All times are Eastern Daylight times. Please adjust for your location.


October starts with Pluto turning into direct motion on October 3. This is always a powerful explosive day. Pluto and Saturn are both now moving towards their meeting in January. Life gets serious as they move closer to each other.

Mercury goes retrograde on October 31. Use this month to prepare for that event. Work now and rest later. He will retrograde in Scorpio and will ask you to review your inner life. Get ready now by shining awareness on where you hold resentments and grudges and let them go.

October 1 – Moon in Scorpio. This will be an intense day when you will see the truth that lies under the surface. The undercurrents of your relationships will erupt so that you must take action on the problems. You will need to make some hard choices about your spending in terms of luxuries versus necessities. It’s a good day for self-examination.

October 2 – Moon in Sagittarius. You’ll feel freer to move around and be curious about what’s happening around you. Reach out to those friends who live in another country. You’ll have the skills to sell and promote your work. Finish any paperwork that needs to be done so you can be done with it. Enjoy some quality outdoor time.

October 3 – Moon in Sagittarius. Pluto stops moving retrograde and turns into forward motion. This is always a powerful day. He continues his task of disposing of outworn structures. Something or someone that you no longer need will leave your life today. Look at loss in a philosophic way. Mercury enters Scorpio which helps you see and think below the surface.

October 4 – Moon VC Sagittarius, enters Capricorn 1:43 pm. Mars enters Libra where he is weak but diplomatic. He helps you in negotiating and finding compromises. Use the morning hours to discard what is used up and no longer useful. Start thinking about your career path in a different way. Set a new goal and write out the steps needed to achieve it.

October 5 – Moon in Capricorn. This is a weekend to work. You won’t feel like goofing off so make the most of this energy that wants to help you move ahead in your profession. Don’t let your partner distract you from your work. It is a good day to discuss your relationship and see who does what and if the workload is even. Watch a classic movie tonight to see how the old values are portrayed.

October 6 – Moon in Capricorn, VC 7:25 pm. Turn your attention to your home and home office. See where you can downsize and simplify the space. Try to make it all more efficient. See what appliances and equipment need to be replaced. Visit with people who are older than you and listen to the wisdom of their years. Find relaxation in looking for antiques.

October 7 – Moon in Aquarius. You’ll feel released from your self-imposed restrictions and can let your mind soar towards new ideas. It’s a day to connect with people and share information and inventive ideas. Experiment with taking a few steps outside of your comfort zone. Try to envision your future. You can figure out a way to bring your inspirations down to earth and make them real.

October 8 – Moon in Aquarius, VC 2:27 pm. Venus enters Scorpio and she brings your desires closer to home. You may find that you don’t want to share your feelings or belongings now. It’s a good time to confront your tendency to give in, or to hesitate to speak up when someone challenges you. Your mind is wide open to receiving new ideas and concepts.

October 9 – Moon VC Aquarius, enters Pisces 12:05 pm. Get your work done in the morning so you can devote the afternoon to spiritual pursuits. The energy shifts from your linear left brain to your intuitive right brain. It’s a good time to find simple pleasures in nature’s world. Let your feelings find the answer to what has been worrying you.

October 10 – Moon in Pisces. Let your artistic side run the day. You can be as imaginative as you like, start new projects, adapt old one, or just go somewhere to appreciate art, music, and dance. Plant bushes and bulbs. Get tomorrow’s important work done today. Go to a yoga class, kirtan, or a mediation group tonight.  

October 11 – Moon VC Pisces. Today is a day off from the Universe. Do the absolute minimum of what’s on your agenda and try to reschedule and important meetings or appointments. Drift along on the currents of the day. Take a nap and dream, or stay awake and day dream. Today is the day to rest as you’ll be active all weekend.

October 12 – Moon in Aries. You are full of energy today so get out and be bold and adventurous. You want to be on your own as you go through the day so if you do something with a partner, make sure he/she won’t hold you back. This is not the day for giving in. Stay open to letting excitement find its way to you and have a thrilling evening doing something out of the ordinary.

October 13 – Moon in Aries, VC 5:59 pm. The Sun and Jupiter dance and offer you blessings on this Full Moon day. Take that extra step that brings you out to the edge. Reach for the gold ring. Try your luck in many ways. Today is an auspicious time for meditation and spiritual practice. Be ready to let go of old ways to make room for the new.

October 14 – Moon VC Aries, enters Taurus 12:24 pm. The Sun and Pluto create tension today. They ask you to look deeply into your relationship with authority and the established way of doing things. You may have to find a more evolved way of handling your problems at work. Save the real work until the afternoon when you have a more practical outlook on the situation.

October 15 – Moon in Taurus. Venus rules the day and she wants you to have a pleasant time. Bring beauty into your workplace by buying a new picture, a flowering plant, or some new music. Make a smart investment. It’s a good day to shop for life’s little luxuries and find bargains. Go out for a gourmet dinner. Take care of tomorrow’s important work today.

October 16 – Moon VC Taurus. Slide through the day at a leisurely pace. It’s the time to procrastinate and leave everything you can until tomorrow when it will be easy to catch up. Pamper your body – get a massage, a facial, a good workout. Take an afternoon nap. Today is that slow day that you’ve been craving.

October 17 – Moon in Gemini. Take advantage of the emphasis in the element of Air today and tomorrow. Answer those phone calls, letters, and texts that have been piling up. Contact friends and colleagues to share ideas. It’s a day for multi-tasking and getting a lot of small jobs done so don’t get bogged down doing one long involved project.

October 18 – Moon in Gemini. Keep up with your communicating to friends, acquaintances, family, and work-related correspondence. You will find the right words to dress your thoughts. You will get bored sitting in one place too long so keep yourself in motion as much as you can. Watch out for wasting time in gossip.

Go to the library and bookstore to find new things to read.

October 19 – Moon in Cancer. You’ll want to stay close to home this weekend. Gather your family around and to work on a household project. Go to the farmers markets and orchards to buy produce that you can preserve /can/freeze to eat this winter. Check on your supply of snow shovels, salt, and insulation. Go through old photographs and write down your family memories.

October 20 – Moon in Cancer. Do whatever you need to do to feel safe and secure in your house. Enjoy the simple comforts of a day at home. Take a break from staring at screens and turn your electronics off for a while. Think back and try to recreate and share your childhood pleasures. Continue your trip into the past by watching old movies, TV shows, and listening to your favorite old songs.

October 21 – Moon in Cancer, VC from 8:39 am until 12:29 pm when it enters Leo. Mercury will be turning retrograde in ten days so you need to keep that in your thoughts as you go through the week. Do as much in the way of starting and initiating projects as you can. Today is great for creative ventures. Begin that new artistic work now so you can keep it going during the month.

October 22 – Moon in Leo. Today is the last full day of Libra. Enjoy the artistic potential within of the day and also the energy that can smooth over friction in relationships. Enjoy the lightness and the happy spirit of the day. Be imaginative as you initiate your ideas into new works. Shop for toys and clothes for the kids. Buy the presents you’ll need for the next month while you are feeling generous.

October 23 – Moon VC Leo, enters Virgo 3:29 pm. The Sun enters Scorpio at 1:20 pm. It is a day of transition when it is hard to move forward, like when rowing a boat where the currents intersect. You’ll find that the energy around you will become more serious and more intense. Make lists and plans this afternoon. It’s time to clean up your diet.

October 24 – Moon in Virgo. You won’t mind working twice as hard today (tomorrow has a very long VC stretch) and it will feel good to get ultra-organized and ready for the next three weeks. Even though your plans will change, set up what you need to do and when you will do it. Sign up for exercise or yoga classes. Get rid of out of date food and vitamins and restock your shelves.

October 25 – Moon in Virgo, VC from 9 am until 4:30 pm when it enters Libra. Finish up the week’s work this morning. You can focus on a single job and get it completed. You’ll want to start the weekend early and get out and be social later in the day. Take you partner out for a special date. Ask that someone you’ve been eyeing to have a meal with you.

October 26 – Moon in Libra. Surround yourself with people and interact with them sharing stories and experiences. Spend some time with your special friends either in person or on Facetime or Skype. You can find beautiful clothes and jewelry to make your life more pleasurable. It’s a good day to visit museums and art galleries and appreciate what you see with someone by your side. Tonight is the dark of the Moon.

October 27 – Moon VC Libra, enters Scorpio 4:29 pm. It will feel like someone has put on the brakes to hinder your movements. It’s a day to reflect rather than rush ahead. Today’s New Moon occurs in the darkness of the night and has you pondering the mysteries of life and death. It is a time to let go of desires and surrender to the wisdom of the Universe. Let go of your little worries as a way to refresh and reset your life.

October 28 – Moon in Scorpio. The Sun and Uranus stand in opposition and ask you to make a balance between your personal needs and wants, and what is realistic. There will be surprises today which will wake you up and show you another way of looking at the situation. Let your intuition lead you onto a new path.

October 29 – Moon in Scorpio, VC from 1:34 pm until 5:58 pm when it enters Sagittarius. You have three days to get ready for the next Mercury retrograde cycle. He is moving slowly and it’s hard to gather any forward momentum about anything now. Keep a Plan B in mind for all important ventures this month. Speak your mind this morning and you will find the right words to convince others. Be strong and express your desires.

October 30 – Moon in Sagittarius. Use today to sell your projects, send in applications for grants and study, and promote business sales. You have the power of persuasion going for you if you’ve thought out what you need to say. Think big. Take care of tomorrow’s important tasks. Get outside and hike, bike, or skate to clear your head.

October 31 – Moon in Sagittarius VC 10:30 am. Mercury turns retrograde at 11:41 am. Since this is during the VC period it portends a topsy-turvy month. Drop your expectations and learn to be happy with what happens. You may find yourself repeating “it is what it is” a lot. Think of the original meaning of Halloween, when it was known as Samhain, and meditate on the thinning of the veil between the worlds.