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All times are Eastern Daylight Time. Please adjust for your time zone


 It’s eclipse time which creates a big energy hole mid-month. The solar eclipse is on October 14, at 21 degrees of Libra. Mercury is alongside helping you verbalize what you perceive in your psyche during the darkness. The lunar eclipse is on October 28 at 5 degrees of Taurus. Mercury moves quickly through the month, zipping through Libra. Your thoughts and opinions change back and forth so hold off on making meaningful, life-changing decisions.


October 1 – Moon in Taurus. Make Venus happy today by bringing beauty to the lives of your loved ones. Help someone with a down-to-earth project in the garden or house. Look for bargains at the farmers’ markets so you can stock up for the winter by preserving or freezing the harvest. Be grateful for the bounty around you, both material and spiritual.

October 2 – Moon in Taurus. Today is Gandhi’s birthday. Spread an aura of peace around you. Do as he said: ” See the good in people and help them” and “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” You have the common sense to know how to create harmony in your life. Cook a delicious meal for your friends using simple ingredients.

October 3 – Moon in Gemini. It’s a great day for saying and writing all those things you’ve been thinking about. You can put your perceptions into words that will be simple enough for readers and listeners to understand. What you say has permanence and won’t be easy to unsay. Many ideas are jumping into your mind so try to write down the ones you want to remember.

 October 4 – Moon in Gemini. Keep on with your writing, blogging, making videos, and recording podcasts. It’s the best day of the month to do those things. Contact friends and acquaintances to ask about networking opportunities. Have some good chats with your neighbors. Mercury enters Libra to help you find solutions and compromises.

 October 5 – Moon in Cancer. Work with the tension between wanting to go out to social events and needing to stay in to take care of domestic responsibilities. You’ll feel the pull of a family member’s emotions and will have to decide how much help you can be. Set some boundaries, even if they are permeable in the long run,   as long as they work right now.

 October 6 – Moon in Cancer. Should I go or should I stay is the theme of the day. You will make progress with home projects if that’s where you put your energy. Let your intuition tell you what to do. If you stay fluid with your plans you can get more done. Cook favorite foods for your family and friends. It will make you feel good to feed them.

 October 7 – Moon in Cancer. Call your Mom, or an elderly woman friend, and take them out to a farmers market or to lunch. You will have deep and meaningful conversations when it’s just the two of you. Go into the cellar or storeroom with an empty bag and come out with it full of things to discard or give away. Free yourself from the possessions that own you.

 October 8 – Moon in Leo. Have fun today. Entertain friends and kids and friend’s kids. Your decisions and actions will have serious repercussions so think long and hard before you do or say something serious. Venus enters Virgo where she is ready to clean up what messes she made during her long retrograde journey. She takes off her pretty dress and puts on an apron to get to work.

 October 9 – Moon in Leo. It’s a day to appreciate art, yours or someone else’s. You have the self-confidence to present your work to important people who can help you get it shown. Get rid of the voice that says it’s not good enough and trust your judgment. Stay light and happy and enjoy the people around you. Smile at everyone you see.

 October 10 – Moon in Virgo. Take a critical look at the balance of power in your relationship  It’s a good day to fine-tune and make corrections as you see the little things that aren’t right. Pluto is standing still getting ready to rush towards Aquarius. It’s time to finish up what’s still undone in the Capricorn area of your chart. Recycle and rehome all the things you can.

 October 11 – Moon in Virgo. The Sun and Chiron have a standoff and tell you to look again at your part in your relationships. They want you to have a strong sense of self-awareness as you move forward. The work you do brings benefits as long as you don’t cut any corners. Examine your self-care routines and see what works and what doesn’t.

 October 12 – Moon in Virgo. Mars enters Scorpio where he is formidable and powerful. He gives you the energy to tackle hard projects. Make a list of what you want to accomplish in the next six weeks. Take care of the preliminary steps today so you’ll be ready to start next week. Buy your calendars for 2024. Clean up old messes.

 October 13 – Moon in Libra. You’re feeling tomorrow’s eclipse so keep it simple today. Set new foundations if the old ones are shaky. You’ll feel what needs to be shored up, anchored, or jettisoned. Take time for quiet introspection and assessment of your emotional structures. Are your boundaries too loose or too strict? It’s the dark of the Moon which is a good time for inner work.

 October 14 – Moon in Libra. Today’s solar eclipse sweeps through part of the USA, from Oregon to Texas. It portends a significant change in thinking and in relations with others. It is an auspicious time for meditation and spiritual pursuits. Do the minimum, don’t make major decisions or start anything. Receive inspiration for your artistic work and for your peacemaking efforts.

 October 15 – Moon in Scorpio. There’s a lingering hangover from the intense energy of the eclipse. Give yourself a day off from your personal agenda. Be kind and gentle with yourself and others. Do some planting, indoors or out, in your yard or in your psyche, to be symbolic energy of a new beginning and to counteract any negative memories you have.

 October 16 – Moon in Scorpio. If your head feels clear and your thinking is sharp, then go ahead and try to start your new venture. It’s best if you are personally involved and it’s something that stirs your passion. You’ll be happiest if you work alone today to avoid becoming irritated by other people’s mistakes. Indulge a secret desire.

 October 17 – Moon in Scorpio. Research online and in libraries with the intent to enhance your work, and to just to satisfy your curiosity. You can stick to one topic until you find out everything you need to know about it. Be a detective if you think the news can help someone. Find a new mystery series to read or watch. Get a psychic or tarot reading.

 October 18 – Moon in Sagittarius. Be happy as you journey through the day. Dream about the places you want to visit if you can’t be there today. Decide when you can travel and vow to yourself that you will make it happen. You’re apt to be blunt and say what comes into your mind without thinking of the effect it may have. Be sure to exercise.

 October 19 –  Moon in Sagittarius. It’s a restless day when you really don’t want to be stuck in one place. Take care of the errands that get you out and about. Go to the library to borrow, or download at home, a book on philosophy or sociology. Your mind is hungry for ideas that make you think. Eat ethnic food tonight and watch a foreign movie to hear the rhythms of a different language.

 October 20 – Moon in Capricorn. Mercury and the Sun meet to discuss how you’ve used the time and learned your lessons since Mercury was retrograde. You can take the ideas they choose for you and put them into form. Expand your surroundings in a pleasant way with something new to look at and touch. Buy or create a piece of craftsmanship. 

 October 21 – Moon in Capricorn. Today the Sun and Pluto check in on you. Have you eliminated what’s worn out and used up? You may need to end some relationships that feel over, or change the dynamics so they feel more in balance. It’s a last chance kind of day when your procrastinations catch up with you. Get rid of those dead seeds so there’s room for new ones to grow.

 October 22  – Moon in Aquarius. Try to accomplish something real by the end of the day. You can do more than you think you can. Mercury enters Scorpio. He teams up with Saturn to help you write and communicate your thoughts so others can see and hear them. You’ll speak from your heart and your mind and come up with concepts that will be helpful to the community.

 October 23 – Moon in Aquarius. The Sun enters Scorpio at 12:21 p.m. The energy of the day is choppy, like paddling a canoe through the water where the currents meet. Life becomes more intense. Your thoughts turn from the collective to the personal. Update your journal, the text on your website, and your blogs. You now have something different to say.

 October 24 – Moon in Pisces. It’s a day when your right brain sends you clues that you have to interpret to find the message. Trust your gut reactions as they will be accurate. It’s a day for receiving knowledge and acting on that to help you find a firm foundation. Find time to help and be of service. You are strong enough to deal with difficult problems.

 October 25 – Moon in Pisces. It’s okay to feel spaced out and unfocused since we are between eclipses and that’s the prevalent energy. Don’t push your agenda or stress out trying to get things done on time. Keep your mind open and see what enters it. Find ways to give and help those who are less fortunate than you. Be grateful for what you have.

 October 26 – Moon in Aries. Watch your temper as you impulsively head off in the wrong direction or into a dead end. There are many opportunities for frustration and your exasperation level is high. Stay active and use up excess energy in physical projects. Avoid squabbles and walk away from anyone who’s in an argumentative mood.

 October 27 – Moon in Aries. Hold off on starting anything meaningful as what you begin will probably fizzle out, or you’ll lose your enthusiasm.  Take a personal day to take care of your own needs and desires. Speak up for a friend or relative who is afraid to confront a person who is causing a problem for them. Go out tonight and take a walk in the moonlight.

 October 28 – Moon in Taurus. Thoughts and actions have the power to become reality under today’s lunar eclipse. As always, be careful what you wish for. A lunar eclipse works on the subconscious level so listen to your intuition before doing anything. Keep yourself calm and quiet and find time to sit and feel the energy of the day.

 October 29 – Moon in Taurus. Mercury meets up with Mars, and they point out important information that has been hidden from you. Someone will say something that changes your mind and opens up a way out of a stuck situation. You can research and find facts you haven’t wanted to know until now. Forget the diet and eat your comfort foods.

 October 30 – Moon in Gemini. You need to be doing many things today – it’s the ultimate multi-tasking energy. You do best on short projects that you can end before you become bored with them. You’ll find the fastest way to get from point A to point B. Keep your mind busy with puzzles, word games, and mysteries. Surf the Internet for interesting information.

 October 31 – Moon in Gemini. The flypaper of expectations keeps you stuck when you want to be free to follow your own thoughts. You are too restless and don’t have the concentration for the deep conversations someone wants to have with you. Text the friends you’re thinking about to keep the contact alive. Dress up as a favorite literary character if you go to a Halloween party tonight,