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March 31 – Moon in Sagittarius. Gather with friends for a Sunday brunch and to discuss the current state of the world. Toss around ideas about politics, ethics, and spiritual thoughts. Contact friends who live in other countries to have serious but fun discussions. Decide what you want to study in the next three weeks with your Mercury retrograde brain.

APRIL 2024

The quiet days of floating down the river are over as your raft encounters the rapids. It’s going to be bumpy for a while.

April begins with Mercury turning retrograde at 27 degrees of Aries. He turns direct on April 25 at 16 degrees of Aries. It’s a good time to look at yourself and what you are doing and correct where you are going astray.

There is a powerful Solar eclipse on April 8. The eclipse path crosses the United States from Texas to Maine. We will fell the effects of this eclipse intensely. The eclipses is at the same degree of Chiron which indicates a time to heal oneself, and the country, in a sharp and direct manner.

Jupiter and Uranus meet on April 20. They do this every twelve years. Expect unexpected events in the areas of finances, weather, and business.

As I said, the calm days are over.

April 1 – Moon in Capricorn. Mercury goes retrograde 6:14 pm EDT. It’s like someone put up a detour sign on the road you use every day. It’s won’t be as easy to go from A to B without effort and thought. The operative word is downsize – your work, your ambitions, and your activities. Check your bottom line, make a new schedule, and don’t fall for April Fools pranks.

April 2 – Moon in Capricorn. It’s an earthy day when you want to concentrate on what you can see, touch, taste, and smell. If you do, you will reap the benefits of the material world. You have common sense and practicality to use when you try to make your life more efficient. Proceed one step in front of the other, and be ready to take a few steps backward.

April 3 – Moon in Aquarius. Venus and Neptune meet to share predictions of a pleasant future. They ask you to lean back in a hammock or comfy chair to watch and listen to your daydreams. Float through inner and outer space for a while. It’s a day for giving back and assisting in your community. Your heart will tell you what you need to do.

April 4 – Moon in Aquarius. It’s a great day for brainstorming and using the power of the group mind. Initiate a meeting where you can share ideas and concepts. Invite the people who will stretch your mind outside of the usual limits. Venus moves into Aries and sparks your relationships. She helps you stay in the moment and be present for people.

April 5—Moon in Aquarius. Back up your computer. Think of what kind of innovative electronic gear you’ll buy when Mercury goes direct. Try not to spend all day online, even though you’ll want to, because it’s a perfect day for experimenting with new programs and discarding ones you no longer use. Get rid of the ones that just take up space and memory. Take a long walk in a quiet place so you can think while you walk.

April 6 – Moon in Pisces. Ride the currents of the day. It’s not the time to initiate and try to achieve results. Be receptive instead of proactive. Do what you feel like doing, even if it means changing a plan you’ve made. Have fun while you leave the chores for later. It’s not good to procrastinate, but that is the energy of the day. Get lost in your favorite fantasy.

April 7 – Moon in Aries. Use what energy you have to participate in sports, hiking running, or riding. If you don’t have much energy, it’s due to the old Moon and the eclipse tomorrow, so rest and relax. If you have a fluttery felling, like one gets before a big party or work event, it’s the anticipation of tomorrow’s eclipse. Do a dark of the Moon ritual tonight.

April 8 – Moon in Aries. There is a solar eclipse today. If you are in the right part of the USA you will be able to see it. Know that in the Hindu and the Native American culture, it is not advisable to look at an eclipse. An eclipse is an auspicious time for meditation, saying mantra, prayer, and all spiritual pursuits. Eclipses allow a portal into other dimensions.

April 9 – Moon in Taurus. That fuzzy feeling is the hangover from yesterday’s eclipse. Focus on down to earth things. It’s a fertile day to plant early crops like peas and lettuce. It’s helpful to put your hands and feet in and on the earth to ground yourself. Eat plant based meals today. Take a nap if you feel the need. It’s a day to recuperate.

April 10 – Moon in Taurus. Mars and Saturn meet and tell you to stop! Think of a river flowing and then encountering a dam. It stops the motion but makes the water usable. See where you are encountering obstacles and how you can turn the delay or stoppage to your benefit. Examine your emotional blockages and look at what you are avoiding. It can be a tough day.

April 11 – Moon in Gemini. Today is the middle of Mercury’s backward journey. What have you been thinking, reading, learning over the past 10 days? Write down the ideas that seem of value to you. Break a pattern where you feel stuck and bored. You need exciting thoughts to urge you to make necessary changes. Edit out the ones that make you go ugh. Stick to short tasks and chose to be on the move when you can.

April 12 – Moon in Gemini. Listen to the urge to change scenery. Take an unplanned quick trip to visit friends or relatives. Do a last minute sign up for a workshop, lecture, or museum tour. You need something new to shake off the depletion of energy from the eclipse. You can multitask but don’t get too scattered. Write to the people who are lingering in your inbox.

April 13—Moon Gemini/Cancer. Stay out and about for most of the day. You won’t feel the pull of home, your kitchen, and your bed until this evening. Browse libraries and bookstores, tag sales, and thrift stores. Hold back on buying big-ticket items but snag the bargains. You’ll do a lot of talking, but try to avoid idle gossip. Stay cozy tonight.

April 14 – Moon in Cancer. Tackle those home repairs that have been on your things-to-do list for a long time. Clean the places you usually ignore. Take everything out of a closet and only put back what you love. Walk around the house with “does it spark joy” eyes. Let your feelings tell you how to proceed. Cook a big meal from an old recipe book.

April 15—Moon in Cancer. Review the work you’ve done in the past two weeks. Look for typos and errors. Back up all your devices. Look at the security of your home and office. Do you feel you need a better lock, an alarm system, or cameras? Mercury and Chiron get together and ask you to take yet another look at what’s bothering you. If you quiet down and listen, you will intuit how to heal the wound.

April 16 – Moon in Leo. You can express yourself in a bright and sunny way over the next few days. Go back to a job interview, an application, or proposal and give yourself a second chance. You can use your heightened self-esteem to sell yourself and your work. Put yourself first for a few days. You can be a bit self-absorbed as long as you proceed with kindness. 

April 17 – Moon in Leo. You will find the right words to use to share your thoughts and ideas. Be a role model for someone who wants to learn what you know. Coach kids on sportsmanship and integrity as you play with them. It’s a day to make people happy without caving in. Smile at everyone and be generous with your hugs and kisses.

April 18 – Moon in Virgo. Today is the last day of Aries. Be bold and assert yourself while you can still use this self-centered energy. Take a well thought out risk; one where you don’t lose much if it doesn’t work out. Finish up any details left over from the past few days. Mercury turns direct in a week which gives you time to research the things you want to buy.

April 19 – Moon in Virgo. The Sun enters Taurus at 10 am EDT. Celebrate by giving you energy to surround yourself with beauty all day. You’ll feel grounded and down to earth and full of common sense. Go back to a problem you haven’t been able to solve and try again. Look for lost objects. It’s a good day to reconsider your diet.

April 20 – Moon in Virgo. Jupiter and Uranus meet after a twelve year separation. They may bring you an unexpected windfall, or a sudden shake up of your status quo. There’s no way to know what, but it will be an unusual day. Find a task to keep you busy and safe. Err on the side of caution. Don’t stand on the edge of a cliff or look into a volcano!

April 21 – Moon in Libra. The Sun and Pluto have a standoff. They are both in stubborn signs and neither wants to budge. If you find yourself in conflict with someone, try to walk away, or buy them flowers. It will be hard to convince someone that you are right. Focus on feeling good about who you are and what you give to your relationships.

April 22 – Moon in Libra. It’s a good day to resume negotiations and try to find the point of compromise. The conversation will bring up a point of view you haven’t considered. Hold off from signing any legal documents until next week when Mercury will be direct. Try to find an equal sharing of responsibilities in your relationship as you review who is better at doing what.

April 23 – Moon in Libra/Scorpio. Today is a very fertile day for planting seeds, bushes and trees, and ideas. Put in flowers, squash and pumpkins, and drought resistant plants. Today’s full Moon is called the Flower Moon or the Budding Moon. It is also the Wesak festival, a time to honor Buddha. It is an auspicious time for mediation on stillness and clarity of mind.

April 24 – Moon in Scorpio. Mercury is packing his bags and getting ready to leave his vacation house and go back to work. He says that you need to curb your impatience and wait a bit before you begin new projects. He needs some time to settle in before helping you move forward. Keep planting and transplanting. Put energy into your inner growth.

April 25 – Moon in Scorpio. Mercury goes direct at 8:54 EDT. This gives you another window when all planets are in direct motion. You have until May 2 to use and enjoy this energy. Let your dreams and feelings tell you how to make the most of this opportunity. You can make shrewd investments in the next few weeks .It’s another good day for planting and starting seeds.

April 26 – Moon in Sagittarius. Enjoy the freedom of running through the day without Mercury tripping you. Think about where you want to go in the next few months and plan your travels. Contact friends in other countries to see if you can visit. You have a global vision today and want to see the world. Take off on a weekend trip to a sporting or study event.

April 27 – Moon in Sagittarius. Do something new and exciting today. Stretch your body and your mind. Leave chores and obligations to do tomorrow and be wild today. You want to be where you don’t see any limits, just the horizon. Wander in the woods, go to a shelter and take a dog for a walk, tutor a child. Freedom is the keyword for the day.

April 28 – Moon in Capricorn. It’s an earthy day to get your hands dirty and make things real. Plant root vegetables, trees and bushes, and fertilize your yard. Take a long hard look at the inside and outside of your home and do another sweep to get rid of clutter. Get rid of what isn’t working or useful. Do you really need so much stuff?

April 29 – Moon in Capricorn. Mars meets up with Neptune and they deflect your plans. Go back to an artistic project you started before Mercury was retrograde to see if you can finish it or want to toss it away. Venus moves into Taurus, the sign where she is happiest. She asks you to fill your life with beauty and be loving and kind. Celebrate with chocolate.

April 30 – Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius. Mars enters Aries, the sign he rules. He helps you assert yourself and ratchets up your temper a notch. He loosens your inhibitions so that you need to be careful to look before you leap. There are two days left before Pluto turns retrograde. Let Mars help you initiate your next projects.