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All times are Eastern Daylight Time. Please adjust for your time zone


September still has the foot dragging energy of all the outer planets in retrograde motion. The asteroids Pallas and Chiron are also retrograde. Stay the course and wait a couple of months before setting off in a new direction.

Mercury turns retrograde on September 27 at 24 degrees of Libra. He travels back to 10 degrees of Libra before he turns direct on October 18. During that time you will hear some news that has been hidden from you. Mercury asks you to find a way to settle disputes and end old enmities. He will help you communicate the ideas that have been stuck inside your head.

September 1 – Moon in Cancer. Experience the good feelings that come from being comfortably at home. Let the world spin by and find a cozy corner to rest and relax. Tend to your garden and plant bulbs and bushes that will bring color to your life next spring. Decide what home projects need to be done that will fix and renovate your living space.

September 2 – Moon in Cancer. Energetic Mars loses his ability to walk in a straight line today when he faces slithery Neptune. Forget your plan for the day and get into the flow of the energy. If you are quiet and listen, you’ll hear alternative ways to go about your work. You can download inspiration for your artistic projects. Keep planting.

September 3 – Moon VC Cancer, enters Leo 11:58 am. Start the weekend early since it’s not a day to follow a schedule. You lose your enthusiasm for work and want to play. Finish up what can be easily ended. Then be like the Leo Moon and shine on those you see. It’s a last chance to have Summer fun and do your favorite activities and sports.

September 4 – Moon in Leo. Follow your heartsong and let go of worries or doubts. Spread joy and love as you go through the day. There will be a surprise midday, a good one. Treat your partner to a night of romance and pleasure. You’ll have the right words to cement your affection and speak of your love.

September 5 – Moon in Leo, VC from 10:22 am until 7:06 pm when it enters Virgo. Remember and recreate the childhood experience of staying in the moment as you play. Let your imagination soar and lead you to new exciting activities. You can do your chores tonight so enjoy the day and have fun. Evening is the time for making serious decisions.

September 6- Moon in Virgo. The new Moon in Virgo is a good symbol for Labor Day. It is a day to honor Mercury by focusing your mind on the power of thought to heal. Affirmations are powerful today so being a practice of using them for self-improvement. It is a lucky day when you can manifest your dreams and make your thoughts your new reality.  

September 7 – Moon in Virgo, VC 3:24 pm. It’s a day to start new job or a begin using a new skill. You can make good choices if you stay practical and down to earth. Keep your desk, desktop, and work area clean and tidy. Focus on specifics to achieve the best results. Make appointments for checkups and health related issues for you and your pets.

September 8 – Moon in Libra. It’s a great day for negotiating, mediating, and finding win-win solutions. You see both sides of the story and can find the bridge to connect them. It’s easy to bring frictions to a close with a suitable compromise. You write well today and can find the words to say hard things. Smooth out any tensions with your loved one.

September 9 – Moon in Libra. Start the new projects that involve working in a team. You’ll appreciate the power of a group mind to come up with ideas and solutions. Move furniture in your home and workspace to create a better flow of energy. Buy something beautiful to look at. Treat yourself to a new piece of jewelry or art.

September 10 – Moon in Scorpio. Venus enters Scorpio where she wants to express her sexuality. She brings up issues of power and dominance in relationships. You are careful with your money and where you spend it. See if you are meeting your needs. It’s a day to think of yourself. Do something unusual tonight- let your kinky side out to play.

September 11 – Moon in Scorpio. Spend a moment contemplating the momentous event that happened on this day 20 years ago and how the world has changed since then. Think of what you can do to make life better for everyone. Your intuition is strong and will give you important insights. Plant seeds, both real ones and those of the imagination.

September 12 – Moon in Sagittarius. This is the fun day of the weekend. Stay outside and enjoy nature. Go where you can hike, bike, skate, or ride a horse. Explore new trails, paths, neighborhoods. Don’t let the weather stop you. Check out online courses for topics you want to study. It’s time to learn something new.

September 13 – Moon in Sagittarius. There are two work weeks before Mercury turns retrograde. Focus on doing all the things that you won’t want to do then – signing legal papers, buying big ticket items, buying new electronic equipment. Get your car tuned up and your computer backed up. Keep your travel plans flexible.

September 14 – Moon in Capricorn. The Sun and Neptune meet and they ask you to devote the day to service work. See where you can help those in need. As a reward, they shower you with visions for new projects. You can use the industrious Capricorn Moon to put their ideas into form. Mars enters Libra tonight. He loses his assertive energy but helps you make beauty.

September 15 – Moon in Capricorn. This is the best day of the week to achieve good results from your efforts. You have the patience to pay attention to the details. Make a schedule for the next two months. Be aware that nothing can be perfect. Do what is needed to take the next step up your career ladder. Ask advice from elderly people.

September 16 –Moon VC Capricorn, enters Aquarius 11:23 am. It’s a day to keep on getting things done. Once you pare down the scope of your plan, you can make long lasting changes to your life and work. The best way to go is to be practical, not dreamy. Think about the beginning, not the ending. Treat your mind to a science fiction book or movie.

September 17 – Moon in Aquarius. Lovely Venus and stern Saturn bring tension to the day. They ask you to give a realistic look at what you desire. They want you to  try to balance your personal needs with that of the collective. It’s a big picture vs. little picture issue. Buy electronics, phones, and software today. Do the upgrades on computer programs.

September 18 – Moon VC Aquarius, enters Pisces 4:22 pm. Attend a community meeting and offer your ideas. You will thrive in a group meeting. Listen to podcasts and Zoom seminars to learn something new and unusual. Leave the chores until tomorrow. You are mostly in your mind today and need time to follow your imagination.

September 19 – Moon in Pisces. Explore your psychic abilities. Pay attention to your animals and try to understand what they want to say to you. Converse with the spirits, guardian angels, guides who are around you even though you don’t see them. Tend to your plants. Help someone who is ill, old, lonely or disabled. It’s a day to give.

September 20 – Moon in Pisces, VC 7:55 pm. There is one week until Mercury turns retrograde and things are beginning to feel shaky. Today’s full  Moon is the most mystical one of the year. There is a subtle influence of divine peace and wisdom. Quiet your mind and receive these vibrations. You will be motivated to speak and write the truth you hear. Meditate.

September 21 – Moon in Aries. Today is the last full day of summer. Take time off to do what you didn’t get to do. Put yourself first as you go through the day. Challenge your fears and do that scary thing. Say the thought you’ve been holding back. Take at least one action that moves you out of your comfort zone. Watch your temper if people don’t agree with you.

September 22 – Moon in Aries. The Sun enters Libra at 3:21 pm. Use the symbolism of the Equinox to bring balance to your life. Imagine your conflicts are on a scale and then see how to adjust both sides until they don’t tilt. The energy of the day is unstable so try to avoid frustration. It won’t work to be rigid about anything today.

September 23 – Moon VC Aries, enters Taurus 8:38 am. Venus rules the day and makes it a pleasant one. Check your finances, your bank account, and pay your bills. Make changes to investments and possessions only if necessary. Do some last minute pre-Mercury retrograde shopping for clothing, makeup, and gourmet food. Try not to be stubborn. 

September 24 – Moon in Taurus. As you finish up the week’s work, make a list of what you will do during the next three weeks. Be realistic as you think of tasks which begin with re-. Forget your diet for the day and indulge yourself in forbidden foods and activities. Buy new houseplants. Freeze fresh produce to have this winter.

September 25 – Moon in Taurus, VC 9:09 am until 8:36 pm when it enters Gemini. It’s a day to chill. Be lazy with no guilt. Give yourself a day to rest and relax – a personal day. Pamper your body with a massage or any kind of body work. Download music that stirs your soul. Take action to firm up your commitment to  your relationship.

September 26 – Moon in Gemini. Mercury is standing still pondering where he will go on his vacation. He sends you great new ideas and insights. Take notes on what’s happening inside your head. BACKUP YOUR COMPUTER. Put important documents where you can find them. Batten down the mental hatches – it’s going to be a doozy of a retrograde Mercury.

September 27 – Moon in Gemini. Mercury turns retrograde at 1:10 am EDT, earlier last night in PDT. You’ll be juggling ideas and trying to not drop any. Don’t be overwhelmed when it becomes hard to proceed in a straight line. Try some stream of consciousness writing and see what comes out. Double check your emails and texts before you send them.

September 28 – Moon VC Gemini, enters Cancer 9:34 am. Reconnect with those female friends and relatives you haven’t spoken or written to in a while. Share news of your families. You are sensitive to people’s vibrations today and it’s best stay away from places where you would encounter anger or negativity. It will feel good to cook and feed others.

September 29 – Moon in Cancer. You have access to the world of imagination and fantasy. Pick up unfinished artistic projects and work on them with new eyes. People will confide in your today as they feel your empathy and caring. Set intentions and speak affirmations to create a harmonious life. Do tomorrow’s important work today.

September 30 – Moon in Cancer, VC 10:49 am until 8:53 pm when it enters Leo. If your  gut feelings coincide with what your heart tells you and you follow those intuitions, you will have luck in your endeavors though it better to be passive than active. Try to avoid getting hurt by not taking what you hear personally. Call Mom and check in with her.