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 AUGUST 2022

August is Leo’s month – when the Sun shines brightly and it’s easy to be full of loving feelings. The month starts with some tension so it’s best not to try anything new but just hold fast. Let go of expectations.

Mars enters Gemini on August 20. He loses focus and helps you multitask but is no help if you have a long project. He’s there for a long stay as he turns retrograde in that sign at the end of October keeping him in Gemini until the end of the year. It’s great energy for writing speaking, thinking, and taking lots of short trips.

Know that Mercury turns retrograde on September 9. Use this month to put things in order and do you shopping.

Enjoy the summer sun.

August 1 – Moon in Virgo, VC 6:29 pm. Today is Lammas, the ancient festival that celebrates the first harvest. It’s a day to put your electronic devices down and do earthy, practical things. Make jelly, bake bread, blanch and freeze fresh vegetables. Stay grounded. Look around to see if your home is secure from unexpected weather events.

August 2 – Moon in Libra. It’s a happy summer day – great for parties and social events. People are in a good mood making this the day to have a fundraiser for a favorite cause. Invite people to have a meal at your home so you can show off your living space. It will make you happy to entertain your friends. If you’ve had your eye on someone, invite them to do something fun with you.

August 3 – Moon in Libra. Take care of legal issues and sign important documents. Follow through on the thoughts that have been buzzing around inside your head. Bounce them off a friend or colleague before you act on them. Go to art galleries and museum shops to buy new art for your walls. Bring more beauty and balance into your life.

August 4 – Moon in Scorpio. Mercury goes home to Virgo where he helps you communicate clearly and concisely. Get busy with writing projects, working on lectures, and revising your website. Mercury helps you find the words to express your inner emotional wildness making this a good day for therapy, either with a counselor, astrologer, or a trusted friend. You can dig deep and discover hidden treasures in your psyche.

August 5 – Moon in Scorpio. It’s best to focus on doing one thing, going into great depth until you are satisfied that it’s finished. Get rid of what’s hanging over you so that you can enjoy the weekend. You are perceptive and seeing what you couldn’t see earlier. Trust that x-ray vision when you have to make a decision. It will feel good to take a break from socializing tonight.

August 6 – Moon VC Scorpio, enters Sagittarius 12:39 pm. It’s time to do your favorite summer activities. Climb a mountain, go water skiing, pick blueberries, fly a kite, ride a horse. It’s a day to have fun. Don’t let anything or anyone hold you back as you need to be free today. You can go further and faster than you think you can so don’t limit yourself.

August 7 – Moon in Sagittarius. Keep running, hiking, biking, and also studying something new. You’ll be happy by water when you can look at its motion and get lost in its music. There will be an obstacle to overcome or circumvent that has to do with you and others, with being stubborn instead of flexible. Remember to take the high road in any confrontation.

August 8 – Moon VC Sagittarius, enters Capricorn 2:39 pm. Get up early to sneak in a bit more vacation time. Start work later in the day when you have a better ability to concentrate. Set your goals for the week. Focus on how to advance your career and on your finances. Be like the little pig who built his house of bricks. The more you work, the safer you will be.

August 9 – Moon in Capricorn. You’ll feel conflicted between sentiment and practicality. The memories of past pleasures and favorite ways of acting may not be helpful now. Let go of the nostalgia that holds you back. Work long hours today so you can take time off later. Take advantage of the clarity and ability to focus that the energy of the day gives you.

August 10 – Moon in Capricorn, VC from 12:39 pm until 2:45 pm when it enters Aquarius. Batten down the hatches to prepare for an unexpected disruption tomorrow. Take another look at your finances and other assets. This is not a time to speculate. Let your mind wander into the twilight zone of odd and unusual thoughts. Search the Internet for news on signals from space, crop circles, and UFO sightings.

August 11 – Moon in Aquarius. The motto of the day is Expect the Unexpected. Things will not go as planned which will be frustrating if you are rigid about following a schedule. It’s best to err to the side of caution and be careful around explosive objects and people. Venus enters Leo to shine upon you with unconditional love. Look for blessings which are hidden in plain sight. Go out tonight and party under the full Moon.

August 12 – Moon VC Aquarius, enters Pisces 2:44 pm. Express your thoughts in an artistic way. People will listen to you so it’s a good day to show your work. Donate something you’ve made, or can do, to a community fundraiser. Let your intuition tell you how to be of service to those in need. Remember to take time to enjoy the summer.

August 13 – Moon in Pisces. Relax, you can get it done next week. Take yourself to the beach, shore, river, or somewhere calm and peaceful. Float on the currents of the day. Dissolve into daydreams, dance with the fairies. Let your imagination run wild. You’ll be highly creative so indulge your fancies. Plant vegetables for a late harvest. It’s important to give yourself a day with nothing to do.

August 14 – Moon in Pisces, VC from 11:11 am until 4:43 pm when it enters Aries. The Sun and Saturn have their yearly faceoff making this a day when the bottom line becomes obvious. Something has to give, to end, to be left behind. Your heartfelt passion receives a dose of reality. You’ll have the energy to fix what needs to be fixed.

August 15 – Moon in Aries. All your engines are firing and there’s no stopping you today. You can powerwalk through any obstacles that stopped you yesterday. It’s the day to do and say the things that scared you. You’ll find the confidence and courage to speak your truth and face your fears. You want to fly high so be careful you don’t get burned by the Sun.

August 16 – Moon in Aries, VC 4:18 pm. It’s another fiery day, full of energy and vitality. There’s no need to slow down unless you see a big curve ahead of you. Work on your own as you have little patience to wait for others to catch up to you. Try to beat your personal best when you exercise, run, or swim. Upgrade your phone if the old one can’t keep up with you.

August 17 – Moon in Taurus. Slow down and get back into your daily rhythms and routines. Stop and smell the flowers. Appreciate the beauty you see in nature. Buy yourself a present, but make the choice with an eye towards value not because of a whim. Find time to laze around in a hammock or lawn chair. Reward your senses every way you can, especially with smell and tastes.

August 18 – Moon in Taurus. Venus dances with Jupiter. These two beneficial  planets offer you all kinds of goodies. You are lucky in love and in fulfilling your desires. Be grateful and say thank you for the gifts that come your way. Enjoy the richness of summer’s produce, the corn, berries, tomatoes, beans, with your eyes as well as your stomach. Plant garlic.

August 19 – Moon VC Taurus, enters Gemini 8:06 am You need to make adjustments between the desire to frolic in the summer sun and being responsible by sticking to your work schedule. Take care of answering  emails and texts, returning phone calls. Send in proposals for a book or magazine articles you’d like to write. Apply to teach or give a lecture at a conference.

August 20 – Moon in Gemini. Mars enters Gemini for a long stay. He gives you many ideas and much mental agility, but makes it hard to finish long tedious tasks. You’ll be in motion today. Plan lots of visits to friends and take short trips to yard sales and library book sales. You can multitask with good results. Follow your whims; it’s a day to be spontaneous.

August 21 – Moon in Gemini, VC 6:06 pm. Take time this morning to translate your dreams from images to words. Think of what you haven’t done for summer fun and go out and do it while the Sun is still in Leo. Drop everything and go to the beach. Call your friends and see if they can play with you. Check-in with your siblings to see how they are. Zoom with them if they can’t meet with you so you can have a good talk.

August 22 – Moon in Cancer. The Sun enters Virgo late tonight. Use the last of the Leo energy to show the world who you are and what you can do. Be creative with your words. Spread love and kindness and smile at everyone you see. Remind yourself to keep these optimistic warm feelings throughout the rest of the year. Set a good intention to stay happy.

August 23 – Moon in Cancer. Settle into domestic life. Put away the clutter that’s piled up, clean out your inbox, vacuum the rugs. Catch up on organizing your home and workspace. Check batteries on smoke alarms and put flammable materials in a safe place. Sort out any little problems or disagreements that are bothering you.

August 24 – Moon VC Cancer, enters Leo 9:09 am. Uranus stops and turns around to begin moving backwards  in retrograde motion This can produce shock waves on different frequencies. Let go of your expectations for the day. Focus on the things that make you feel good about yourself. Take a look at your possessions and values to see what no longer brings you joy.

August 25 – Moon in Leo. Pick up the pieces of whatever got shattered yesterday. You’ll like going feel back to summer fun mode so get out and play. Take the kids for a special treat. Bring mor e romance into your relationship. Mercury enters Libra where he is diplomatic and suave. He helps you find the common ground when in discussions.

August 26 – Moon VC Leo, enters Virgo 8:25 pm. Start the weekend early if you can. The work you do will lack substance and may have to be redone. Give yourself another day to play. It’s important for your wellbeing to put yourself first at times. The Moon is at the end of its cycle, a time for bringing things to completion. The energy is old and tired making it a good time to catch up on your sleep. Go out and look at the stars tonight.

August 27 – Moon in Virgo. Today’s New Moon is stimulated by Mars, both having the blessing of Mercury. You want to speak up and use this gift of words and ideas that come to you. You will be happy if you write lists, make plans, and organize schedules for the months ahead. Set an intention for a healthier diet. Create a new exercise routine.

August 28 – Moon in Virgo. Venus and Saturn tell you that your summer romance is over. You will see the bottom line regarding your love and money. Take off the rose-colored glasses and accept the reality of what you see. The alternative to bringing it to an end is to put in a lot of work to revive what your heart craves. It’s time to be practical.

August 29 – Moon in Libra. You have two weeks before Mercury turns retrograde to sort out legal matters, make deals, and buy expensive items. Start planning redecorating projects and sign contracts with the people who will do the work. Spread a bit of joy by sending flowers to someone who needs them right now. Buy new clothes and jewelry.

August 30 – Moon in Libra. It’s a day for compromise and reconciliation. It will be easy to rebalance the power structure in your relationships. You have to make decisions about being practical and yet satisfying that part of you that want to go to the Moon. Everyday life seems to limit your ideas of adventure and you need to find a way to do both.

August 31 – Moon VC Libra, enters Scorpio 1:11 pm. You’ll spend part of the day pleasing other people and then get tired of doing it and then go do your own thing. It takes some fiddling to follow your desires and yet be aware of others needs. Take a long break to nourish yourself with water and/or beauty. A lunch with friends helps change your mood.