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December is a busy month. Neptune turns and starts moving in direct motion. He is advancing into the mystical sign of Pisces. Anyone with a Pisces Sun or Moon knows his effects. There is a Solar Eclipse on December 3 at 12 degrees of Sagittarius.

Venus starts her retrograde period on December 19. She will be in the sign of Capricorn and gives you a realistic look at your love and money issues. Hold off on major purchases between. December 19 – January 29.

Jupiter enters Pisces on December 28. He is powerful here and wants you to quiet down and clear your mind so you can receive his intangible benefits.

There’s a comet whizzing by which enters Sagittarius around December 16-20. We may not see it but a comet’s energy portends big change. 

December 1 – Moon in Scorpio. Neptune moves into direct motion which gives a hazy, mystical feeling to the day. Work on things you can continue, not begin. Your mind is not sharp enough to make good decisions about what to do next. It’s a perfect day for meditation, inner work, and acts of kindness. You can feel who needs your  help.

December 2 – Moon in Scorpio. It’s a day to be alone so you can explore your inner landscape. You will find buried treasure deep in your subconscious. Let your intuition show you what needs to be let go of and what is of value to you. Listen to your inner voice, especially to what it tells you about the people around you. Create a ritual that helps you cleanse during the eclipse. 

December 3 – Moon in Sagittarius. It feels like you’re walking though the funhouse as you go through the day. The solar eclipse challenges your beliefs and opens your heart and mind to new ones. Stay flexible so you can roll with what appears before you. If you are quiet, you can download inspiration. Meditate on a flame reaching up to the sky.

December 4 – Moon in Sagittarius. Forget any plans. It’s hard to stick to a schedule today as you move through the afterglow of the eclipse. Get outdoors and roam through the woods, a park, or a new neighborhood. Try out that sport or exercise program you’ve been thinking about. Listen to a podcast that teaches you a new technique.

December 5 – Moon in Capricorn. Now you can start making plans and setting goals. Organize your thoughts towards how you can make the best  use of the winter time. You are free of baggage and can walk with more freedom. Give away the things you no longer want around you. Make a budget for your holiday shopping and be practical as you make your gift list.

December 6 – Moon in Capricorn. Make a move that enables you to take that next step up the career ladder. Apply for a new job, ask for a promotion, take a course that teaches you a skill you need, go for certification or the next degree. Start to transform your professional life. Volunteer to be the head of a committee.

December 7 – Moon in Aquarius. The minds soars to the outer limits of possibilities. Keep all your options open and your imagination fertile. You can create a new future by thinking it, and implementing the steps to reach it later on. Shop for electronic items – new tablets, computers, software, headphones. Browse the Internet for ideas.

December 8 – Moon in Aquarius. Push the detailed work off for another few days and think big thoughts with no limits. Be inspired by those who dared, people like like Charles Lindbergh, Jonas Salk, Amelia Earhart.  Make timelines, strategies, designs and blueprints. Have a brainstorming session to share your ideas with others.

December 9- Moon VC Aquarius, enters Pisces 9:35 am. You will find luck and opportunities when you look for them. They won’t plop into your lap, but will be easy to find if you look around the corners. The word for today is GROWTH, physical, (watch your diet), emotional, and spiritual. Expand out of your comfort zone and reap the benefits.

December 10 – Moon in Pisces. It’s not easy to stay on track with what you need to do since you’ll be responding to pleas for help. Make time to shop for, or bring food to, someone who can’t get out. Share art and music to cheer up anyone you know who is having a hard time. Buy houseplants to give as gifts and to brighten up your home and office.

December 11 – Moon in Pisces, VC from2:40 pm until 4:46 pm when it enters Aries. Give yourself time to loll around. You need some down time. Shop for music, art supplies, spiritual books and videos, crystals, and tarot cards. Use your intuition to find the right presents. Get out tonight and do something daring to shake you up.

December 12 – Moon in Aries. The Sun and Neptune send you to outer space and into inner space. There’s a lot of insight and inspiration to be found in both places. Shop for the people you know who are bold and active. Buy them sports equipment, boxing gloves, hats, and knives. Work out or run, jog, or bike and try to do a bit more than usual.

December 13 – Moon in Aries. Mars enters Sagittarius which frees you from any emotions that have been holding you back. You want to explore many new options. Mercury enters Capricorn to help you find the words that will help you be more professional. Fill out applications, grant proposals, and send in your manuscripts. Make a new schedule for the coming months.

December 14 – Moon in Taurus. You will find bargains when you shop today and tomorrow. You are fine tuned to be see what is of value and what is junk.  Shop for gardening tools and gifts of houseplants. Order gourmet food to be sent to those you love. Bake cookies to give to friends and coworkers. Buy gift certificates from restaurants.  Splurge on a gooey dessert.

December 15 – Moon in Taurus. Buy clothes, scarfs, necklaces and other jewelry. Give gift certificates for massages and spa treatments. Get one for yourself so you can pamper your body when you want to. Buy some new warm clothes. Take a realistic assessment of your financial status and make decisions that are practical and safe. Forget the diet tonight and eat your favorite dinner.

December 16 – Moon in Taurus, VC from 11:08 am until 3:43 pm when it enters Gemini. Get up early, turn on some music and dance your way through the day. You’ll feel grounded enough to concentrate on practical matters and can make sensible decisions.  Take a nap, if you can, during the VC period so you can use the evening for catching up on emails and texts.

December 17 – Moon in Gemini. You will learn a lot if you follow your curiosity. Stay open minded and ready to investigate new ideas and concepts. You need variety today, not feeling stuck to one long job. You also need to talk to people and share ideas. Buy software that will help you write. Upgrade your phone, computer, and tablet. 

December 18 – Moon in Gemini. Look at the lists of best books of 2021 and buy them as gifts for your friends and family. Shop for magazine subscriptions, games, puzzles, gloves, bracelets, pens and new keyboards. Buy tuitions to conferences and workshops for a great gift. Browse libraries and bookstores to fed your mind. Check in with your siblings.

December 19 – Moon in Cancer. The energy is unstable since two planets are changing direction. Venus begins her retrograde period. Your plans and schedules are upended and you may not like what you wanted yesterday. Chiron ends his retrograde period allowing you to get on with healing yourself and others. Now you can reap the benefit of all your introspection.

December 20 – Moon in Cancer. You’ll be cooking, decorating, and worrying about the holiday. Check in with family members to coordinate travel plans. Shop for food and cook as much as you can today. Think of ways to make this holiday different, less commercial, and a bit more exciting. Buy cooking equipment, spices, oils, and gourmet foods for gifts.

December 21 – Moon in Cancer, VC 9:44 am until 4:54 when it enters Leo. The Sun enters Capricorn at 10:59 am and winter begins! Remember your childhood winters and vow to recreate the joys you had. Continue cooking. Check the batteries in your smoke and burglar alarms. Work on any ongoing projects that have deadlines you must meet. 

December 22 – Moon in Leo. Shop for toys to make the children’s wishes come true. Let your inner Santa Claus out to have fun. You feel generous and indulgent. Buy your loved one something sexy and over the top. Buy tickets for the theater, circus, and other great experiences. It’s a day to have a holiday party and spread cheer.

December 23 – Moon in Leo. Overcome any obstacles as you make adjustments to your plans to start the holiday early. Let your heart show you what to do as you buy more gifts. Donate to food banks, warming shelters, and groups that help people have a happy holiday. Give money to the organizations that feed people around the world. Share your good fortune and be grateful for what you have.

December 24 – Moon in Virgo. Saturn and Uranus face off. They ask you to look at the big picture and think about the conflict between futuristic ideas and staying with the status quo. Can you stay secure but embrace new concepts? You’ll want to get everything perfect for the holiday and will work hard to create a beautiful atmosphere for your family.

December 25 – Moon in Virgo. Relax about getting everything flawless and enjoy the day. Think about the roots of your traditions and let go of what you do that doesn’t feel right. Give to those who aren’t in your immediate family. Make a big donation to help feed and find shelter for those in need. Be thankful and pray for those in the world who are suffering. 

December 26 – Moon VC Virgo, enters Libra 11:24 am. Clean up first so that you can then enjoy the social aspects of the day. Meet with friends and take pleasure in their company. Talk about your blessings and what you can do to help others. Share your favorite music and have an impromptu dance party. It’s a “don’t worry, be happy” kind of day.

December 27 – Moon in Libra. It will take a while before you get into gear if you have to go back to work. It may be hard to make new decisions but easy to put the ones you’ve made into words and action. It’s a good day to get “that talk” out of the way. You can be diplomatic and find a good compromise. Spend your gift money on new artwork to cheer up the house or office.

December 28 – Moon. in Libra, VC 4:11 pm until 4:16 pm when it enters Scorpio. Jupiter moves into Pisces late tonight. Today is his last day in Aquarius for 12 years. He gives you one more chance to let your thoughts and ideas shine and be seen. Send out proposals, applications, submissions to journals and publishers. Tell yourself  to remember tonight’s dreams.

December 29 – Moon in Scorpio. You will benefit from deep introspection about your life. The Sun and Chiron challenge you to improve yourself. They don’t want to hear excuses about why you have not taken the next step forward. They force you to look at your inadequacies and figure out how to lose them. Then you can make good career choices.

December 30 – Moon in Scorpio, VC 12:10 pm until 6:08 pm when it enters Sagittarius. You can feel what went wrong this past year and use that to make up strong New Year’s resolutions that are meaningful, ones you can stick with. Start your party tonight, the eve before New Year’s Eve. Be full of optimism and enthusiasm that 2022 will be the best year yet.

December 31 – Moon in Sagittarius. Reach for the sky as you jump and play. Put your worries aside and move bravely into another year. Engage in some friendly competition to show yourself what you can do. Teach someone something you do naturally. The year ends with the Moon joined with Mars – an omen of energy and action.