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JULY 2020

Mercury stays in retrograde motion until July 12. Stay alert and aware and double check everything you send off.

There is a lunar eclipse in the early morning of July 5. This impacts the USA chart and implies that we need to end something. It is an indicator of a need to change direction.

Saturn backs into Capricorn and insists that we do things the correct way. This is a second chance to get things right. The consequences will get worse until we do. He wants us to follow the rules. Wear your mask and keep washing your hands.

This is a different kind of summer, yet it offers fun and relaxation.

July 1 – Moon in Scorpio, VC 9:20 pm, enters Sagittarius 9:21 pm. Saturn backs into Capricorn to review the lessons he assigned you over the past two years. You get another chance to do it right, make it better, and find closure for those issues. Do an in-depth examination of your emotional state and what has been triggering your response to life.

July 2 – Moon in Sagittarius. Temper your desire to go out and play, hike, exercise, explore, with the fact that you need to get tomorrow’s tasks done today. Finish up the week’s work and do a bit extra. You’ll start to see which old problems still need solving. Get things set so that you can enjoy the holiday weekend and be able to chill out and stay safe for the whole time.

July 3 – Moon in Sagittarius, VC 9:06 am. Today is the day to get out and do what you wanted to do yesterday. It’s your reward for getting things done. Wander into a new area, hike a different trail, go somewhere new and get lost. Listen to a webinar or podcast on a subject you are curious about. Expand your mind. Zoom with friends in other countries and have a good talk.

July 4 – Moon in Capricorn. There is a Lunar Eclipse tonight. It adds to the uniqueness of this year’s holiday. You will want to stay busy, but remember that nothing you initiate will stick. It’s an auspicious day for spiritual practice so make time in the day for meditation, chanting, yoga, and prayer. Contemplate your life in terms of your home vs. work balance. See what needs to end.

July 5 – Moon in Capricorn. You’ll feel the eclipse energy all day. Think how to downsize. It’s a great day to get rid of clutter and used up items. Keep saying to yourself: “do I need this?” Ask yourself this question in all areas of your lie, including relationships. This evening is a good time to effect some permanent change.

July 6 – Moon in Aquarius. Proceed slowly. Mercury is still in retrograde motion for another week and there is a long VC period tomorrow and part of Wednesday. Today is the day for emails, texts, phone calls, answering mail, paying bills. Work on finishing up your creative projects. Today is his Holiness the Dalai Lama’s birthday. Celebrate him by doing an act of kindness.

July 7 – Moon VC Aquarius. Donate time, energy, and money to a cause that is important to you. Have a virtual meeting to come up with new, inventive ideas. Let your mind wander into unknown realms. You’ll feel some tension between wanting to be independent and needing to belong to a family group. You’ll waver between emotion and detachment and it’s hard to find a balance so just let it happen.

July 8 – Moon VC Aquarius, enters Pisces 2:13 pm. Try to think before you speak as your words can be misunderstood. You may hurt someone’s feelings if they take it personally even though you are just expressing your thoughts. Wait until this evening to talk about interpersonal issues. You’ll be able to find the right words then.

July 9 – Moon in Pisces. Let your intuition lead the day. Trust your gut feelings and listen to what they day to you. Your right brain has dominance and will show you the next step in your artistic projects. Try another planting on this fertile day. Put yourself in service and volunteer to help where help is needed. Donate to the food bank.

July 10 – Moon in Pisces. This is the last work day with Mercury retrograde. Finish up old work so you can start fresh on Monday. Test your luck today. It’s not a day to take big risks but to gently follow your dreams. Dance with the fairies and otherworldly folk and let them give you gifts. Go to a body of water and immerse yourself, ride on it, or just look at it.

July 11 – Moon in Aries. Chiron starts his retrograde phase. He offers information that helps you heal yourself. You’ll want to stay active today and get things done. It’s a day to follow your own agenda and work by yourself. Engage in your favorite summer activities. Have a date night with that special person or meet your best friends for a safe night out.

July 12 – Moon in Aries. Mercury turns direct at 4:26 am. The Sun and Neptune frolic together and bring you to the other world. You’ll feel blocked when you try to follow your desires so surrender to the energy of the day. Meditate, daydream, nurture someone who is lonely, feed someone. Take time to dance. Take a nap so that you can dream.

July 13 – Moon in Aries, VC from 11:54 pm to 1:34 pm when it enters Taurus. If you are impatient and rush too much, you are sure to hit obstacles in the way. You need to follow some order and color within the lines. You’ll be able to slow yourself down in the afternoon and find ways to relax. Cook a gourmet dinner or go out for one to celebrate Mercury moving forward again.

July 14 – Moon in Taurus. It’s a lucky day. Buy yourself a present, a big one. Mars opens up a wound you’re hiding. You may have to show people who you really are in order to heal yourself. Give yourself permission to indulge in forbidden fruits. Forget the diet, it’s a day to eat chocolate and other goodies. Listen to your favorite music and sing along. Plant.

July 15 – Moon in Taurus. Give in to your earthly desires. The Sun and Pluto face each other and urge you to undermine any self-imposed restrictions. Let your passions rule the day. Tend to your lawn, garden, yard, and houseplants. It will feel calming to put your hands in the earth. The things you do today will have a lasting effect.

July 16 – Moon in Gemini. Correct any mistakes you may have made during Mercury’s retrograde period. You can start new writing projects. Bring your social media platforms up to date. Contact friends who have drifted away. Make a new schedule for business and social engagements. Your mind is busy with things to do and new information to take in so short projects are best.

July 17 – Moon in Gemini, VC 5:14 pm. It’s hard to focus today so don’t expect to get anything finished. You will be multitasking, doing a bit here and a bit there. You need to get out of the house and be motion. Run errands for those who can’t leave the house. Check in with your siblings and cousins and plan a family reunion.

July 18 – Moon VC Gemini, enters Cancer 10:24 am. It’s a stay at home weekend, great for making repairs and adding new touches. Shop at the farmers markets and farm stands to buy fresh food to eat. Freeze or can some for the long winter ahead. Put yourself by water so you can relax to the sounds of its movement. Think of childhood summers and do one of those happy activities.

July 19 – Moon in Cancer. Connect with your family today and share summer memories. Call Mom and see how she is and catch up on her news. Resist the pull to off on your own and devote the day to the needs of your relatives. Include those friends who are in the family of your heart. Cook your summer comfort foods and eat together.

July 20 – Moon in Cancer, VC from 1:55 pm until 4:16 pm when it enters Leo. Today’s new Moon symbolizes growth. Visualize what you want to grow in your life. It is a fertile time to plant all kinds of seeds. The Sun and Saturn show you where you need to place limits on your growth. They show you what is imaginary and what is real.

July 21 – Moon in Leo, VC 8:37 pm. Today is the last day of Cancer. Attend to household duties and get them done and behind you. Nurture those who need it and take care of elderly or shut in friends and relatives. Then get ready to enjoy summer fun. You’ll have enough energy to play and do what you love. Bring romance into your life.

July 22 – Moon VC Leo, enters Virgo 7:40 pm. The Sun enters Leo at 4:37 am. The void Moon sets up irritations and annoyances as you go through the day. Use your humor to laugh at them. You’ll be able to access some new ideas for writing and communicating that come from a personal viewpoint. Leave any important work until the evening and have a fun day.

July 23 – Moon in Virgo. You can catch up on the things you didn’t do yesterday. Make a plan for the month ahead. List the things you want to get done and be realistic about how much you can accomplish. Look around you and see what needs to be cleaned and fixed. Continue on with writing projects. Pay attention to your diet.

July 24 – Moon in Virgo, VC from 7:08 pm until 9:54 pm when it enters Libra. You’ll find that your work flows easier today. Focus on one or two projects on your list and you’ll be able to get a lot done. Think big and give meaning to your acts and words. Do the weekend chores today so you have time to play over the next two days.

July 25 – Moon in Libra. This is a perfect summer weekend. Do all the things that mean summer to you. Get out in the sun, have a picnic, do outdoor sports, go to a beach or lake, ride the waves. Take a nap in the hammock. Pick wildflowers and berries. Have a cook out. Take a late-night walk and gaze at the stars. Relish the best of summer joys.

July 26 – Moon in Libra. Have fun today and ignore those should and musts that enter your mind. Don’t let anyone pressure you or guilt trip you into doing what you don’t want to do. You won’t want to play by the rules today (except for wearing your mask). You’ll have more fun being with a friend or partner. Have an impromptu party.

July 27 – Moon in Scorpio. Trust your intuition to tell you what to do. You will be inspired and want to put the ideas and images you feel into form. Art, film, and photography are better mediums than using words today. Plant for a Fall crop. Everyone is moving fast so don’t get your feelings hurt if someone steps on your toes, literally and figuratively.

July 28 – Moon in Scorpio. You can do anything you set your heart on today. You’ll work hard and play hard. This is passionate energy, good for romance and sex and also pet projects. Don’t try to change anyone’s mind, just do your own thing your way. You have the vision to see under the surface and use what you perceive.

July 29 – Moon in Sagittarius. This is fiery energy so get out and play. Enjoy summer and all that comes with it. It’s a day to be happy and leave your worries and anxiety at the door when you go out. Hike a new path, go where you’ve never been. Leave your phone at home so you can get lost. Do your favorite summer sports.

July 30 – Moon in Sagittarius, VC 8:08 pm. You still have lots of energy but you want to do something more useful than play today. Find something to study so you can learn what you don’t know. Open your mind and let it stretch out to new territory. Teach what you know to someone who doesn’t. Plan your ideal journey for when it’s safe to travel again.

July 31 – Moon VC Sagittarius, enters Capricorn 7:58 pm. Catch up on the work that you didn’t do this week. The Sun and Chiron connect in fiery energy and help you heal an old wound of identity. The say that when you can let yourself shine from the heart, you will become whole. It’s a good day to take care of any lingering health issues.