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JUNE 2021

Mercury is in retrograde motion for the first three weeks of June. You need to cultivate patience and be able to wait before you start new ventures. It is the time to take action with verbs that begin with re – renovate, repaint, refinish recreate, reconsider, rejoin, recycle, redo, and remember. Mercury turns direct on June 22.  He is moving backwards from 24-16 degrees of Gemini. Look and see where those degrees are in your chart and you’ll know what is up for a redo.

There is a Solar Eclipse on June 10. Mercury is involved adding confusion and inspiration. Don’t plan on doing much that day.

 Jupiter and Neptune will both turn retrograde his month. There’s a one step forward, two steps backward feeling to June which is why you need patience and an ability to laugh at yourself

 June 1 – Moon in Pisces. The Moon touches Jupiter and gives a foreshadowing of what 2022 will be like. Pay attention, but don’t start anything. Be observant and try to decode the messages that the universe is sending you. Do some service work, it will help you and others. Set your intentions for the new month.  Meditate on or by water.

June 2 – Moon in Pisces. Venus enters Cancer which adds to the watery feel of the day. You want to support and nurture those you love and those who are in need. Your intuition will tell you what to do. Your mind comes up with new ideas for healing old wounds. Take action on things that can improve your wellbeing. Leave time for daydreaming.

June 3 – Moon VC Pisces, enters Aries 1:59 pm. There’s a nice flow of energy today. The two benefics, Venus and Jupiter, hold out their hands to include you in their dance. They offer all good things to you. The Sun and Saturn give you a chance to stabilize your thoughts. They want to help you make good decisions about what to do next.

June 4 – Moon in Aries. You will move fast today. Be sure to rein yourself in enough to double check what you send out by email, text, or mail. Keep your eyes open and stay alert so that you don’t stumble and fall. You need to run, bike, hike, or skate for a long time to wear off excess energy. Challenge yourself in some way.

June 5 – Moon in Aries, VC 6:47 pm. Be careful as you go through the day. Mars and Pluto have a standoff which can be very disruptive. It’s the day that water  undermines the sea wall and cracks it into pieces. Let go of what is being taken away from you. Holding on will cause unnecessary pain. Don’t push any agenda; don’t be bossy or it will backfire.

June 6 – Moon in Taurus. This is the weekend day to relax and putter in the garden. Be as lazy as you want to be. Take walks in nature, visit nurseries and botanical gardens, hear live music. Have fun cooking gourmet recipes. Take a nap in the hammock. Make love in the afternoon. It’s a day for guilty pleasures of all types.

June 7 – Moon in Taurus. Pay attention to your body. Do an examination of what you need to do in terms of keeping up with selfcare. Schedule massages and spa treatments. Make an inventory of your pantry and freezer and see what needs to be eaten before it gets too old. Go through your closet and take what you know you won’t wear anymore to the thrift store. Go on a chocolate binge.

June 8 – Moon in Taurus, VC from 11:07 am until 2:47 pm when it enters Gemini. Plod along while following your daily routine. It’s not a good day to make any changes. What is known feels safe and secure. Save the phone calls and emails to do in the evening hours. You can try your luck then and push against some of your boundaries.

June 9 – Moon in Gemini. Go through the old paperwork and sort, file, recycle, and put things in the trash. It’s a good day to tie up loose ends. Make space in your head and on your desk. You are feeling the pull of tomorrow’s eclipse as it approaches. Be receptive, not active. Think of which thoughts, beliefs, attitudes no longer serve you and can be gotten rid of.

June 10 – Moon in Gemini, VC 1:38 pm. Retrograde Mercury sits alongside today’s solar eclipse causing an infusion of ideas, some of which are confusing and overwhelming. Quiet your mind with breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. Meditate to attune yourself to the spiritual power that accompanies an eclipse. Let the present moment override the emotions of the past.

June 11 – Moon in Cancer. Mars enters Leo where he is happy and ready to help you unleash your creative side. Flow with the energy as it calms down after yesterday’s eclipse. It’s a prime day for planting, one of the best in the month, so take time to work in the garden. Hold off on making important decisions. Cook your favorite comfort food for dinner.

June 12 – Moon in Cancer. Do the majority of the month’s planting today to ensure that you have strong growth and healthy crops. It’s a very fertile day. Take care of home repairs especially repainting, renovating, and recovering furniture. Shop farmers markets for fresh foods. Reorganize the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry. Invite the family for dinner.

June 13 – Moon VC Cancer, enters Leo 2:22 pm. Have a lazy morning and experiment cooking new breakfast foods. The energy picks up in the afternoon to help you unleash your originality. Have fun playing with kids. Let your imagination run wild to create fantasy games. It’s a spacy evening, not the time to be logical.

June 14 – Moon in Leo. Saturn and Uranus square off creating a push me-pull me type of energy for the day. Examine your fixed opinions and attitudes to see if you are holding on to them out of stubbornness or because of real meaning. You will need to let go of those projects that aren’t going anywhere. Listen to your heart today, let it overrule your mind.

June 15 – Moon in Leo, VC 1:27 pm. Take another look at unfinished projects and choose one to complete over the next week. Contact friends who have drifted away and tell them how much they mean to you. Answer the emails in the bottom of the inbox. Spread joy and cheery feelings by smiling at everyone you see. Be grateful for what you have.

June 16 – Moon in Virgo. You will see all the flaws as you look around. It’s the perfect day to go into fixing and repair mode. Patch the holes in the screens, stop the drip in the faucet, oil the squeaky door. Replace broken tools. Double and triple check everything you send out to find the typos. Recycle those magazines and papers that you’ve been looking at for months.

June 17 – Moon in Virgo. Reorganize your work and living spaces. Put things where you want them to be, even if it doesn’t make sense to others. Make a list of what needs to be fixed and a list for what you want to do this summer. Do some research on home remedies for better health. Take an inventory of your vitamins and supplements. Make another effort at sticking to your diet.

June 18 – Moon in Libra. Reevaluate all your important relationships. Have a long talk with your partner about rebalancing the power structure that exits between the two of you. Today is the perfect day to reflect on and revise your vows to each other. Collaborate about redecorating your shared home. Have a date night to remember how you met and the charge you felt.

June 19 – Moon in Libra. Take a little trip with your loved one so you can be alone together. Rekindle any spark that seems to flicker. Visit art galleries, museums, crafts fairs, and flower shows. Plant flowers, flowering bushes, and vegetables like broccoli where you eat the flowers. Enjoy the lightness of the day and the ideas it brings to your mind.

June 20 – Moon VC Libra, enters Scorpio 7:58 am. The Sun enters Cancer at 11:32 pm to start summer!! Today is a transition day when you are blown around by conflicting currents. To add to the unsettled feeling, Jupiter stops and turns around to swim backward in the few degrees of Pisces that he covered. Listen to your inner voice to tell you how to get through the day.

June 21 – Moon in Scorpio. It’s a very emotional day. You are ultra-sensitive and will take things personally. Be kind to those who may be mistaken in what they say and don’t feel insulted or slighted when that may not be their intent. Flow through the day without overthinking. It’s a fertile time to plant. You will receive spiritual inspiration if you quiet your mind.

June 22 – Moon VC Scorpio, enters Sagittarius 8:55 am. Mercury turns direct at 6 pm. Look back over the past three weeks and see which of your opinions, ideas, and plans have changed. Extend your mind into the future to understand what you need to do now. Get outdoors. Find some friendly competition to engage in and give some spark to your exercise.

June 23 – Moon in Sagittarius. It’s a lucky day when you can make your wishes come true. Cast a net into the sea of opportunities. Follow your intuition towards your rewards. You can transform your relationships by giving up any emotional neediness. Find what you seek from your partner inside yourself. Hold off on starting new projects for another few days.

June 24 – Moon VC Sagittarius, enters Capricorn 9:05 am. This is the first full Moon of summer. Let your mind be full of images of peaceful gardens. You can start to work on the decisions you’ve made over the past three weeks. You’ll see what to eliminate to achieve greater efficiency. You still need to double check your emails and texts and reread what you sign.

June 25 – Moon in Capricorn. Neptune moves into retrograde motion. This gives a spacy feeling to the day. Your boundaries loosen up and your fantasies fade away to make room for new ones. You can make significant changes at work if you’ve thought them out before today. Start the weekend early since you know you want to. tell yourself to remember tonight’s dreams.

June 26 – Moon in Capricorn, VC from 8:49 am until 10:09 am when it enters Aquarius. This is a good weekend to take a course or workshop that stretches your brainpower. It will feel good to challenge your intellect and be among a group of like-minded people. Do the chores that need to be done to fix retrograde Mercury mishaps.

June 27 – Moon in Aquarius, VC 3:08 pm. Venus enters Leo and brings romance to your life. Work hard in the morning doing what needs to be done. Share your ideas with others and get involved in improving your local community. Do tomorrow morning’s work. Give yourself the luxury of reading, talking, listening to podcasts while you rest in the afternoon.

June 28 – Moon VC Aquarius, enters Pisces 1:51 pm. Follow your inner rainbow to find the pot of gold by the end of the day. Listen to your intuition and gut feelings. Refresh your self in, on, or by water. Contact those you know who are ill or elderly and see how you can help. Make a donation to charity. Give to the food bank. Plant.

June 29 – Moon in Pisces. Keep listening to the mysteries of the other world. It’s a day to talk with the fairies by the garden gate. Let the plants tell you where they want to be on this fertile day. Open up to the magic in nature. Dance and write poetry. Meditate on the interconnectedness of all life. Do random acts of kindness. Do acts of service.

June 30 – Moon in Pisces, VC from 1:40 pm until 9:21 pm when it enters Aries. Take a personal day if you can. It’s hard to come down to earth after floating in Piscesland for the past few day. Your best efforts will be to help others. Find a way to volunteer your time and efforts over the summer. Enjoy the otherworldly inspiration. You can catch up tomorrow.