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JULY 2004

On July 2, Neptune joins Saturn in retrograde motion. These two planets are both in Pisces. They show you where you need to revise and fix some shaky boundaries. They point out where wishful thinking has led you astray. Please pay attention to the water you drink and swim in to ensure it is clean.

Have a wonderful month of July!

July 1 – Moon in Taurus. It’s a lovely, warm, and fuzzy, take-it-easy day. You want to stroll rather than run. The delights of the material world capture your attention and take your breath away. Give your body some love with a massage, facial, or bubble bath. Treat yourself and your family to fresh, wholesome foods and home-baked goodies.

July 2 – Moon in Taurus/Gemini. Neptune stops four minutes short of entering Aries when he turns around to go backward. You will intuit artistic and spiritual messages from him, though he adds an element of confusion to your linear thinking. Mercury enters Leo later in the day, giving you optimism and a positive outlook. He helps you speak words of love to cement your relationship.

July 3 – Moon in Gemini. Mercury has a standoff with Pluto and they force the revelation of hidden truths. It’s time to say the unpopular things that you’ve been avoiding. You’ll be like the little boy in the story of the emperor’s new clothes. Listen to what people say as they run their mouths off to find the nuggets of gold.

July 4 – Moon in Gemini/Cancer. It’s a party mood in the morning when you want to be with people, watch a parade, and hang out with friends. Have the picnics and barbeques at dinnertime when you feel more like cooking and feeding others. Celebrate the wonder of freedom and living where you can be who you are.

July 5 – Moon in Cancer. This is a great day to start something that you can nurture to grow with no end in sight. Plant seeds that will take root symbolically and literally. Wash away any limits you have placed upon yourself through fear or insecurity. It’s time to start fresh, to be the little stream that grows into the river that empties not the sea.

July 6 – Moon in Cancer. Immerse yourself in the garden. Expand what you grow to include more food to store for the winter. Bring any extra that you harvest to the food bank. Find pleasure in the simple things of life. Today is H.H. the Dalai Lama’s birthday. Do acts of kindness in his honor.

July 7 – Moon in Leo. It’s time to have summer fun. Do all your favorite hot weather activities, the ones that make you happy. It’s a perfect day to start a summer romance, or, pretend that you’ve just met your partner. Go out where you can meet someone special. Have conversations that are flirtatious and spark excitement.

July 8 – Moon in Leo. Write and speak what’s in your heart. It’s a day to express yourself completely with no holding back. Let your creativity and uniqueness shake up the status quo. When challenged, take the high road. You have the confidence to do what you’ve been dreaming of. Make the people you meet feel encouraged to do more.

July 9 – Moon in Virgo. Use the next few days to clean up after the holiday weekend. Schedule and prepare for summer guests. Make reservations for the trips you’ll take in the next six weeks. Go online to find new campsites, mountains to climb, and exhibits to see. Go over your travel budget to see what’s possible. Take care of debts to free you up for new adventures.

July 10 – Moon in Virgo. The Sun swims with Saturn and they help you find new depths of emotional stability. They show you how to build bridges over troubled waters. Tie up loose ends as you work to put things in order so they don’t bother you anymore. Be proactive about health issues so they don’t escalate into a big problem.

July 11 – Moon in Virgo. You’ll feel your dreamlife merging with everyday activities. Go back on course after enjoying small diversions. Keep on making things real.  Examine your diet and exercise routines to see if you are doing all you can. Venus enters Leo and she wants you to have more fun doing what you love with those you love.

July 12 – Moon in Libra.  Move your relationships and partnerships to a deeper level by listening to your heart. It’s now or never energy when you need to rebalance the power dynamics you have with people. You will see what’s over and done while you also see how it can be better. Use open conversations to move it all along.

July 13 – Moon in Libra. It’s a weekend to be social. Plan to attend as many parties, gallery openings, flower shows, and special events as you can. It will feel good to be out and about. Find a way to handle the conflict between family members who want to see you and friends who want to party. Be generous when at fundraisers for good causes.

July 14 – Moon in Libra. Summer is rushing by, so be sure to enjoy it. After sharing a morning meal with friends and family, go off on your own to do exactly what feels good to you. Contemplate your life and the way it is unfolding. Listen to what your inner voice tells you is your next step along the path. Figure out what would make you happier.

July 15 – Moon in Scorpio. You have lots of energy to make a sudden change, one that looks odd to others but something you have thought about for a while. Use the resources around you to help. You feel good about taking action on something that is positive for your mental wellbeing. It’s a fertile Moon, a good time to plant seeds and ideas.

July 16 – Moon in Scorpio. You’ll be sloshing through emotional currents. Your moods and desires will change so it’s best not to make a schedule but just flow along with what the day offers you. Imagine water undermining a sea wall. That’s what will happen if you try to stick to a plan. Keep planting and transplanting. You’ll find bargains in the nurseries.

July 17 – Moon in Sagittarius. Call in a couple of personal days so that you can take off for an adventure. It’s a day to explore, seek out thrills, go off road and off line. You want and need a few days to be free from obligations and cares. Stay away from the crowds and the popular places. Find your own piece of heaven and beauty.

July 18 – Moon in Sagittarius. It’s a day for gentle excitement. Push off work and obligations until tomorrow. Boost your wellbeing and mental health with some exercise you love to do. Stay outside as much as you can. Or, get lost in a library. Stretch your boundaries in a way that makes you grow. Watch a foreign movie and eat at an ethnic restaurant.

July 19 – Moon in Capricorn. Work double time to catch up on everything you let slide over the past few days. You are organized and efficient and can streamline your work schedule to get a lot done. It’s easy to prioritize what’s important and ignore the distractions. Revise your business plan to take into account your newest ambitions.

July 20 – Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius. You have better follow through at the start of the day. When Mars enters Gemini it’s harder to stick to one thing as so many options open up in your mind. He energizes your mind. Plant root vegetables for a fall crop. It’s a good day to prune your bushes and also your excess belongings. Feed your mind tonight.

July 21 – Moon in Aquarius. Today is the last full day of Cancer. Make it a family day to celebrate the full Moon. Let your intuition guide your mind towards new things to study and new people to converse with. It’s a blessed day when you can obtain all good things if you open yourself to being receptive. Be grateful for what you have.

July 22 – Moon in Aquarius. The Sun enters Leo at 3:44 am EDT, and we start the fun month of summer. Your mind is full of wonderful ideas, both serious and frivolous ones. There’s room for both. You have two weeks left before Mercury goes retrograde so plan accordingly. Find the balance between what you want to do and what pleases others.

July 23 – Moon In Pisces. The Sun and Pluto face off and show you two ways to look at things, the optimistic sunny way and the dark, behind the scenes, under the surface way. Accept both visions, then work with them to improve your life. You’ll feel the intensity of the day so be kind to the people you meet. Try to go swimming tonight.

July 24 – Moon in Pisces. Cool off by water, either in, on, or looking at it. Let your thoughts and daydreams slosh around as you enjoy the images you see. Make doing acts of service a priority. Can you bring someone to enjoy a pool, pond, or river? Open your heart and your wallet to give generously. Create good karma by helping others. 

July 25 – Moon in Pisces/Aries. Take care of your responsibilities to others first. As the day progresses you can think about your own desires and put your energy towards moving forward. You have the verve and confidence to be successful at what you do today. Mercury enters Virgo, his own sign, where he helps you think in a linear fashion.

July 26 – Moon in Aries. Chiron starts his retrograde phase. As he moves backward, he will ask you to review your health and diet regimes. He wants you to look for the places where you are lax in your healthcare and selfcare. It’s a fiery day to start a weekend of summer fun. You know what makes you happy, so make it happen.

July 27 – Moon in Aries/Taurus. Your momentum slows as you toss aside the more energetic plans and decide that you need time to chill. Visit farmers’ markets, tag sales, and flea markets. Browse and look for bargains. Get pleasure from having your hands in the dirt as you garden and then harvest what’s ripe. Listen to live music tonight.

July 28 – Moon in Taurus. It’s a lazy summer Sunday day, a lie in the hammock as long as you want to kind of day. Cook brunch for friends and family, have a picnic, host a barbeque. Let your senses lead you towards pleasure. Take a long walk to enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds of nature. Listen to the rhythms of water, the songs of birds.

July 29 – Moon in Taurus. You have one more week until Mercury turns retrograde. Overcome any lack of enthusiasm for doing work today, and do what’s best to do while he is still direct. Put in orders, get the car checked, get a new phone or computer. Stock up on what you need so you can shop less later. You are practical under this Moon.

July 30 – Moon in Gemini. The bounce in your step returns and you want to be all over the place. Make phone calls, pay bills, contact friends and acquaintances to make plans. Your mind is bouncing around full of new ideas. Write them down so you can ponder over them later. Choose one to be your Mercury retrograde project.

July 31 – Moon in Gemini. It’s the end of the month with a balsamic (old) Moon, making it a good day to finish up what’s undone. Don’t procrastinate or get distracted, but bring things to an end, both on the material plane and the emotional. Feel free as you let things go. Gather with friends to stay out stargazing.