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All times are Eastern Daylight Time. Please adjust for your time zone


 Mars moves in retrograde motion all month. He travels from 18 to 9 degrees of Gemini. He is in Mercury’s sign which explains why it feels like a supercharged Mercury retrograde. Have you misplaced objects? Had trouble with the Internet and your computer? Had weird car accidents? Mars is filling your mind with too many options and distracting you, making it hard to concentrate. Make sure you check the return policies when you shop and make reservations that have reasonable cancellation policies.  Where Gemini sits in your chart is where you need to focus your energy.

Be aware that Mercury goes into retrograde motion on December 29.

Jupiter has his last days in his favorite sign Pisces. If you have planets in Pisces, take advantage of what he brings you. He enters Aries on December 23 to start a new trip around the zodiac.

December 1 – Moon in Pisces. The sands keep shifting under your feet. Let your psychic energy tell you which projects you need to redo, rethink, and rewrite. You need to plan for a big adventure that you can embark on in a few months. Let your intuition guide you to stay practical but bold. You need to listen to your inner voice, not someone else’s.

December 2 – Moon in Aries. All lights are green, giving you the go-ahead signal on this fiery day. It feels good to get going in a forward direction after going back and forth. Watch your step and protect your head since you tend to leap before you look. It’s a great day to get things done, and you’ll do better if you can get a handle on your impatience.

December 3 – Moon in Aries. Neptune stops and turns around to move forward again. The tide is turning, and the water comes back onto the beach. Be sure to watch out that you and your stuff don’t float away. Go out alone to have a personal adventure. You don’t have the patience to wait for someone to catch up to you on this spacey day.

December 4 – Moon in Taurus. Today is the quiet day of the weekend, a time to rest and relax. Listen to music as you go through the day. It’s time to address and heal an old wound in your identity. Be kind to yourself but do psychic surgery to cut out the wound. Try not to create a new one. Let nature soothe and nurse you back to health.

December 5 – Moon in Taurus. It’s a good day to start your holiday shopping. Buy plants and gardening supplies, cookware, and kitchen appliances. Purchase the items you need to make handmade gifts or bake cookies. You will find bargains in unexpected places. Trust your instincts and follow your nose. Do something nice for your body – a massage or facial.

December 6 – Moon in Taurus, VC from 2:02 pm until 3:49 pm when it enters Gemini. You’ll speak the truth as your words flow quickly. It will be hard to be aware of how blunt you may be. Act on your ideas to travel or start a new course of study. Mercury enters Capricorn to help you put your thoughts into form. You’ll be more practical, less idealistic.

December 7 – Moon in Gemini. Mars activates this full Moon making everything go faster. He shows you a new direction and offers too many options. This is nervous making energy. Stop and take deep breaths when you feel scattered. Reevaluate what you are doing to reclaim your sense of self. Feel the optimism and enthusiasm of the day and tell yourself to remember it when you feel low.

December 8 – Moon in Gemini. Stop and think about what this Mars retrograde period has shown you since the end of October. Shop for books, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, e-readers, and all kinds of communication devices. Check the return policies and double-check your orders. Write down your essential ideas. Call a friend for friendly chats.

December 9 – Moon in Cancer. The theme of the day is luck with effort. What you want is within reach, but you have to stretch to grab it. Put your fears aside so you can go for it. Venus moves into Capricorn to give you a practical slant on dealing with your love and money issues. She will help you figure out how to cut spending and save more.

December 10- Moon in Cancer. You’ll stay busy at home preparing for the holiday season. Buy, or make gifts for your family. Be creative when you shop; use your intuition to sense what each one would like. Find an item to add to a collection. Buy monthly deliveries of gourmet fruits or food, or gift certificates to a favorite restaurant.

December 11 – Moon in Cancer, VC from 1:49 pm until 3:09 pm when it enters Leo. Enjoy the coziness of home. Call Mom to check in with her and discuss family news. Print pictures you took this year to give as gifts. Bake cookies and cakes to share with friends and co-workers. Look for antiques online or in a shop. Go out and have fun this evening.

December 12 – Moon in Leo. Your mind and spirit are in sync, so unleash your creative energies and put your inspiration into form. You’ll be pleased with the result. You feel generous and want to shower your loved ones with gifts. Shop for the children in your life. Buy toys that engage imagination. Get yourself a new plaything or playmate.

December 13 – Moon in Leo, VC 10:52 am. Continue with yesterday’s creative venture. You have the energy to go beyond your usual limits. Buy tickets to concerts, dance performances, or theater to give as gifts. Find an exquisite piece of jewelry for your loved one. Shine your loving heart on everyone you see. Be generous with your hugs and kisses.

December 14 – Moon in Virgo. The Sun and Neptune vie for your attention and keep taking you away from your daily schedule. The “what ifs” feed your mind and distract you from the “what is .”Once you get your work done, attend to the spiritual aspects of life. Donate time, energy, and money to help those in need. Do acts of service in gratitude for what you have.

December 15 – Moon in Virgo. You’ll be practical as you go down your list of gifts you still need to purchase–scarves and slippers, calendars, books, and diaries. Shop for body care items and healthy treats. Make lists of things to do and foods to buy. Clean up any clutter in your home and office and do the boring stuff, the filing and putting things away.

December 16 – Moon in Virgo, VC from 2:13 pm until 2:49 pm when it enters Libra. Finish your obligatory shopping for the gifts you have to give. Prepare tips and bonuses to thank people for their service to you over the year. You’ll get a lot done today if you stay on task. Plan an impromptu party to start holiday socializing. Invite your favorite friends.

December 17 – Moon in Libra. It’s a pleasant day. Shop for objects to create and appreciate beauty, like painting supplies and art books. Spend a little more on something you can treasure through the years. Buy handmade clothes and jewelry from local artisans. Go to various holiday events and mingle in the crowds. have a special night out with your partner.

December 18 – Moon in Libra, VC 5:35 pm. Rest up before the busy week ahead. Have a lazy Sunday – sleep in, go to brunch with friends, wander around doing what feels good. Find a balance between thinking and taking action, between going along with your partner and doing what you want. Go for another look at that piece of art you want to own.

December 19 – Moon in Scorpio. Jupiter is ending his travel in Pisces, giving you today to feel his benefits while he is still in that sign. Do acts of kindness to please him. Be open to receiving his gifts from the spiritual world. Meditate by water, swim or take a bath, or go to your favorite beach in your mind. Trust what you sense to be true.

December 20 – Moon in Scorpio. Jupiter enters Aries on this last full day of Sagittarius. You want to embrace everything new, but hold off on starting projects until January 12. Listen to your dreams and desires and write them down. Let yourself be carefree and a bit thrill-seeking today. Break out of your routine and reschedule the things that seem tedious. You can be responsible tomorrow.

December 21 – Moon in Sagittarius. The Sun enters Capricorn at 4:48 pm. Today is the Winter Solstice, a major energy shift. Let the metaphor of light returning influence your life. Get rid of what is not necessary and find a new bottom step to climb. Shop for sports equipment, suitcases, travel books, and games. Think about your ambitions and your career.

December 22  – Moon in Sagittarius, VC 3:16 pm. Try to do your traveling today, as Mercury is starting to slow down. This can cause traffic delays in the days ahead. Do your last-minute shopping for gifts and food (which makes a good gift). Buy gift certificates for sports events, exercise or yoga lessons, and hiking equipment.

December 23- Moon in Capricorn. Today’s new Moon gives you the discipline to do and say what you must. It is a powerful time to make your new year’s resolutions. Chiron turns direct and shows you new ways to heal yourself. Take care of business, pay bills, sign important papers, renew subscriptions, and make appointments for car and home repairs while Mercury is still in direct motion.

December 24 – Moon in Capricorn. It’s no use stressing out over holiday preparations – it will never look as perfect as it does in your imagination. Once you realize that good enough is good enough, you can relax and enjoy being with your loved ones. Find comfort in following the ways you’ve celebrated the holiday in the past. You can change the routine next year.

December 25 – Moon in Aquarius. Think and discuss the universal meanings of the day. Detach from the emotional strings that appear when with family so you can have good conversations on meaningful topics. The best gifts are unconditional love and non-judgmental understanding. Put your worries aside and be happy today.

December 26 – Moon in Aquarius, VC 1:19 pm. Reach out to your community and see what you can do to help where needed. Share your food and rehome the gifts that don’t bring you joy. Think deeply about how you can be a better citizen of the world. Do what you need to do, i.e., mailing, ordering, and repairing, before Mercury stops moving.

December 27 – Moon in Pisces. It’s a fertile day, so plant seeds in your mind and in the earth. Give your houseplants love and care, and transplant them into bigger pots so that they can grow. Check out the sales and buy a new pair of boots for the winter. Sign up for dancing lessons. You, too, need to give yourself space to grow.

December 28- Moon in Pisces. Mercury is motionless, making it very easy to stay in the moment. Walk through the day with the awareness that there is only now. Read spiritual literature, listen to chants and sing along, meditate. Try the stream-of-consciousness writing exercise – Here and now I am… Take full advantage of the precious opportunity that today offers.

December 29 – Moon in Aries. Mercury turns retrograde in the early hours of the day. You want to run like a horse out of the starting gate. You feel the pressure to do something new. Choose something that you won’t mind when it ends in a way that’s different from your original idea. Another part of you wants to move at a reasonable pace and understands limitations.

December 30 – Moon in Aries. Get used to the new pace of one step forward, two steps backward. If you are aware that you’ll be swimming against the tide, you can figure out how to avoid frustration. Take on small projects that you can finish in one day. Review your exercise and diet routines. Think about how you can take better care of yourself.

December 31 – Moon VC Aries, enters Taurus at 12:08 pm. Give thought to your sense of identity and how it conflicts with the conventional way. Where do you need to conform, and where will you rebel? Look back and see where you have gone along and where you have made a stand. Let go of what doesn’t feel good anymore. Try not to overdo it if you celebrate the new year.