.

March 9 – Moon in Aquarius. Upgrade your software and do some research about new electronic equipment. Buy what you need- a new computer, a microphone, lights to make you look better on Zoom. Upgrade your opinions, see where you are stuck running an old tape in your mind. Watch or read something totally different tonight.

March 10 – Moon in Aquarius. The Sun and Neptune have their annual meeting. They swim and float in the ocean of consciousness and tell you not to take things so seriously. They ask you to transcend your psyche to a higher plane so you can see the same things from a higher perspective. Welcome the unusual and unplanned into your life. Act like a free spirit.

March 11 – Moon VC Aquarius, enters Pisces 9:44am. Devote the next couple of days to your spiritual practice. Your inner voice speaks with wisdom and all you need to do is to quiet your mind to hear it. Clear the clutter out of your mind and create some empty space. Give freely of your time, your skills, and your energy. Donate  to charity.

March 12 – Moon in Pisces. Your intuition and psychic abilities are enhanced today. Follow through on your hunches. You are ultra-sensitive so stay away from angry people. If you need to escape, read or listen to spiritual teachings instead of substances or mindless TV. If forced to make a decision, choose the kind way.  Tonight is the dark of the Moon. Pray and meditate.

March 13 – Moon in Pisces, VC from 11:38 am until 6:44 pm when it enters Aries. The new Moon in Pisces is a sacred time. Meditate on the sea as a symbol cosmic consciousness. Listen to spiritual music, chant mantras, gather with your karmic family. Transcend the worries and aggravations of everyday life. Flow with the energy of the day.

March 14 – Moon in Aries. Daylight Savings Time starts at 2 am this morning. This continues the spaced-out feeling of the past few days. It’s like a mini-jet lag. Watch your step since it’s easy to trip and stumble. You have an opportunity for some self-healing by doing an honest investigation into why you don’t feel right. Become aware of how you are projecting your stuff onto others.

March 15 – Moon in Aries. The week begins with the feeling that you are a horse running out of the starting gate. There’s a lot of energy and enthusiasm to push your ideas forward.  Be inventive and do it your way. Mercury enter Pisces and give you an intuitive edge when you converse with people. Mercury helps temper the sharpness and directness of what you want to say.

March 16 – Moon in Taurus. Today is an earthy day when you appreciate the material world. You are able to make changes in a slow and steady manner. Plant some seeds as a symbolic gesture to insure a fertile and productive summer. Pamper your body – get a massage or a beauty treatment. Buy yourself something soft that feels good to wear.

March 17 – Moon in Taurus. Keep on with what you did yesterday. The words you write and speak have healing power so use them wisely. You want to ponder over issues in your life as it’s not the day to make snap decisions. Keep spending time for self-care. You’ll be tempted to go off your diet but be moderate with gooey sweet treats.

March 18 – Moon in Taurus, VC from 4:40 pm until 7:47 pm when it enters Gemini. Turn your well thought out plans into reality. It’s a good day to make things real.  You can make good investments once you examine your financial assets. Create a new budget that reflects where you are now. You’ll find bargains when you shop for food and other basic necessities.

March 19 – Moon in Gemini. Today is the last day of Winter and the end of the astrological year. You’ll feel freer and less earthbound than you have in the past few days. You can multi-task and go from thing to thing, place to place. Think of what you want to do this Spring. Let the ideas flow and don’t censure them. Finish up your winter projects.

March 20 – Moon in Gemini. The Sun enters Aries at 5:37 am and you wake up to the joys of Spring. It is a day of new beginnings, a time to look to the future. It is the astrological new year, a good time to make resolutions that lead to growth and self-improvement. Write the ideas that have been percolating in your mind. You are free to communicate in your own way.

March 21 – Moon in Gemini, VC from 8:04 am until 8:18 am when it enters Cancer. Venus enters Aries to boost your spirits and bring you pleasure when you act on your own. You can plant today under this fertile Moon. You can plant seed ideas in people’s minds. Have a dinner party with those who you feel safe with. Cook your favorite dishes.

March 22 – Moon in Cancer. Start any home improvement projects you want to do. Feel what would look better and be more comfortable when you make a change. Check the batteries in your smoke and CO2 alarms. You have the sensitivity to have some serious discussions about hard topics both at work and with the family. Don’t shy away because of potential conflict.

March 23 – Moon in Cancer, VC from 11:26 am until 5:56 pm when it enters Leo. Don’t let sentiment stand in the way of efficiency. Say and do what you must even if you know it will upset someone. Start spring cleaning in your workplace or home office. Get rid of excess and useless stuff. Make space for new clutter. Do something special with kids tonight.

March 24 – Moon in Leo. It’s been months since the fire element has prominence like it does today. There will be no stopping you once you get going. Your creativity is soaring to new levels of self-expression. You are able to coach and encourage others and infect them with your enthusiasm. Spread your love and warmth as if you are a big bonfire.

March 25 – Moon in Leo, VC 9:27 am. Get up early if you have something important to do. Get your work done and then enjoy the rest of the day. Try your luck at games of chance. Push past your usual boundaries to have fun outside your comfort zone. Stat a new creative project. Shop for gifts for your loved ones and create a romantic evening.

March 26 – Moon in Virgo. The Sun and Venus meet to shower the day with love. Their joining is an impetus for you to be brave, speak up for yourself, and do what you want. Do a lot of cleaning, sorting recycling, and putting things in order. You can handle boring jobs and tedious tasks. make appointments at the doctors, dentist, and vets.

March 27 – Moon in Virgo, VC 7:48 pm. Today is the weekend day to get the chores done. It may be too early to put away the snow blower and ice melt, but it is a good time to make preparations for gardening activities. Do an inventory of your tools. Look through your pantry and medicine cabinets to see what is out of date and needs to be replaced. Eat a healthy dinner as you reframe your diet plan.

March 28 – Moon in Libra. Today’s full Moon is linked with the festival of resurrection. Life returns after a hard winter. It is a day to find balance in all areas of your life. Buy flowers to bring inside your home and to give to friends. Find a way to have some social activity with the people who make you smile. Take a long walk tonight in the Moon light.

March 29 – Moon in Libra, VC 8:08 pm. There’s a big opportunity for healing your old wounds if you each out to someone and listen to what they say. When you hear  what other people think of you, you can see how you only see your flaws. It’s an excellent day for teamwork and brainstorming sessions. Tell yourself to remember tonight’s dreams.

March 30 – Moon in Scorpio. You can accomplish much if you let your gut feelings lead the way. Clear a path for forward motion by acknowledging the  blockages of negative emotions. It’s okay to be a bit selfish and self-absorbed as long as you can still behave nicely to the people around you. Stay away from anyone who has control issues.

March 31 – Moon in Scorpio, VC 8:29 pm. It will be easy to stabilize your feelings after these past few days of self-reflection. Dump the old emotional baggage. Take a look at your money situation, including joint resources, and think of how to resolve any debt or loans you have. Let your right brain give you instructions and advice. Indulge in detective and mystery stories tonight.