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All times are Eastern Daylight Time. Please adjust for your time zone


Mercury is retrograde for the first half of the month. He asks you to rethink the dynamics and balance of all your major partnerships. It’s a good time to redecorate to change the energy of the house and office. Use feng shui to get the best results. Rework, revise, and reedit your written and video projects. Take time to relax and watch the world go by.

Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto end their retrograde periods making the energy at the end of the month helpful for you to start fresh.

Enjoy the beauty of this Venus ruled month.

October 1 – Moon in Leo. Dig deep to uncover what you think has been lost – books, sweaters, passwords, as well as material stuck in your unconscious. Retrograde Mercury and investigative Pluto have the keys to the boxes in your psyche where you hide unwanted thoughts and feelings. It’s a perfect day for a therapy session.

October 2 – Moon in Leo, VC 7:43 pm. Have fun today. Put your worries and obligations aside until tomorrow so you can have a happy day. Go out with your partner, your kids, or a group of friends. Share ideas as you travel to pleasant places – like a botanical garden, art museum, or an apple orchard. Be peaceful and grateful for all that you have.

October 3 – Moon in Virgo. Do your chores and start on your list of what needs to be repaired, replaced, and revised. It’s a day to fix broken objects and also emotional problems. Go back to your meditation, yoga, and spiritual practices. You know how to heal yourself if you quiet down and listen. Tell yourself to return to your healthy diet.

October 4 – Moon in Virgo. Take another look at that long list of things to be fixed and get to work. It’s good energy to finish up what’s been left undone and be able to cross it off the list. Reply to the emails at the bottom of your inbox. Recycle trade journals, magazines, and books you’ve read. Revise your shopping list and use up the food in the pantry that’s getting close to its due date.

October 5 – Moon VC Virgo, enters Libra 8:41 am. Get in touch with your old friends. Look back and see where you can resolve old disputes. Smooth out the wrinkles in your relationship. Give away household objects you are tired of looking at. It’s the dark of the Moon, create a ritual with your partner that can see you through turbulent times.

October 6 – Moon in Libra. Today’s new Moon gives you an opportunity to make balance in all aspects of your life. Pluto ends this year’s  retrograde period. He makes the energy of the day tempestuous and possibly violent, unleashing great power when he pivots around. Stay safe and be cautious. Avoid dangerous situations.

October 7 – Moon VC Libra, enters Scorpio 10:22 am. You are dealing with the fallout from Pluto’s change in direction. Whatever is gone is gone. There’s no going back. Venus enters Sagittarius to bring some thoughtful fun to your life. Make plans for the future while you take care of the little things that must be done. Deal with the conflict between acting on your desires and  looking at the greater good.

October 8 – Moon in Scorpio. You have plenty of energy to implement those redecorating ideas that have been lurking in the back of your mind. You want your environment to express who you are right now, not who you were then. You need time alone to avoid friction with your partner’s desires. Plant bulbs to create beauty in the Spring.

October 9 – Moon VC Scorpio, enters Sagittarius 11:24 am. Mercury meets the Sun  in the middle of his current retrograde period. They give ideas and insights to help you make an agenda for the next four months. Write down the words that enter your mind. Dream about your next travel adventures and set the intention that you can make it happen.

October 10 – Moon in Sagittarius. Saturn, the great teacher, is standing still all day preparing to turn forward. You will feel like you are running through mud. You will have a great day, preferable outdoors, if you can be patient. Have fun and let go. Enjoy the simple things in life, like picking apples or riding your bike. Feed your mind with new ideas.

October 11 – Moon VC Sagittarius, enters Capricorn 1:15 pm. Fiddle around in the morning with non-essential tasks. The focus for the rest of the day and for tomorrow is on downsizing. Decide where can you cut the excess out of your business, your work schedule, and your life. There is one more week of retrograde angst so relax into it.

October 12 – Moon in Capricorn. Your ambition conflicts with the needs of your partner. You want to spend more time working to achieve your goals which means less together time. It’s too early to make a new schedule but you can think about how you want to allot your time and energy. Do tomorrow’s important work today when your concentration will be better.

October 13 – Moon VC Capricorn, enters Aquarius 4:47 pm. The bulk of the day is under a void Moon. That means you don’t want to do anything where you want the outcome to be a certain way. Back up your computer, check the batteries on your smoke alarms, look for leaks. Reorganize your files and papers, recheck your bank accounts and credit card bills.

October 14 – Moon in Aquarius. It’s a good day for meetings to toss ideas around and do some brainstorming. You will be more theoretical than practical. You do have to take care of tomorrow’s important work. Reach out to friends and catch up on their thoughts. Share your far out avant-garde beliefs.   Let your inner rebel out to express itself.

October 15 – Moon in Aquarius, VC from 8:33 am until 10:22 pm when it enters Pisces. The Sun dances with Jupiter and they give you another chance to catch the brass ring. It’s a day when luck comes with effort. Tell the universe what you need to expand your life and what you will do to achieve that. Your thoughts have the power to create, so use them.

October 16 – Moon in Pisces. Give yourself a day to rest and relax. Ride the waves of good fortune that come to you in subtle ways. You’ll feel the instability of the energy as Jupiter and Mercury prepare to change direction. Flow with the currents and let of any plan you had for the day. Do some planting as it’s a fertile day to grow.

October 17 – Moon in Pisces, VC 7:24 pm. The Sun and Pluto square off and show you how to let go of what is stopping you from making a big change in your life. Your intuition is strong and can give you answers. Be helpful and kind. It’s a day to do service for those in need. If you can’t get out to do that, make a donation to charity.

October 18 – Moon in Aries. Both Jupiter and Mercury turn into direct motion today. Try not to be impulsive or get carried away as you feel the freedom that they release. Turn towards the future and see what will be your next steps. Work late into the night following your innovative thoughts. You can take your artistic work to  new level.

October 19 – Moon in Aries. You need to be alone so that you can be free to do what you want. Leave your obligations to other people for another day and make the most of this fast moving energy. Say that you’ll be there if there is an emergency, but otherwise you need to move at your own pace. Take care of tomorrow’s important work today.

October 20 – Moon in Aries, VC from 10:57 am until it enters Taurus at 3:59 pm. This Full Moon is called the Hunter’s Moon, a time to gather food for the winter. Use this as a metaphor for what you need to hunt out to make you nourished and comfortable for the next four months. The day highlights the eternal dilemma of one versus two. Pay attention to the dynamics of your partnerships and shed light on any inequalities.

October 21 – Moon in Taurus. Beautiful Venus rules the day and she wants you to take pleasure in the simple things. Slow down and savor your food. Pay homage to Mother Nature. Enjoy her palette of changing colors. Pamper your body with a massage, facial, or a bubble bath. Cook something earthy and unusual tonight. Go to bed early to catch up on your sleep.

October 22 – Moon in Taurus, VC 4:35 pm. Today is the last day of Libra with its friendly and polite energy. The peace of the day is disrupted by edgy Mars and powerful Pluto as they challenge each other. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and sidestep arguments and people who want to push you around. Buy something beautiful for your home.

October 23 – Moon in Gemini. The Sun enters Scorpio at 12:51 am. Look at the ideas you wrote down when Mercury was retrograde. Sort through them and choose which ones you can use. It’s a good day to put those thoughts into form by writing or making a video. Your mind is less scattered now and you are ready to speak without worrying about what others think.

October 24 – Moon in Gemini. You need to talk today. It’s a day for short visits to many people and places. Browse used book stores and stock up on reading material. Catch up on your social media. You can multitask with ease. Make the phone calls and write the emails you want to do tomorrow. Keep your mind active with puzzles and games.

October 25 – Moon in Gemini, VC from 10:11 am until 5 pm when it enters Cancer. Get your work done in the early morning hours, since the rest of the day will feel like a throwback to the Mercury retrograde period. Sort through papers, journals, and decide what to keep. Take a short trip over a long lunch. Check in with your siblings.

October 26 – Moon in Cancer. You can trust your intuition and let it guide you through the day. Listen to the non-verbal information you receive from those around you and form the universe. Your actions won’t make sense to others but that’s okay.  Be sensitive to the omens and messages that appear in front of you. Tell yourself to remember your dreams.

October 27 – Moon in Cancer. You are ultra-sensitive, so realize that others do not mean to hurt you even though it may feel like it. Turn that energy out and find a way to nurture those who need it. Make a donation to or volunteer at a food bank. Cook and bring meals to an elderly or sick friend. Call Mom and see how she is. Figure out what makes you secure and do those things.

October 28 – Moon in Leo.  Your grumpy side vies with your cheery side. There’s a conflict between taking and giving, using and sharing. Open up your life by taking a few risks. Feed your travel yearnings and plan a trip. Be innovative and creative and show the world your stuff. It feels better to be happy.

October 29 – Moon in Leo. Let your personal sunshine encourage and coach people. You can be a beacon of brightness and a good role model. Spend time with children and relive the wonder of being in the moment as you play. You’ll feel generous and big hearted so show it by buying presents. Create a romantic date night with the one you love.

October 30 – Moon VC Leo, enters Virgo 2:09 pm. Mars enters Scorpio and shows you how to be decisive and assertive. The Sun and Saturn challenge you to put forward your personal desires and still be aware of what you must do for those around you. Stay calm when you face unwanted obstacles. Play in the first part of the day, work in the latter part.

October 31 – Moon in Virgo. It’s a day for cleaning, doing chores, and making preparations for the winter. Take an inventory of what you have so you know what you need to buy. Check the dates on vitamins and medicines. Do the things you have left undone, like clipping the pets nails or repotting house plants. Work on some unusual Halloween costumes for you and the kids.