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October 2020

October’s main event is when Mercury turns retrograde on October 13. You have two weeks to get ready and put things in order so that you can slide through this intense Mercury period for the rest of the month. Mercury moves backward from 11 degrees of Scorpio to 26 degrees of Libra. He turns direct on November 3. Yes, that is election day and Mercury will add to the confusion. He changed direction on election day in 2000, remember what happened then? Look where Scorpio is in in your chart to see the area of your life which will undergo revision and review.

Both Saturn ad Pluto are now moving forward but they are still under siege by Mars which creates tension and struggles.

Do your best to be a peacemaker this month.

October 1 – Moon in Aries. Today’s full Moon ushers in Fall and highlights the issue of independence vs. cooperation. Examine your part in keeping those around you safe and healthy. Can you find innovative ways to be alone and function at your best? Acknowledge and release the anger that has built up in you due to the circumstances of the past six months.

October 2 – Moon in Aries. See where you can do what you want to do while still playing by the rules. Work by yourself at your own pace or you will become too impatient for your own good. Venus enters Virgo. she is not happy there and becomes critical and cranky. She wants to help you put your life in order by pointing out all your mistakes.

October 3 – Moon VC Aries, enters Taurus 11:12 am. The Moon and Venus bring you down to earth and tell you to appreciate the beauty of the season that you see around you. Shop for local produce to store for the winter. Bake bread. Rake leaves. Get rid of things you no longer need. Take a nap. Today is the weekend day to rest and relax.

October 4 – Moon in Taurus. Pluto turns around and begins moving forward again. This is always an intense day, full of disruptions and eruptions. It is not a day to take any risks. Look back to see what has happened since the end of April and how it changed you. It’s a good day to set new intentions as you move forward alongside Pluto.

October 5 – Moon in Taurus, VC 2:41 pm. Mercury is slowing down as makes plans for going on vacation next week. Do any big ticket shopping today, put in your orders, and make appointments for house repairs. Plant bulbs for Spring surprises. Go out in nature this afternoon and feel soothed by her beauty and her songs.

October 6 – Moon in Gemini. Back up all your work on your computer. Back it up twice. If you need new electronic equipment or a new phone, buy it today. Send in all applications, grant proposals, and book proposals. Mail your ballot for the election. It’s a day to do a lot of errands and some short visits with people you need to see. Buy books and magazines.

October 7 – Moon in Gemini. Expect twists and surprises as you go through the day. Your plans won’t work out as expected. Stay flexible and you’ll enjoy what pops up. You’ll do a lot of thinking and theorizing with your very active mind. Let your curiosity lead you through the day. Check in with your siblings and cousins and see what they have to say. Catch up on your emails.

October 8 – Moon VC Gemini, enters Cancer 11:45 am. Clean up your desktops, virtual and real.  Your sense of orderliness is at odds with your need to do exactly what you want to do. You’ll feel calmer in the afternoon and feel better after a good homecooked meal. Try to catch up on your sleep tonight and tell yourself you want to remember your dreams.

October 9 – Moon in Cancer. Stay close to home and stay safe. Mars and Pluto are in a tense relationship today and their dispute will cause eruptions, disruptions, and other unpleasant occurrences. You want to protect your family, both the one of blood and the one of the heart, anyway you can. Be supportive and nurturing and offer a safe haven in the storm.

October 10 – Moon in Cancer, VC from 12:04 pm until 8:24 pm when it enters Leo. You will spend the morning solving problems and soothing ruffled feathers. Feel your way through the roadblocks and obstacles. Stock up on seasonal food and buy plants to cheer up your indoors. Find joy in simple pleasures like your favorite music, a bubble bath, and comfort foods.

October 11 – Moon in Leo. Have fun today. It’s a light day when you can seek out activities that lead to enjoyment. Follow your heart, forget the routine and the diet, and create a wonderful day. Your soul wants free rein to color outside the lines. Be as avant garde as you feel like and don’t care what others think. You can produce art in many ways.

October 12 – Moon in Leo, VC 10:29 am. It’s late in the game but if you have any important correspondence or stuff to send out, do it early today. Mercury is stopped ready to turn around tomorrow night. Your creative juices are flowing and you do have a lot to say and show. You can make people happy and coach them to see the sunny side of life if they are feeling down.

October 13 – Moon in Virgo. Mercury starts his retrograde period at 9:05 pm. He wants you to look around and discard what is used up or redundant. Tidy up your home and workspace, make piles to recycle or give away or throw away. Make a loose plan of what to do over the next three weeks using words that start with re-.

Buy healthy food and vow to clean up your diet.

October 14 – Moon in Virgo, VC 6:47 pm. Review your existing projects with an eye towards editing, revising, and maybe giving it up. You can be critical enough to know what is worth saving. Be ready to go back to step one to restart the venture. Make a list of what needs to be repaired. It’s okay to do the work on what you have been thinking about but procrastinated over. Go back to the exercise routine you enjoyed but let slide away.

October 15 – Moon in Libra. The Sun highlights Pluto’s influence in your life. You have to find ways to compromise and still maintain your integrity. People will pull power plays and try to force you to see it and do it their way. You will be more effective if you are kind and don’t go down to their level. Today is an opportunity to effect transformation and growth.

October 16 – Moon in Libra, VC 6:11 pm. Today’s new Moon asks you to become a peacemaker where and when you can. It launches a good time for renovations and restorations. See where you can redecorate for a new look and better fung shui. Make your environment more aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. Have a good time with your partner and show your appreciation.

October 17 – Moon in Scorpio. This is a weekend to hunker down in your home and let the world go by. You have enough interior work to do to fill the time. Do some intense self-examination to see what you can bring to awareness and then discard. Try to let go of needing to control what you can’t. Write in your journal. Work on your private project.

October 18 – Moon in Scorpio, VC 5:43 pm. The Sun and Saturn have a tense encounter. They bring you down to earth and show you what is real and where you have been fooling yourself. Magical thinking and just hoping won’t work today. Accept that you know what is going on under the surface and you will find ways to go around the obstacles that you encounter today.

October 19 – Moon in Sagittarius. Venus and Jupiter dance in harmony and bring you luck and all kinds of good things. You can manifest your dreams today as long as they are not selfish ones. You crave the freedom to wander without a map and the desire to explore new places and new ideas. Enjoy Mercury’s retrograde motion by letting him lead you along different paths.

October 20 – Moon in Sagittarius. It’s another day when luck is by your side. Experiment with doing things differently. Use your enthusiasm to give good suggestions to others to help them open up their minds. Go outdoors and get some extra exercise in the fresh air. Meet some new people. Zoom with friends who live in other countries and see how they are doing.

October 21 – Moon in Capricorn. Today is the last full day of Libra. Have a small safe social event, a party or a meal, with those you love. Weed out the people in your life who don’t contribute but just drain you. Downsize your business to make it more efficient. Sow the seeds for a new career. Spend some extra time with your partner and do the things you both enjoy.

October 22 – Moon in Capricorn. The Sun enters Scorpio at 7 pm. You have the focus and concentration to scrutinize your career path to see where you have gone astray. It’s a good day to make a course correction. Do research and send out feelers about potential opportunities. You will be practical and pragmatic and able to make good choices.

October 23 – Moon VC Capricorn, enters Aquarius 8:17 am. You’ll feel the conflict between taking things too personally and yet wanting to detach from what’s going on. Don’t fall into the us vs them mentality. Do what you can to help your community. Vote, if you can do it today. Do another back up of your computer and tablet.

October 24 – Moon in Aquarius, VC 5:54 pm. You’ll see the bottom line everywhere you look. You’ll know the reality of your relationship. You are practical about your finances and can make a good budget today. Decide how much you can contribute to favorite causes and do it. Check out prices and deals on electronic equipment.

October 25 – Moon VC Aquarius, enters Pisces 5:18 pm. Mercury meets up with the Sun making today the middle of his retrograde cycle. He enhances your intuition and gives you new ideas. Check on all your social media accounts to see if anyone is messing with them. Updates your profiles. Meditate, chant, and listen to spiritual music this evening.

October 26 – Moon in Pisces. There is one more week with Mercury in retrograde motion so don’t get impatient and rush to do things. Relax, slow down, and let your intuition make the choices. Do more listening than speaking. It’s a day to help others. Contact elderly or ill friends and relatives and ask what you can do for them. Sometimes just a friendly phone call is enough.

October 27 – Moon in Pisces, VC 8:46 pm. Mercury and Venus enter Libra from two different directions. They give you the skills to make peace and smooth out any wrinkles in your relationship. They enhance your sense of style, making it a good time for moving things to change the energy of the room. Give you time, energy, and money to help those in need,

October 28 – Moon in Aries. Find ways to deal with your frustration and edginess as you go through the day. You want to run fast and free but it’s not the time to do so. Go back to a project that needs to be finished, a hard one, and put your attention there. You need to double your exercise time. It’s best to work alone at your own pace.

October 29 – Moon in Aries. It’s another exasperating day. There are roadblocks to your forward motion everywhere you turn. Today is a test of your ability to handle your anger and irritation. Find a way to use all your energy in a positive way. Be a hero or heroine to someone. Think of how you will begin all those plans you are waiting to start.

October 30 – Moon in Aries, VC from 12:12 pm until 5:19 on when it enters Taurus. Start the weekend early since you won’t be motivated to do much after lunch. You’ll feel better once the evening comes and you can chill with a friend over a good dinner. Pamper your body with a massage, a bubble bath, music, and good sex.

October 31 – Moon in Taurus. This will be an out of the ordinary Halloween Day. Expect the unexpected and be ready to be surprised. Let go of your plans for the day and stay flexible. Have fun creating an alter ego with your costume. Go out tonight under the full Moon and feel the veil between the worlds thin and listen to the messages from beyond. Pig out on chocolate.