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JULY 2019

This July has Mercury retrograde, two eclipses, and six planets in retrograde motion. It is a month when you want to put your life on cruise control and retire to the backyard to ponder your next step. It is not the time to take the next step.

Mercury turns into retrograde motion on July 7 and stays moving backwards until July 31. He travels from 4 degrees of Leo to 23 degrees of Cancer. The part of the chart where those degrees sit shows the areas of life that will undergo review.

There is a Solar Eclipse on July 3 at 10 degrees of Cancer. We will not feel it but will feel its effect on our homes and family and issues of security. The Lunar Eclipse follows on July 16 at 24 degrees of Capricorn. We won’t see this one either, but will feel it as our emotional walls come tumbling down.

Enjoy the love and comforts of family and use July as a good time to take a rest.

July 1 – Moon in Gemini, VC from 5:48 pm until 9:24 pm when it enters Cancer. It will be hard to focus for long so keep to short tasks that you can get done quickly. Tomorrow’s Solar Eclipse is disturbing today’s energy. Catch up on phone calls, emails, and texts. Try not to waste too much time on social media. Mars enters Leo this evening to bring a spark to your actions.

July 2 – Moon in Cancer. Today’s New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse. It is an auspicious day for all otherworldly and spiritual matters. Go into the garden and contact the nature spirits and fairies by feeling them. If you are ever going to see one, today is the day. Bring a child as children have fewer filters. Meditate on the growth of a seed breaking up through the earth and becoming a plant. Then plant some seeds.

July 3 – Moon in Cancer, VC 10:25 am. Drift through the day on the currents of energy flowing from yesterday’s eclipse. Scatter your seeds with a new awareness of the sentience of the plant world. Venus enters Cancer to bring you joy and happiness from the love of home and family. Take care of all those in your charge. You’ll know how to comfort and soothe those who need it. Cook your favorite summer foods.

July 4 – Moon in Leo. This is a good Moon for celebrations and parties. You’ll feel good and have lots of energy and enthusiasm. Let go of what is over and done with and look to the future. Go to a place of unconditional love and smile at everyone you see. It’s a “don’t worry be happy” kind of day when you should leave your worries and problems in a drawer.

July 5 –  Moon VC Leo. It’s a perfect day for a holiday so it’s really good if you have the day off. If not, don’t try to get much done, just go through the motions and add joy to the workplace where you can. If anything bothers you, leave it until tomorrow. Continue on in party mode and include the kids in your festivities.

July 6 – Moon in Virgo. Today is the day to work extra hard and take care of all the things you need to do before Mercury turns retrograde tomorrow evening. Put in orders, find the phone numbers of your favorite repair people, make important phone calls and send out important emails. Back up your computer. Make a list of all the things you want to do during the next three weeks. Today is His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s birthday. do an act of kindness in his honor.

July 7 – Moon in Virgo, VC 12:50 pm. Mercury turns around and starts moving in retrograde motion at 7:15 pm. Stay busy taking care of business. Make a spreadsheet of your passwords. Double check on the back up of your devices. Fix anything you think might break during the next three weeks. Shop for food, vitamins, and get your prescriptions filled. Watch an old favorite movie or reread a beloved book tonight and welcome Mercury into your life.

July 8 – Moon in Libra. Start the week with a light heart. You’ll find happiness in unexpected places. You want to express yourself in writing and speaking and art. Even though you see a new way to solve  problem be careful in your negotiations It’s not the time to finalize a deal. Chiron turns retrograde tonight making it a good time to do some soul searching and self-examination.

July 9 – Moon in Libra, VC 3:35 pm. The day is colored by the standoff between the Sun and Saturn. They ask you to put your emotional state aside and look at the bottom lines in your life. It’s a day for seeing reality, seeing what is and not how you want it to be. Have a serious talk with your partner about the condition of your relationship and listen without reacting so you can fix what needs to be fixed.

July 10 – Moon in Scorpio. It’s a day of strong emotions. Your right brain is running the show and making the decisions from your gut. It’s best to work alone to avoid controversy and misunderstandings. It will be hard to find someone to agree with you, so don’t even try. It’s a fertile day to plant and catch up on what you couldn’t do in previous days.

July 11 – Moon in Scorpio, VC 8:28 pm. The Sun and Neptune wove a spell while you were sleeping. You’ll wake up with a foggy sense that you heard something very important to your health and healing in your dreams. It’s another day to sidestep arguments since people want to defend their actions. Be cautious when handing anything electrical, flammable, sharp, or explosive. Keep planting since it will be a barren Moon weekend.

July 12 – Moon VC Scorpio, enters Sagittarius 11:05 am. Get up early to finish your planting in the morning hours. Your energy picks up in the afternoon and you are ready for an adventure. You need your freedom today so gently entangle yourself from anyone who “needs” you so you can roam where and when you want.

July 13 – Moon in Sagittarius, VC 9:31 pm. This is not a good weekend to plant.  It is a good time to harvest anything that is ready to eat. Find people you don’t know and have a good conversation. You will benefit by learning something new. Find a workshop, listen to a lecture, or just browse in the library and bookstore to see what you find (or what finds you).  Even though we are in a Mercury retrograde phase and between eclipses, decide what is important to do and do it today, not tomorrow.

July 14 – Moon VC Sagittarius, enters Capricorn 7:05 pm. The Sun and Pluto give a serious tone to this day with the Moon void-of-course. You need to reexamine your balance between home, family, and your career. Some things may have to end or undergo major transformation. It’s a day to see what happens and hold back on your response. Work off the tension with extra exercise.

July 15 – Moon in Capricorn. Today would be a good day to work hard and follow your career plan, but it’s the day before an eclipse. The energy is wonky, unstable, untrustworthy. You’ll do best if you don’t make any big decisions and if you just follow along with what’s already been put in place and stick to the schedule. Play it safe.

July 16 – Moon in Capricorn, VC 5:38 pm. Today’s lunar eclipse happens near Saturn and Pluto which makes it more intense. It’s a serious day when you’ll see what part of your life needs to be restructured and where you need to accept responsibility.  A lunar eclipse works at a subconscious level so it’s important to meditate and hear what in your past is causing a negative influence and needs to be let go.

July 17 – Moon in Aquarius. You’ll feel a hangover effect from yesterday’s eclipse. Venus and Saturn stand in opposition and have you take a cold hard look at your love life and your financial status. They will pop any illusions you’ve had about those matters. You can take a step back and think about things as if you are another person. Don’t plant today, except to seed your mind with new ideas.

July 18 – Moon in Aquarius, VC 11:53 am. Work double time in the morning so you can daydream in the afternoon. Venus connects with Neptune and they try to smooth out the rough patches you discovered yesterday. It’s very artistic energy, either to create or appreciate. You will also want to help out in community projects.

July 19 – Moon VC Aquarius, enters Pisces 5:19 pm. Mercury enters Cancer and brings you an imaginative use of your memories. You’ll think back on your childhood and see how those feelings influence how you relate now to family members. Don’t try to start anything new, just finish up the workweek. If you get bored, initiate small changes in the daily routine on a test basis. Catch up on the reading and research that you have procrastinated studying.

July 20 – Moon in Pisces. It is a great weekend for planting under this fertile Moon. Make use of the boost of your intuition. Let yourself be guided by your feelings and what your gut tells you. It will be easy to hear your pets and plants as they communicate with you. Stay by water as much as you can. Stay out tonight and sleep under the stars if you can. 

July 21 – Moon in Pisces. The Sun and Mercury meet marking the hallway point of Mercury’s retrograde phase. Quiet your mind and hear the new ideas and concepts that they tell you. Venus and Pluto ask you to check in once again on the status of your relationships. Are they stagnant or dynamic? You may have to end some, and go deeper with some others.

July 22 – Moon in Aries. The Sun enters Leo at 10:51 pm. The energy is shifting and becoming more alive. It’s time for the fun part of the summer. Be brave and move past what scares you so you can achieve freedom from that restriction. Work alone and at your own pace. You won’t have the patience to wait for anyone to catch up to you. Push yourself a bit.

July 23 – Moon in Aries. You need to do two days’ work today but it won’t be a problem since there’s so much fire in the air. You’ll want to keep in motion and will feel creative in how you tackle difficult situations. Leave the serious matters for another day when you can concentrate. Today is for the things you can get done quickly.

July 24 – Moon in Aries, VC from 10:48 am until 5:42 pm when it enters Taurus. You may find yourself struggling to be able to do things the way you want to do them. Your obligations and responsibilities will slow you down and frustrate you. Take a deep breath and move on. Mercury and Venus meet and give you some ideas on how to redecorate your home. It’s a good time to write love letters.

July 25 – Moon in Taurus. Your creative energy is high. Take a chance at expressing yourself in many ways – with words or drawing or through music. It is a lucky day if you apply yourself and be proactive. You can garden to your heart’s delight and plant more berries and trees which bear fruit. Slow down and take time to enjoy summer fun.

 July 26 – Moon in Taurus. It’s a day to be happy and appreciate the beauty you find around you. Buy yourself a present, some music, art, or jewelry. Do the things that please you and pamper your senses with a massage or facial or a spa treatment.  Indulge yourself and forget your diet. It’s a good night to try out the new restaurant you’ve heard about. You can’t plant over the weekend so do it all today.

July 27 – Moon in Gemini. Visit friends and relatives or host them at your house. its will feel good to be with the ones you love. You need to be out and about and feeding your curiosity about who’s doing what. You can multitask and get a lot of quick tasks done. Venus enters Leo tonight and brings romance to the evening. Create a special night out for your loved one.

July 28 – Moon in Gemini, VC 11:24 am. It will be a busy morning for running errands, doing last minute catch up, and answering texts, emails, and phone calls. You can stop and read the Sunday papers in the afternoon. Do not plant but it’s great for mowing the lawn and getting rid of weeds. Tonight is a good time for introspection and figuring out what is holding you back from being who you know you are.

July 29 – Moon in Cancer. Stay safe and be conservative with your resources. The Sun and Uranus square off and you want to be ready to jump when something unexpected happens. It’s a good day to explore new ways of expressing yourself. You can plant. Have fun cooking with fresh food from the local farms and farmers’ markets.

July 30 – Moon in Cancer. It’s a day to bring things to completion. The Moon is old and Mercury is motionless, getting ready to change direction tomorrow, so there’s no energy for forward momentum. Go to the pool or the beach, putter around in the garden and yard, and get creative with your cooking. You can plant. Look back on childhood summers and try to recreate what you loved best about them.

July 31 – Moon VC Cancer, enters Leo at 9:18 am. Mercury turns direct at 11:58 pm.  This New Moon in Leo encourages you to find the spirit of childhood that you have deep within you. Simplify your life and trust in the goodness of the Universe, even though it may not be so evident. Get ready to start something new tomorrow. Sleep out under the stars tonight if you can