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Let’s hope we find a safe new normal in 2022.

Venus continues to travel backwards in Capricorn until January 29. It’s best to reconsider issues of love and money and wait before making any big changes. It’s not the time to buy property, make new investments, or buy any expensive items. Value what you already own. Work on setting new foundations for your relationship.

Jupiter is back in Pisces, a sign he traditionally rules. He brings you luck and spiritual blessings. Quiet your mind so that you can hear him offering you opportunities.

Mercury turns retrograde on January 14. He will travel back through Aquarius and Capricorn until February 3. The area of your chart that has these signs is ripe for review. That is the part of your life where you should focus your attention.  

Uranus ends his retrograde phase on January 18 in the sign of Taurus.The nodes of the Moon change signs in January. They have been highlighting Gemini-Sagittarius for the past 18 months. Now they move into Taurus-Scorpio which will bring more stability to life.

January 1 – Moon VC Sagittarius, enters Capricorn 6:02 pm. Happy 2022! Hold off on making your resolutions if you want to be able to follow through with them. Know that all things change, yet you will sense how to maintain stability while welcoming in something new. Set new goals and aim high but be realistic. It’s a good day to settle scores and make amends so you can meet the year with a clean slate.

January 2 – Moon in Capricorn. Today’s New Moon gives you the green light to begin following your dreams and ambitions. Mercury enters Aquarius to help you see the big picture and envision an exciting future. Make a symbolic start to the works you want to accomplish this year. Create a timeline to help you stay on track this year.

January 3 – Moon in Capricorn, VC 11:21 am until 5:44 pm when it enters Aquarius. Give a clear cold eye towards what is over and can be eliminated from your life and your job. Downsize everywhere you can, then take the next step toward your goal. Research for more information to help you achieve what you want to do.

January 4 – Moon in Aquarius, VC 7:45 pm. Let your mind soar with inventive ideas. You can be both innovative and practical, flaky and serious. Share your ideas with others and utilize the power of the group mind. Tomorrow’s Moon is void all day so you need to do two days work today. Reach out to all the acquaintances you didn’t have time to connect with over the holidays.

January 5 – Moon VC Aquarius, enters Pisces 7:17 pm. Don’t be surprised when friends and feelings from the past appear today. Let your thoughts slide around and write down what seems most important. Think of which organizations you wish to join this year. Be quiet this evening so that you can receive spiritual inspiration. Your dreams will be meaningful ones.

January 6 – Moon in Pisces. Follow your heart. Give your time, energy, and money to help those who need comfort and assistance. Honor your spiritual teachers by doing good works. It’s a good day to work on your boundary issues and fix the holes in your relationships. Act with kindness and you won’t go wrong. Meditate and pray.

January 7 – Moon in Pisces, VC 5:23 pm. Reflect on the fact that the year has an otherworldly beginning. If you devote yourself to sacred matters, you will lay down a good foundation for yourself as you go through 2022. What has been of value in the past can lead you into a fortunate future. Indulge in nostalgia and sentimental memories.

January 8 – Moon in Aries. The Sun meets Venus who is on her travels backwards through Capricorn. They give you a chance to re-experience the pleasures of the past.  Contact your favorite people you think about but haven’t heard from in a long time. Do what makes you feel good and boosts your self-esteem.

January 9 – Moon in Aries. Get out on your own to burn up any excess energy and frustrations. Shake off restrictions that have been placed on you. You need to be free to move at your own pace and do your own thing. Funnel any angry feelings into constructive actions, even if it’s just shoveling snow or sweeping the hall. Help someone who can’t be as active as you are.

January 10 – Moon VC Aries, enters Taurus 9:47 am. You have four days until Mercury turns retrograde so use this workweek to make appointments for health, pet, and car care. Set up repair work. Decide which things you can put off for three weeks. Do a big food shop and buy items you would miss if they go out of stock. Relax with spiritual music tonight.

January 11 – Moon in Taurus. Stay practical and rein in your flights of fancy. Put off daydreaming for next week. It will be hard to keep your energy moving in a forward direction but try so that you can accomplish what you planned to do today. Be gentle with yourself and your loved ones. Indulge in forbidden fruits as you pamper yourself and fulfil your sensual desires.

January 12 – Moon in Taurus, VC 2:39 pm. It’s an earthy day, easy to be realistic, practical, and pragmatic. You’ll see the bottom line wherever you look and will know when to stop and when to go. You can take a baby step up your career ladder. Double check your bank accounts and make sure your finances are secure. Find time to appreciate the beauty of the natural world.

January 13 – Moon in Gemini. Write down the ideas that are flashing into your mind. Outline the writing, talks, and podcasts you want to do over the next three weeks. It’s not too late to sign up for a writing workshop. Make a list of what you would like to read and then order or download the books. Stay busy working on short tasks until late into the night.

January 14 – Moon in Gemini, VC 9:22 pm.  Mercury turns retrograde at 6:41 am. You’ll be spinning like a top going from idea to idea, thought to thought. Leave any important work until next week. Enjoy this stream of consciousness energy and be sure to take notes on the brilliant ideas. Connect with friends to share your inspirations. Check in with your siblings to see what they are thinking.

January 15 – Moon VC Gemini, enters Cancer 11:11 am. The day will be full of joy if you let things happen and not try to exert any control. Keep an open mind so that you can surrender to Mercury’s whims. Listen to the messages he gives you. Enjoy the comforts of home and family. Be grateful for what you have.

January 16 – Moon in Cancer. The Sun makes his annual visit to Pluto. They do a reality check to see if everything is going the right way, which is their way not your way. They show you where you have firm foundations and where you are treading on shaky ground. It’s an intense day when emotions bubble up from deep below the surface.

January 17 – Moon in Cancer, VC 6:48 pm. Today’s full Moon is powerful as it is so close to Pluto. It brings transformation and tells you to let go of what holds you back from change. You know what that is. It may be time to move to a new home, to fix tensions within the family, or to examine your fears. Give support to Mom, or honor her memory.

January 18 – Moon in Leo. Uranus turns around and starts moving forward. This sends a shockwave through the energy of the day. Be cautious and careful as things can get out of hand. Drive defensively and avoid confrontations. Unleash your creative side to use this force in a positive way. Don’t be afraid of shocking anyone with your originality.

January 19 – Moon in Leo. The Sun enters Aquarius tonight. On this last day of Capricorn, attend to your responsibilities and obligations. Focus on cleaning up unfinished business. Work hard so you can play later. Stay in your heart and shine your love on all you see. Be generous with your time and money. Get out and play with kids.

January 20 – Moon VC Leo, enters Virgo 9:02 am. Double check everything you do. Reread your emails and texts before you send them. go over your bills and credit card statements. Be methodical as you do your work, no rushing. You have to pour over the details to avoid mistakes, even though your mind sees the big picture.

January 21 – Moon in Virgo. It’s a day to do cleaning, sorting, filing, recycling, and getting rid of clutter. Spend the day making your home and office neat and tidy. Do all those boring jobs you’ve been avoiding. Bring your old clothes to the charity shops. Bring the food you bought but aren’t eating to the food pantry. You’ll be happy when you look around at the end of the day and see how nice it looks.

January 22 – Moon in Virgo, VC from 2:46 pm until 5:03 pm when it enters Libra. Rethink your exercise routines and see if they are doing the maximum good for your body. Reconsider your diet and vitamins to see what needs to change. You’ll feel lighter in the evening. Find a safe way to socialize and have pleasant conversations.

January 23 – Moon in Libra. The Sun meets Mercury as he is halfway through this retrograde cycle. They inspire you with brilliant theories and concepts. Pay attention to the words you hear from friends, your partner, and people on the news as those words will encourage your creativity. Look around your home and see what can be rearranged to create better fung shui.

January 24 – Moon in Libra, VC 5:10 pm. Mars enters Capricorn where he is able to accomplish much. He will help you circumvent the obstacles on your path. Mars helps you make a plan which you can start to use when Mercury is direct. Have a long talk with your partner and make the effort to rebalance the power structure in your relationship.

January 25 – Moon in Scorpio. If you listen to your intuition you will be lucky. You’ll be torn between thinking your way out of a conflict or problem or just letting yourself do what feels best. You can’t trust your logic to show you the right way. Find time to do deep inner work and meet your demons. Mercury backs up into Capricorn tonight.

January 26 – Moon in Scorpio. Review and edit your ongoing projects and career direction. You’ll see where you’ve gone off track. Cut back the excess in all areas of your life. Look for lost objects. Reread your journal. Let your mind and feelings go back in time to gain understanding of the present. Everything feels intense but don’t buy into negative emotions.

January 27 – Moon in Sagittarius. There’s a happier feeling in the air today. Find a way to expand your daily routine and your thinking. Go outside your comfort zone and see what you find. You are optimistic and enthusiastic. use this energy to sell yourself. Resubmit a manuscript, proposal, or business idea. if you ask for help you will receive it. Be happy and spread the joy.

January 28 – Moon in Sagittarius. Make reservations for your dream vacation. Sign up for a conference, a writing workshop, or to learn another language. Open up your horizons. Reach out to friends from the past to rekindle your friendship. Retry a sport you stopped doing. Browse bookstores, libraries, and the Internet for exciting and stimulating ideas.

January 29 – Moon in Capricorn. Venus ends her long retrograde period. It’s only six days before Mercury is direct so it’s worthwhile to wait before you make major changes to your finances, buy any big ticket items, or initiate a new romance. It will be hard to sit still today. You need to find a project to keep you busy, one that will have a long lasting effect.

January 30 – Moon in Capricorn. The Sun and Uranus challenge you to get out of any ruts you have fallen into. They shake you out of complacency. Be careful that you don’t find yourself in trouble from not paying attention to what you do or what you say. Watch where you step, literally and metaphorically. Tonight is the dark of the Moon, a time for ritual.

January 31 – Moon in Aquarius. Today’s New Moon sets the tone for an innovative yet serious month. It is the beginning of the Chinese New Year, another new starting point. Decide how you will show your individuality to the world. Review your social media presence to see what you need to change. Are the things you post truly representing yourself?