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November is a calmer month, with the exception of the new Moon on November 13 which has a strong potential for disruption. There’s a theme of ending up long-standing conflicts and bailing out of enterprises that are going nowhere. You are on the threshold of big change. Saturn turns direct on November 4 and asks you to shore up your foundations. Don’t overextend yourself on Thanksgiving as Saturn brings some limitations to the holiday.

November 1 – Moon in Gemini. Your mind wants stimulation. Seek out people with new ideas who spark interesting conversations. Find a book group where you will read novels outside your comfort zone. Stay busy with those short jobs and errands. You’ll want to sink into coziness at home tonight. Cuddle up with pets, lovers, children, and a warm quilt.

November 2 – Moon in Cancer. You are riding waves of emotion as you go through the day. Avoid the storms with deep breaths. Float above any negative reactions to other people and events. You have a sharp perceptive ability to see the truth and can trust what you feel. Calm down by cooking and feeding friends and family.

November 3 – Moon in Cancer. Today is one of the lucky days in the year if you put out some effort to make it happen. Buy a lottery ticket, take a chance, and shoot for the Moon. Follow your instincts and override your fear and hesitancy to take a big step into your future. It’s a day to feel, not think, and doing that has positive results, as does meditation.

November 4 – Moon in Leo. Saturn moves into direct motion today. The part of your life that has been under review and feels stalled is beginning to be released. The sturdy foundations you have been laying down since March are hopefully strong enough for you to build on. You have the confidence to say the words that will unsettle someone instead of holding them in.

November 5 – Moon in Leo. Adjusting to the time change is disruptive, like a mini jet lag. Take care of yourself and do the things that make you happy. Spread your love and warmth. Be generous with your hugs and kisses. When you have to make a choice, choose your favorite, be it a restaurant, video, or a place to walk. Give yourself a nice day.

November 6 – Moon in Leo, VC 10:44 am to 2:39 pm when it enters Virgo. You start the week inching forward toward achieving your goals. Proceed with confidence and with a plan. You know what you want but must make a step-by-step blueprint to get there. Success is in the details. Spend time getting rid of the excess and the distractions that hinder your progress.

November 7 – Moon in Virgo. This is the day to get the boring items off your things-to-do list at work and at home. Make your surroundings neat and tidy so you can move on from a clean base. Clear the dust out of the corners, both in reality and metaphorically. Buy a raffle ticket that helps a charity. Recycle and regift what you are not using.

November 8 – Moon in Virgo. Devote the day to hard work. It will feel good to concentrate and then see the results. Venus enters Libra where she is at home. She smiles on your relationship and tells you how to make it better. Buy yourself something beautiful, doing that will make her happy. Help someone who isn’t able to cope.

November 9 – Moon in Libra. Do something nice for your partner, best friend, and lover (who may be one person or three.)  Bring light and love to the day as you interact with others. Buy flowers for someone who needs a pleasant surprise. Be as social as you can, it’s not a day to isolate yourself. Seek out new organizations to join.

November 10 – Moon in Libra. Mercury enters Sagittarius to open your mind to endless horizons. Allow new ideas to enter your mind; don’t censor any thoughts. Let your imagination run free. Be a peacemaker where you see friction and help people find a common ground for compromise. It’s a good day to sign contracts and other legal documents.

November 11 – Moon in Scorpio. It’s a bumpy day when things don’t go as planned. Try hard to let go of having it all your way. Pushing hard won’t accomplish anything. If you get upset, go off by yourself and visualize a positive ending. You can find ways to anchor unruly emotions. Take a walk in the darkness tonight.

November 12 – Moon in Scorpio. Chill out to rest and renew your energy. It’s the old Moon when momentum wanes and you feel your vitality drain. Research a topic you feel passionate about. Read a mystery novel. There’s no need to make a splash today, just follow the psychic rhythms of the day. Honor your ancestors with a dark of the Moon ritual.

November 13 – Moon in Scorpio. Today’s new Moon is action-packed as it is connected to both Mars and Uranus. It ushers in a month of potential violence and disruption, or, unexpected opportunities to change your life. Be cautious, stay safe, and avoid dodgy situations. Don’t let your emotions propel you to do something you will regret. Proceed with kindness.

November 14 – Moon in Sagittarius. Think of ways you can add more exploration to your life. Make travel plans for a trip to somewhere you’ve never been. Sign up for a course or workshop on topics you haven’t studied. Go for a long walk in a different neighborhood or hike a different trail. Treat yourself to new athletic equipment.

November 15 – Moon in Sagittarius. Think about teaching something you know to give yourself the experience of imparting knowledge to others. Write down an outline for that book, or books, you have inside you. It will be helpful to be able to read your ideas. Do research on agents and publishers to light the spark. Learn about self-publishing.

November 16 – Moon in Capricorn. You can accomplish a lot today. Focus on your business goals, your job advancement, and your professional objectives. Listen to that ambitious voice inside your head and pay attention. It’s a great day to take the next step up the career ladder. Get rid of the distractions and mental clutter which are wasting your time.

November 17 – Moon in Capricorn. Your intuition and gut feelings take over your linear thinking – take note of them. You don’t have to act on the information today but do remember it. Find ways to keep calm if you find your emotions aggravating you. Mini-mediations sessions, deep breathing, and mindfulness help you get through the day.

November 18 – Moon in Aquarius. It’s an intense day with the Sun meeting up with Mars. You can use this energy to advance your agenda. You may find yourself fending off sarcasm and gibes from others, and listening to a lot of complaining. Escape the negativity by seeing the big picture and detaching from daily woes.

November 19 – Moon in Aquarius. Upgrade your computer, tablet, apps, and programs. Do some imaginary shopping to see what new devices you’d buy when you’re ready to replace what you have. It’s a day for thinking big thoughts. Consider how you can help out in your community. Join an online group discussion to share ideas.

November 20 – Moon in Pisces. Slide back into intuitive mode and let your answers come from within. Take advantage of your psychic abilities which will be strong today and tomorrow. Be flexible as the day unfolds into something you didn’t plan. You’ll get messages about how to heal an inner wound. Soothe your soul by reading the words of enlightened masters.

November 21 – Moon in Pisces.  Today is the last day of Scorpio. Use the energy to dig deep inside your mind and see what you’re keeping hidden. Look for lost objects. Do some creative daydreaming. Sit quietly and receive inspiration from the universe to help you with your creative projects. Do acts of kindness whenever you can.

November 22 – Moon in Aries. The Sun enters Sagittarius to lift your spirits. You look up and out to see the big world. Your mind and feelings change a few times as you go through the day. Stay flexible and deal with whatever comes. Pay attention to the other drivers if you travel today. You want to speed ahead so be safe even if it means being patient.

November 23 – Moon in Aries. Let the goodness of giving guide you through Thanksgiving and be truly grateful for all your blessings. Share in the work of preparing the meal and cleaning up afterward. If you are hosting, be sure to delegate the tasks. You will have interesting discussions as long as you don’t push your ideas to the forefront.

November 24 – Moon in Aries, then Taurus. Mars enters Sagittarius to help you become more active and lose those extra pounds. If you have the day off, go to the gym, or preferably outdoors, and push yourself to find the joy in exercise. You need to stay active today before you indulge in holiday leftovers tonight when your willpower drops to zero.

November 25 – Moon in Taurus. Slow down so the impact is less when you hit the wall, which could be an emotional one. It’s a good day to burn down any psychological scaffolding you’ve erected that you think keeps you safe. You are brave enough to find the truth of the matter. Seek solace in nature or by tending to your houseplants.

November 26 – Moon in Taurus. Take a rest before starting another busy week. Do practical jobs around the house, nothing too big or long-lasting. Make your home and yard neat and tidy. Have a midday traditional Sunday lunch. Catch up on emails and texts tonight so you have a clean inbox tomorrow. Watch a favorite old video to see what the past was like.

November 27 – Moon in Gemini. Today’s full Moon can attune your mind to the blessings of Jupiter and the angels of Mercury to receive love and compassion from those on the other side. They want you to live in joy. They help you speak words of kindness. Learn to communicate from your feelings. Meet with special friends tonight.

November 28 – Moon in Gemini. It’s a great day for multi-tasking so take on as many short jobs as you can fit into the day. Mercury will be turning retrograde in two weeks so get many Mercury related tasks today. Fill out applications, answer emails, pay bills, and get the car serviced. Get in the habit of backing up your computer and phone every day.

November 29 – Moon in Cancer. There’s a poignant conflict between the part of you that wants to travel far and wide and the part that wants to stay safe and cozy at home. Feel it and let it be. You will be happy making deep connections with friends and family over a shared meal. It can be useful when you feel sensitive and nostalgic for the past.

November 30 – Moon in Cancer. Call your mother if you can. If she’s passed on, do something that would make her happy. Check in on elderly women friends to see how you can help them or just make them a bit happier. Reflect on the dreams you’ve been having and see what they tell you. Write down your favorite recipes to give to friends and family members.