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T. S. Eliot said “April is the cruelest month.” There’s an impatience for Spring to get going and for the outdoors world to be warm and comfortable. This April is somewhat calm with no big surprises. The Sun sends three weeks in Aries, one of her favorite signs. Then on April 20 moves into Taurus to shine on Nature’s beauty.

Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn all stop and turn into retrograde motion. This sets up a time for you to review all your accomplishes so far in 2019 and decide where it’s best to put your energy.

April 1 – Moon VC Aquarius, enters Pisces 10:48 am. April showers bring May flowers is a good theme for the next few days. You need to “water” your projects now, even though it may feel uncomfortable. Listen to your inner voice which will tell you what to do. Plant seeds of all types, literal and symbolic, and nourish yourself and the Earth. Play kind pranks for Aprils’ Fools Day.

April 2 – Moon in Pisces. Mercury meets Neptune and they add to the day’s aura of  swimming underwater. Look for subtleties and nuances to understand what people are saying to you. Pay extra attention to what you remember from your dreams. Download cosmic inspiration for your artistic projects. Spend part of the day helping others. Plant today.

April 3 – Moon in Pisces, VC 11:36 am. Get your important work done in the morning. Postpone your mid-morning coffee break so you can keep on going until the Moon goes void. Relax in the afternoon with simple, easy tasks. Let go of trying to make something happen and go into receptive mode. Listen to music and dance. You can plant today.

April 4 – Moon in Aries. Chiron may wake you up in the early morning hours with an insight on how to solve a current problem. Pay attention. Choose something you want to do and get it done. Finish up whatever is still dangling. It’s the dark of the moon when the energy is slow and naps are needed.

April 5 – Moon in Aries. Today’s New Moon is a marker for the real beginning of Spring. It’s a day to start fresh and make your ideas come alive. Put your plans into practical operation. You will find the will and courage to overcome obstacles and to move your life forward in a new and exciting way. Work on your own and tell your friends you’ll help them tomorrow.

April 6 – Moon VC Aries, enter Taurus 9:06 am. This is a weekend to have a good time. You can focus on the yard and garden. You can go to a spa and pamper yourself. You can hear live music and visit art museums. You can tour the yard sales and find bargains. Focus on the pleasures of the material world and on how you can please your senses. A fertile day for planting.

April 7 – Moon in Taurus. This is the best Sunday of the month to chill and be lazy. Leave your ambitions and obligations for another day and move as slowly as you like. Forget your diet and indulge in your favorite foods. It’s definitely a dessert day, a nap day, an overdo it on chocolate day. Plant if you can. Pick up a hobby or craft and spend time with it. Make any important phone calls tonight.

April 8 – Moon VC Taurus, enters Gemini 5:15 pm. This is a serious week when the ducks come home to roost, so to speak. Thought you can’t do much today, try to make a plan and prioritize what needs to get done in the next five days. Take care of your houseplants and give them a bigger pot so they can grow. See what else needs more space and figure out how to make it so.

April 9 – Moon in Gemini. Work like you are two people and get a lot done. Try to take care of tasks that are overdue or near deadline. Do the paperwork for your taxes. Pay bills, write what you need to write, make phone calls, answer emails.  It’s a day to use your left brain and to communicate to others. Buy lottery and raffle tickets.

April 10 – Moon in Gemini, VC 1:27 pm. Jupiter turns around to go retrograde. He backtracks to see how you have handled the opportunities he has given you since November. The Sun and Saturn set a challenge for you to work hard, to toe the line, and still keep your individuality. You won’t get away with being lazy or half-hearted but must do your best.

April 11 – Moon in Cancer. You’ll be feeling sensitive today and sense that you might not have done all you could to meet yesterday’s challenges. Comfort yourself by comforting others. Give your attention to home and family matters. Check in with your Mom and siblings and listen to their news. Make plans for a family reunion. It’s a very fertile day to plant.

April 12 – Moon in Cancer, VC 7:33 pm. Today is a good day to review your finances and investments and to make decisions that are on the safe side. You want to conserve and preserve your assets. You‘ll get an intuitive hit about how to do that. Check on the safety factors of your home such as fire alarms, CO2 detectors, water and freeze alarms. Are the batteries up to date? Plant.

April 13 – Moon in Leo. The Sun and Pluto ask you to see where your life has gone stagnant and what changes you need to do to make it more dynamic. Examine where you have been going along with the crowd, where you play by the rules, and what makes you lose your sense of self. It’s a day to express your individuality and creativity. Have some fun.

April 14 – Moon in Leo. It’s a lucky day as the Sun and Jupiter dance and shower you with good fortune. You can be optimistic and create all good things. Send your artistic work to be seen and appreciated, sell your products, and apply for a new job or school. Do something special with your children. Spread happiness around. Be generous with your hugs and kisses.

April 15 – Moon in Virgo. You can get a lot done today and tomorrow. They are nose-to-the-grindstone days. You’ll be happy with the amount of detailed work you can achieve and put behind you. Venus and Jupiter tell you to try hard and don’t lose faith in what you can accomplish. Double check your tax returns and get them sent in.

April 16 – Moon in Virgo. Pay attention to the minutiae in your life. Focus on the little picture and try to put everything in order. Make lists and plans. Take care of pets health, plants, your health, and schedule your next check-up. Go through those piles of papers covering your flat surfaces and put them away or throw them out. It’s a great day to play the get-rid-old-clutter game.

April 17 – Moon in Libra. Mercury enters Aries early this morning and he gives you permission to speak your mind and not worry about the consequences. He’ll show you where you have been giving in to other people too much. It’s a day for social activity. Go to a public event like an astrology lecture. Invite friends over for dinner. Plant flowers.

April 18 – Moon in Libra. It’s a good day to solve interpersonal problems by facing them and finding a win-win agreement. People are open to compromise and will give a little in response to a good offer. Have that serious talk with your love partner. You may not feel too energetic so put your energy towards appreciation rather than doing. Go out with friends tonight.

April 19 – Moon in Libra, VC from 7:12 am until 8:40 am when it enters Scorpio. Today’s Full Moon, the first one in Spring, is linked to the rebirth connotation of Easter. Quiet your mind and listen to the inner voice that tells you how to be peaceful and still. Plant a special bush or tree in memory of a loved one. Today is the last day of Aries so be courageous and get that scary thing done.

April 20 – Moon in Scorpio. The Sun enters Taurus at 4:55 am. Venus moves into Aries to help you go for what you want and need. This is the weekend day for planting and gardening. It’s also a good day to take a rest as the energy is unstable which makes it hard to follow an agenda. Focus on inner work and self-examination. Read a good mystery tonight.

April 21 – Moon VC in Scorpio, enters Sagittarius 11:59 pm.  It’s a slow morning when you may not want to go out but enjoy taking extra time in bed with those you love, people and pets. You want to explore in the afternoon and find something new to stimulate your mind and/or body. Feel free to express yourself with the words that will free you.  

April 22 – Moon in Sagittarius. The Sun and Uranus meet today to celebrate Earth Day. They urge you to find some innovative, never before tried, means to protect the Earth. Expect the unexpected. You need to pay attention and drive defensively, even though you want to stay in motion. Take care of tomorrow’s important business today.

April 23 – Moon in Sagittarius, VC from 7:43 am until 6:50 pm when it enters Capricorn.  It’s a catch up day – on your reading, cleaning your inbox, on your exercises, you know what I mean. Venus meets up with Chiron and they ask you to make sure you love what you do. They want you to find pleasure on your own and not feel guilty about what you think you  should like.

April 24 – Moon in Capricorn. Pluto turns retrograde. This can be an explosive day when something shocking happens. He shows you what is used up and over and what needs to be redone. It’s an earthy day when you can manifest and make real a lot of your goals. Take the next step towards furthering your career., but be sure not to skip any steps.

April 25 – Moon in Capricorn, VC 3:48 pm. You can get a great deal accomplished before the Moon goes void. Focus on your career and firm up what you did yesterday. Make a new set of goals and a five month and a five year plan. You can set a schedule for Spring and Summer so get out your calendar and start planning. Visit antique stores to find just what you want.

April 26 – Moon in Aquarius. Everyone is sticking to their opinions so don’t try to convince anyone of anything, even if you know you’re right. Just say/write your theories and ideas and don’t get attached to the response once they’ve left your mouth/hands. Take time to listen to other peoples ideas. Do something outside your comfort zone tonight.

April 27 – Moon in Aquarius. It’s a good day to gather with others and join in a community effort which will get you out of your head. Try out different means of expressing your inspirations. Get into conversations with people who are very different from who you are friends with. It’s a barren day for planting. Make tomorrow’s important phone calls today.

April 28 – Moon VC Aquarius, enters Pisces 6:11 pm. Have a lazy Sunday where you can drift and do just what you want to do. Stay in bed and read, take a long walk, go to a matinee, catch up on YouTube videos. Have no guilt about taking the day for your own pleasures. Think of it as a present from the universe.

April 29 – Moon in Pisces. Saturn goes retrograde tonight which adds intensity to the day. Follow your feelings to investigate what doesn’t feel right and take action to fix it. You may sense that something you started a few months ago has come to a dead end. You can trust your intuitions and be able to use them in a constructive way. A fertile day to plant.

April 30 – Moon in Pisces, VC 5:57 pm. You may feel a bit discouraged due to Saturn changing directions last night. He’s showing you the bottom line and revealing the things you haven’t wanted to look at. The best antidote is to look to the guidance of your spiritual practice. Meditate, chant, read sacred writings. Put your hands in the ground and plant.