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All times are Eastern Daylight Time. Please adjust for your time zone

MAY 2023

 May begins with a fuzzy aura because the weeks between eclipses have otherworldly energy. The lunar eclipse occurs on May 5 in Scorpio. It’s a day for endings. Mercury is in retrograde motion which adds to the confusion. He goes direct on May 15 at 5 degrees of Taurus. Because of his closeness to the NorthNode, it promises to be a time when you can kickstart your work into another gear. Pluto turns retrograde in Aquarius on May 2. He’s revealed just a bit of what the next fifteen years will be like. Now it’s time to digest that information. Jupiter enters Taurus and this also changes the energy. You’ll start to appreciate the world in a more sensual way. When Mars enters Leo on May 21, he sets up a challenge between Jupiter, North Node, and Pluto. As they are all in fixed signs, no one will want to step aside. Tread lightly and be cautious at the end of May. Count to ten before you unleash your temper.

May 22 – Moon in Cancer. It’s a day when you wake up ready to get out and running to accomplish your plans. Override your concerns as you can be less cautious than your fears demand. This is fertile energy for putting seeds in the ground and seeds of ideas in people’s minds. Plan to grow more food than you did last year, or find a way to grow indoors if you don’t have available land to use.

May 23 – Moon in Cancer. Your creativity comes into conflict with the stability of what’s already in place. Follow your urge to expand and grow. Let happiness be your dominant emotion as you go through the day. Nurture those who are in distress. You’ll find the right words for comfort. Sharing food helps too. Keep planting to take advantage of this fertility.

May 24 – Moon in Leo. Try to remember the messages in last night’s dreams. It’s important to be able to push back against anyone who wants you to do things their way, not yours. You need to express yourself in as many ways as you can to use the various imaginative ideas which are flooding your mind. Let the love from family members heal your wounds. Spend a tender night at home with your loved ones.

May 25 – Moon in Leo. Make your mark on the day as you enjoy the lightness in the air. You’ll feel like a foal prancing in the grass. Run with the work that makes you joyful. Try to get tomorrow’s work done today as it will have a better effect if you do so. Spend time playing with kids and engage in outdoor games to pull them away from their screens.

May 26 – Moon in Leo. The Moon is void-of-course which makes it a perfect time to take a personal day. Catch up on what you haven’t had time to do that you’ve wanted to do. Don’t worry if you’re not productive as having time for yourself is important.  Do the fun things you would do over the weekend. Stay happy and playful.

May 27 – Moon in Virgo. You are challenged to put your ideas into a form that is practical and useful. Blend thinking and feeling to show you the most efficient way to proceed. Put your life, home, garden, and business affairs in order. Take care of the details of life so that you can move on and have fun later on. This is a weekend to work, no more procrastinating.

May 28 – Moon in Virgo. While admitting that it is hard to focus, the Sun and Saturn tell you that it is necessary to narrow your options and choose one or two paths to follow. They advise you to choose “the road not taken” for your own good. Keep working on those things you don’t want to do. You can reward yourself tonight with good food and pleasures.

May 29 – Moon in Libra. Now that the work is done, relax and take the day off from responsibilities and obligations. Gather with the friends who feed your mind with thought-provoking ideas. Go out for the day to a place where you can have luxurious meals and enjoy a bit of opulence. Treat yourself to the things that make you happy.

May 30 – Moon in Libra. Your mind is sharp, making it a good day for negotiations.  If you have any disputes, find a mediator and get them settled. Take care of legal affairs. Reread your will and health proxy, or create those documents if you don’t have them. Smooth out any areas in your life that seem uneven to keep things in balance. Have a date night with your partner.

May 31 – Moon in Libra, VC from 10:53 am until 7:45 pm when it enters Scorpio. Let your mind play with possibilities for new directions in your life. Make time for creative daydreaming. Imagine yourself in different scenarios. Do some brainstorming with coworkers as you go to lunch together. Browse the nurseries and florists for plants and buy the ones that catch your eye. It’s a good night for introspection.

JUNE 2023

Pluto moves back into Capricorn to finish up the transformation of society which he began in 2008. Saturn turns retrograde mid-month and gives you a chance to digest your new Piscean lessons. Jupiter in Taurus dances with Saturn in Pisces as they enjoy being in new elements. Mars is in Leo in June, he gives spark and zest to your conversations and activities. He challenges Uranus at the end of the month, making it hard to concentrate. Drive defensively and be careful when handling flammable materials. Summer Solstice occurs on June 22.

June 1 – Moon in Scorpio. Bring in the new month with seeds and seedlings. It’s a fertile day when what you put in the earth grows well. You’ll need to make adjustments to what you want to do and how you express yourself. Listen to your inner voice instead of someone else who’s telling you to do it their way. Trust your instincts.

June 2 – Moon in Scorpio. Continue planting your garden, yard, planters, and window boxes. The next two days have a barren moon so you need to sow those seeds today. There’s a mystical aura to the day. All will go well if you flow and do not resist. Work on your art and music, help others in some way, and enjoy the beauty around you.

June 3 – Moon in Sagittarius. Tonight’s full Moon is a time when you can feel an outpouring of spiritual power if you are quiet enough to receive it. Download inspiration as you gaze at the Moon. It helps to do some breathing exercises to keep you calm. Stay active during the day – hike, explore, and play your favorite sport. Watch a foreign video to activate your wanderlust.

June 4 – Moon in Sagittarius. You are open to adventure. Plan a trip to somewhere you’ve never been where you can ride horses, travel down rivers, and climb mountains. Shift your thinking to something less practical and more exploratory. It will be fun to do the research for the trip. It’s a good day to take a workshop and/or listen to a lecture.

June 5 – Moon in Capricorn. Venus enters Leo, where she comes face to face with Pluto in Aquarius. They test your ability to balance what you desire against what is best for the community. It’s a quick quiz on ego vs. altruism. Choose the path of love. Work goes well and you can instill greater efficiency while you grow your business.

June 6 – Moon in Capricorn. Take the next step towards advancing your career. It’s a “slow and steady wins the race” kind of day. You can focus on a plan and be able to follow through on it if you don’t let yourself be distracted by new ideas. Look at your responsibilities and obligations to see if you really need to attend to all of them. What can you do to simplify your life?

June 7- Moon in Aquarius. Open your mind and let all those ideas out to buzz around and be of use. You can detach yourself from worries and be happy in the world of thought. Don’t try to change someone’s mind though, everyone is sticking to their own opinions today. Listen and learn when in a group but don’t push your personal agenda.

June 8 – Moon in Aquarius. Share your thoughts with others. It’s a good day for meetings, both for work and for education. Read about what’s new in the world of your electronic devices. Talk with a younger person to get ideas about when and what you need to upgrade. See how you can improve your use of social media. It’s a techy day.

June 9 – Moon in Pisces. Stay flexible as you follow the currents of the day. Accept what comes your way, and if it doesn’t feel good, know that it won’t last long. Let your intuition find the right words when you have to be specific. Plant as much as you can, focusing on plants that need to create deep roots. Use that as a metaphor.

June 10 – Moon in Pisces. Go where you can be close to water. You need to see it, be in it, or on it. It will feed you, inspire you, and refresh you. Do some acts of kindness for those who need assistance or a smiling face. It’s the day to do the help you’ve been thinking of doing. Plant today, not tomorrow. Put in berry bushes that will bring you joy for years.

June 11 – Moon in Aries. Pluto moves back into Capricorn to finish up his work there. You need to complete the changes you’ve made. Mercury flies into Gemini to speed up your mind and make you even more curious. Jupiter and Venus, the two benefics, offer you an opportunity to achieve your heart’s desire if you put out the effort.

June 12 – Moon in Aries. Today has hot energy which helps you go past your doubts so you can move forward. Blaze a new path to find a new way of doing that same old thing. Let your ideas be the wind that stokes the fire. Hang out with the people who stimulate your mind, not the ones who bore you. You won’t have the patience to listen to what has been said.

June 13 – Moon in Aries, enters Taurus 2:31 pm. You will hit a wall as you rush ahead if you haven’t taken care of old responsibilities. Slow down and finish old business. It will feel good to take a rest and refresh yourself with a good meal. Pamper your body in ways that open up your senses – a massage, facial, aromatherapy, and relaxing music.

June 14 – Moon in Taurus. Take another look at your finances. You want to keep your money secure; it’s not the time for risky investments. It’s a good day to find bargains and deals if you have a big ticket purchase in mind. Purchase art, music, clothing, jewelry, and cosmetics. Buy something that brings you joy and give away what doesn’t.

June 15- Moon in Taurus. Mercury and Saturn want you to get organized. Edit your work with an eye toward keeping it simple and clear. Practice putting a feeling into words. Say hard words in a kind way. Reward yourself with a gourmet dinner that you cook or go out for. Listen to your desires and find food that your body appreciates.

June 16 – Moon in Gemini. Take advantage of all the ideas and insights that are available if you can download them. It’s a day to write, speak, inquire, and feed your curiosity. Listen to different podcasts. Read foreign newspapers. Find interesting people to talk with. Go to the library or used bookstores and stock up on delicious material for your mind.

June 17 – Moon in Gemini. Saturn turns retrograde. You’ve reached the narrow part of the fjord and must return to open water. Find the leaks in the inner and outer work you’ve done since March and go into fix-it mode. Answer the emails and letters you want to reply to. Tonight is the dark of the Moon. Enjoy the starlight.

June 18 – Moon in Cancer. The new Moon asks you to be aware of how much is said in silence. Quiet your mind with breathing exercises to be able to hear what is offered to you. Let spiritual energy flood down upon you. It’s a good day to plant – seeds put in today will grow as the moon grows in light, as will your wishes. Meditate in stillness.

June 19 – Moon in Cancer. Finish your spring planting today and tomorrow. You won’t get better days for fertility and growth. Pay attention to how you will water your garden. Everyone is on an emotional edge, so be gentle when you need to explain your ideas. It’s better to nurture rather than natter. Soothe your nerves by cooking your comfort foods.

June 20 – Moon in Cancer VC from 5:43 pm until it enters Leo at 6:04 pm. Today is the last full day of Spring. Take a moment to appreciate its energy. Make adjustments where your beliefs conflict with the established way. Your feelings tell you if you are caving in to follow the conventional path instead of blazing your own. Let your creativity be your guide.

June 21 – Moon in Leo. The Sun enters Cancer at 10:58 am and summer begins! Make plans to have great fun in this happy season. Let your artistic side out to play and decide on new projects to express yourself. Have a solstice party to celebrate the longest day in the northern hemisphere. Stay up long into the night sitting and telling stories around a bonfire.

 June 22 – Moon in Leo. It’s easy to look ahead and be optimistic about what a great summer it will be. Invite the people you love to come visit you or to take a trip together. It’s time to be with and enjoy the family of your heart. Spread your love around and do your best to make whoever you meet feel happy. Tell the important ones in your life how much they mean to you.

June 23 – Moon in Virgo. Take your ideas for plans for the summer and make them real. Buy your plane tickets, and make hotel, Airbnb, and ferry reservations. Buy camping and hiking equipment. Set up pet sitters if you can’t take them along with you. Buy a new lounge chair and/or hammock for lazy days,. Clean out any winter debris that’s still around.

June 24 – Moon in Virgo. It’s a fix-it-up or throw-it-away day. Go through and around your home to see what needs to be done. It’s a good day to mow the lawn, cultivate the soil, and get rid of bugs. It is not a day to plant. The only things that do well under this Moon are vines such as honeysuckle. Get plenty of exercise, push yourself a bit.

June 25 – Moon in Virgo. Delay your planting one more day. Take care of the small things in your life that have slipped through the cracks. You have the patience to deal with minor annoyances. Catch up on technical journals or magazines. Edit your written work, photographs, and other documents so that they are ready for submission. Have a special dinner out with a loved one.

June 26 – Moon in Libra. Your forward motion can be sideswiped if you are too rigid. Mars and Uranus are in a tense energy which makes people short tempered. Be cautious when using anything sharp or flammable. Drive defensively. Mercury enters Cancer and floods your mind with memories. He makes it easier to express your feelings.

June 27 – Moon in Libra. Soothe any ruffled feathers that linger from yesterday. It’s a day to make peace and find amiable solutions to disputes. This is a good day for negotiation and mediation processes. Plant flowers and those vegetables like broccoli where you eat the flower part. Feng Shui your workspace to change the energy.

June 28 – Moon in Scorpio. The element of water takes precedence, and you swim through impressions and emotions. You, and others, are very sensitive to vibrations of what and who’s around you. When you rise above your hurt feelings, you can stabilize and heal your ouchy places. Be kind to the people you encounter. Be empathetic and see yourself in their situation.

June 29 – Moon in Scorpio. Follow your passion. You have excellent concentration when you do what you want to do. Try not to be resentful if you can’t. Revisit your will, or make one if you haven’t. Stand up for yourself if there are inheritance issues. It’s great energy to speak with a psychic, medical intuitive, or animal communicator.

June 30 – Moon in Scorpio, VC 10:20 am until 10:59 am when it enters Sagittarius. Try to remember last night’s dreams so that you can write them down. Neptune turns retrograde, giving the day a dreamy aura. It’s a right-brain day, better for imagining your fantasies than acting on them. Meditate by water, in it, or on it. Let its rhythms soothe your soul.