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September 2020

There won’t be any relief from the ongoing disruption in our lives this September. Mars is strong in his own sign Aries and starts to repeat his moves when he turns retrograde on September 9. Get your new work started before then. Both Jupiter (September 12) and Saturn (September 29) turn direct. Those who have personal planets in 17-30 degrees of Capricorn will be benefited and restricted. Grab the opportunities that present and be smart about dealing with them.

The best way to go through September is to be practical and keep your feet on the ground.

Fall begins on September 22.

September 1 – Moon in Pisces. This is the most mystical full Moon of the year. Start the new month with mediation, prayer, and setting a spiritual intention. You’ll be able to access what has been percolating in your unconscious for a while. Write out these deep thoughts to keep and show others.  It’s a powerful day to let go of old opinions and reflexive responses.

September 2 – Moon in Pisces. You will be flexible enough to make a change in your lifestyle. Venus contacts Saturn to find out what needs to go, and who and what are firm fixtures. You may have to make a practical decision about where to live or if you want a relationship to continue. It’s that kind of serious day.

September 3 – Moon in Pisces, VC from 10:34 am until 4:22 pm when it enters Aries. Get up early and finish today’s important work in the morning. Use the afternoon VC hours to quiet down and look within. It’s a good time for therapy of all kinds, yoga, and meditation. Go swimming or take a bath. You’ll want to be up and out this evening.

September 4 – Moon in Aries. Don’t let your fear of change hold you back. Part of you wants to charge out ahead into new activity while the cautious part wonders if it is a safe thing to do. Your mind is trying to figure it out and try to make a plan while you are too impatient to wait. You need a way to burn off excess physical energy. Find some way to be competitive and try to beat your personal best.

September 5 – Moon in Aries. You’ll find obstacles and frustration if you try to ignore the rules. It’s not the day to change the system but to see where the weak places are. Mercury enters Libra and helps you to see both sides of the story. He shows you how to negotiate and compromise in the coming month. Don’t give up if you hit the wall, just find a way to go around it.

September 6 – Moon in Taurus. Rest and relax today. Give yourself permission to enjoy a few days off from work. There’s no rush so let your inner sloth out to play. Venus enters Leo to help you have fun and to open your heart. She wants you to indulge in the things that bring you pleasure. It’s a day sensuous sensual day when you can forget about the diet and have an extra dessert.

September 7 – Moon in Taurus. Pamper your body on this earthy day. Eat your favorite foods, take a walk in a natural setting, putter in the yard and garden, bake cookies, get a massage, immerse yourself in a bubble bath. Take a nap in the hammock, or on the couch. You’ll find great bargains at yard sales and thrift stores. Treat yourself to a gourmet dinner.

September 8 – Moon in Taurus, VC from 8:47 am until 5:28 pm when it enters Gemini. Extend the holiday weekend since you can’t get much done during the long void-of-course period today. Save making those important communications until this evening. Once the Moon changes sign your mind is active and you’ll think not feel.

September 9 – Moon in Gemini. Mars is standing still as he gets ready to turn retrograde this evening. Be cautious and careful and drive defensively. This is one of the lucky days in the year so take a chance at purchasing a big-ticket item, making a new investment, and buying a lottery ticket. Send in proposals and grant applications.

September 10 – Moon in Gemini. Thinking, not doing, is the theme of the day. Your mind is full of questions and curiosity. There’s a bit of tension between wanting to find out a little about everything and wanting to put it all in order. Try to find the balance. You can have some therapeutic conversations that will be healing to both parties.

September 11 – Moon in Cancer. The Sun and Neptune connect and open up your right brain, receptive abilities. Trust what you feel even though it may not make much sense. You are sensitive to your environment and to what other people say and do. It will be easy to get your feelings hurt, or to hurt other people’s, so try to hold onto a bit of detachment.

September 12 – Moon in Cancer. It’s a weekend to enjoy your home and family. Find a house project you can do together. Can, freeze, or preserve some food for the winter. Make a donation to the local food bank. Go to a lake or beach or river to be by the water. Jupiter turns direct tonight and you can now make plans for enhancing your career.  

September 13 – Moon in Cancer, VC from 8:05 am until 11:32 am when it enters Leo. Healing happens when you follow your heart’s desire. Be brave and don’t listen to that man behind the curtain. Play with the kids and take them for a special treat. It’s a day to be optimistic and leave the worries for another day. Create a happy reality with your thoughts.

September 14 – Moon in Leo. You can get a lot done today. It’s best to work on the things that will effect a lasting change in your life and your business. Let go of what you know is holding you back. If you express your creativity in many ways as you go through the day, it will be easy to put your ideas into a useful form. Take time to play.

September 15 – Moon in Leo, VC from 11:09 am until 2:37 pm when it enters Virgo. Pay attention to brief encounters and unexpected opportunities, no matter how small they may seem. Don’t assume that everything will make sense now, though it may do so later. Discard your daily routine and follow your whims. You can catch up with work later this afternoon.

September 16 – Moon in Virgo. Clean up the Summer equipment and store it away as you prepare for Fall. Finish up your Summer things-to-do list. Go through your closets and piles of stuff and recycle what you no longer want. Organize your desktop. Tonight is the dark of the Moon. Create a special ritual to honor the feminine energies.

September 17 – Moon in Virgo, VC from 7:42 am until 2:56 am when it enters Libra. Today’s New Moon help you get organized. Make new lists of what you need to do, buy and order. Make lists of the appointments you need to make for you, your family members, and your pets. Think it through in the morning and do it in the afternoon.

September 18 – Moon in Libra. Today is the day to take care of legal issues, make negotiations, and mediate disputes. Do it for your business and for your personal life. You can smooth out any wrinkles in your relationships with good, honest communication. Look around your home with an artist’s eye to see how you can make it more attractive.

September 19 – Moon in Libra, VC from 10:29 am until 2:33 pm when it enters Scorpio. Spend the first part of the day with your partner and have your alone time in the late afternoon and evening. Watch that anger doesn’t enter into your discussions. It may be best to sidestep the issue rather than confront someone who feels they are right.

September 20 – Moon in Scorpio. You can’t avoid your feelings. Notice them and see if you can use them in any positive way. You’ll want to follow your own agenda. Find a subject that interests you and research all you can on the matter. It a day to go into depth in whatever you choose to do. It’s a fertile day for planting and transplanting. Bring your journal up to date.

September 21 – Moon in Scorpio, VC from 2:13 pm until 3:31 pm when it enters Sagittarius. Today is the last day of Summer. If there’s anything you really wanted to do but didn’t get to, extend your weekend, take a personal day and do it. Have an adventure. Stay up late under the night sky and look at the stars. Sleep outside if you can.

September 22 – Moon in Sagittarius. The Sun enters Libra at 9:31 pm. Today is the Fall Equinox, a day to make balance for all the things that are skewed in your life. Make peace with those you are at odds with. Help a friend find a way to settle a dispute. Clean the slate by paying off your debts, monetary and other kinds. Start a new exercise regimen.

September 23 – Moon in Sagittarius, VC from 1:31 pm until 7:16 pm when it enters Capricorn. Your enthusiasm will have you believing that all the things you dream will come true. Think big thoughts but have your editing scissors ready to chop out the excess. Escape for a few hours into a fantasy world. You’ll come back to earth tonight when you see the reality around you.

September 24 – Moon in Capricorn. You will be practical and able to make good choices. Focus on your career and the things you need to do to advance yourself. Downsize where you can to cut out unnecessary expenses. You’ll find the right words when you have to talk to your boss or to someone in authority. It’s a good day to make schedules.

September 25 – Moon in Capricorn. Lay the foundation for your further work. Think about what can be changed in order to make a sturdier base. You’ll find the correct way to do things, but so will everyone else, so avoid proving who’s right. Set a goal for the fall and winter. You’ll see the way to reach it with patience and perseverance.

September 26 – Moon in Aquarius. Thought is the word for the day. You mind is free to roam in the ether where thoughts live. Think of ways to make life better for all people and ways to heal your personal problems. Share your thoughts on social media and with your friends. Let your inner rebel out and protest (peacefully) against the stagnant status quo.

September 27 – Moon in Aquarius. Break out of your usual Sunday routine and do something different. Go to the outer edge of your comfort zone to challenge yourself. Study something out of the ordinary. Feel free to be yourself even if it upsets other people’s expectations of how you should act. Mercury enters Scorpio to give you the energy to do deep research and look behind the scenes and under the rocks.

September 28 – Moon VC Aquarius, enters Pisces 11:34 am. Do acts of kindness today. Put your energy towards helping others, both near and far. You will find the words that soothe. Saturn is standing still which gives the feeling that you can’t move either. Look back to May and see what has changed and what you have eliminated from your life.

September 29 – Moon in Pisces. Saturn is now moving forward and he removes the restrictions he put on you. Mars challenges Saturn which makes you slow down and think about what you are doing and is it the right thing to do. Check your motivation and ask yourself are you acting from a place of compassion. Avoid arguments.

September 30 – Moon in Pisces, VC 1:30 pm. Be sure to stand up for yourself. Yesterday’s energy will have people reacting to situations and they may try to force you to do it or see it their way. Help those in need but let if be your idea. Give yourself some quiet time to be artistic or to appreciate art and music. Tend to your houseplants.