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JULY 2021

July will be a lot calmer than the previous two months. The month starts with four planets ( Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto) in retrograde motion. Chiron and the asteroid Pallas Athena go retrograde mid-month. It’s a more of the same, nothing new feeling which will be relief.

Enjoy the summer, stay safe, and spend as much time as you can by the water.

July 1 – Moon in Aries. July starts with a hiccup that slows down your energy. Mars and Saturn face off and this puts up an obstacle that blocks your creative flow. You need to stop, and start to edit your work Look at it from another viewpoint to see it as an outsider would. Your forward drive is in conflict with the needs of your family and this slows you down.

July 2 – Moon in Aries. Begin the day like a horse charging out of the starting gate. Work at your own at your own pace to prevent the frustration of waiting for someone to catch up with you. You need to be at the head of the line as you race through the day. It is important to make your needs and desires number one  priority today. Watch your temper though.

July 3 – Moon VC Aries, enters Taurus 8:28 am. Today and tomorrow are fertile days to plant. It will feel good to put your hands in the dirt and connect with the earth. Your holiday weekend will not proceed as planned so be ready for some unexpected changes. Enjoy the excitement as you surf the waves of energy.

July 4 – Moon in Taurus. As you celebrate, ponder the true meaning of patriotism and homeland. Appreciate the beauty of nature and the miracle of how plants grow. Go slowly and savor the moments. Indulge in your favorite foods and forget about your diet for the day. Hug your friends and family. Plant.

July 5 – Moon in Taurus, VC 12:57 pm. Do the important work in the morning, then extend your holiday. Do something to improve the ambience of your home. Make it a gentle change. You can catch up and clean, file, sort out piles of stuff in the afternoon. Mental activity picks up speed in the evening.

July 6 – Moon in Gemini. There’s an ease and flow to your writing and speaking that you haven’t felt for many weeks. Take the words out of your head and put them down on paper or in a word document. Fill out those applications and forms that have been sitting on your desktop. Outline your next lecture or class. Your mind is hot with ideas today.

July 7 – Moon in Gemini. Continue with mental endeavors. Mercury is happy to feed you thoughts and information. Browse bookstores and ebook sites and buy some new reading material. Email your siblings to see what’s new in their lives. Take a walk with a friend or two to provide needed stimulation and good conversations.

July 8 – Moon VC Gemini, enters Cancer 9:51 am. It’s a good day to wrap up old projects, especially ones relating to home and family. Things will flow the right way  and you’ll find it easy to do. A brief encounter with someone will activate romantic feelings to recharge your batteries. It’s the dark of the Moon tonight, great for rituals and stargazing.

July 9 – Moon in Cancer.  This is the first new Moon of summer. It is connected with the feminine life force. Sit outdoors in a quiet place and feel the energies of the nature spirits. It is a fertile day to plant of kinds of seeds. Meditate on the growth of a seed as it becomes a beautiful plant. Start a project that is dear to your heart.

July 10 – Moon in Cancer, VC from 12:10 pm until 8:21 pm when it enters Leo. Today is the day to plant. Let the seeds and plants tell you where they want to be put.  You receive strong feelings about what is the best path for you making it a good day to take the first steps. Avoid people and situations that upset you. Make a safe, secure nest and relax there. 

July 11 – Moon in Leo. Mercury enters Cancer where he swims in a sea of memories. He helps your imagination grow. You need to work today and play tomorrow.  Do any important work then take the kids, or the kid who lives inside you, out to a place where you can have fun – an amusement park, a waterpark, or the beach. Spread your joy and make someone laugh.

July 12 – Moon in Leo, VC 8:29 am. Don’t start anything or put your energy into something where you would get upset if it doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. It’s a day to play and make up games. Let your mind free to invent and fantasize.  You’ll come up with great ideas if you let them flow and don’t force them.

July 13 – Moon in Virgo. Take advantage of this excellent work energy. It’s the best day of the week to produce great results. You can go from start to finish in one straight line. You’ll find the right words to express your thoughts and can take an idea and make it real. Pay attention to any health issues and research on how to fix them. Eat healthy today.

July 14 – Moon in Virgo. Be like the ant who works every minute gathering food. You’ll be happy you did so much today. Your mind is in fix-it mode and you’ll see what needs to be upgraded and repaired. It will be easy to get the boring stuff done. You’re happy to help where help is needed. Put in extra hours so that you can glide through the rest of the week.

July 15 – Moon VC Virgo, enters Libra 10:32 am. The Sun and Neptune swim together and take you away to ethereal planes. Stay in receptive mode and download the inspiration they share with you. Chiron turns retrograde and he asks you to do an examination of how much you have healed yourself and what’s left to work on.

July 16 – Moon in Libra. Be kind when you have important one on one discussions. State your points and address your needs as you try to rebalance the power structure of your relationships. Meet with friends and share appreciating art and music together. Plant flowering bushes and flowers to make your surroundings even more beautiful.

July 17 – Moon in Libra, VC from 7:03 am until 2:38 pm when it enters Scorpio. The Sun and Pluto stare at each other bringing intensity to the day. Let go of those emotions and grudges from the past that you still cling to. Forgive and forget. Test your luck this evening-you’ll get the right tips by listening to your intuition. Receive knowledge when it comes.

July 18 – Moon in Scorpio. It’s natural to feel out of sorts today. You have to make many adjustments to your plans and will  do best when you are “going with the flow”. Stay by yourself if you’re feeling cranky. Write in your journal, work on personal projects, and look inside. Read or watch mysteries and challenge yourself to figure out the plot.

July 19 – Moon in Scorpio, VC from 12:30 pm to 5:08 pm when it enters Sagittarius. This is the last day for a while when your intuition and non-verbal perception is enhanced. Act on your gut feelings.  The morning is excellent for all kinds of therapy. Kick up you heels tonight and do something outside your comfort zone.

July 20 – Moon in Sagittarius. It will be hard to sit in one place. If your body is stuck in front of a computer, let your mind soar to unknown territory. You can teach and write well today. It’s a good day to sell yourself or your products. Your mind will come up with great branding ideas and how to promote them. Spend a lot of time outdoors.

July 21 – Moon in Sagittarius, VC from 6:26 pm to 6:36 pm when it enters Capricorn. Today is the last day of Cancer, the first month of summer. Make a list of what you want to do as summer flies by. Mercury enters Virgo to give your left brain some much needed help. He will help you edit yesterday’s writing. Be optimistic and go for the gold ring on life’s merry-go-round.

July 22 – Moon in Capricorn. The Sun enters Leo at 10:26 am. Today is a lucky day if you work hard for it. When you see an opportunity, go out and catch it, since it won’t come to your house with the UPS man. Take responsibility, act with integrity and you will be rewarded. Be generous with those you love. Be kind to everyone.

July 23 – Moon in Capricorn, VC 12:34 pm until 8:12 pm when it enters Aquarius. Tonight’s full Moon makes it easy to make deep spiritual contact with others in a group setting. It is an auspicious time for a group meditation. Finish up the week’s work and tie up all the loose ends so you can start fresh on Monday. Make preparations for a special weekend.

July 24 – Moon in Aquarius. It’s a good day to get involved in a project where you can give back to your local community. This is a barren Moon so stay out of the garden except to weed. There’s a serious tone to the day which makes it good for thinking about pressing matters and coming up with some answers. Let your mind travel to the place where thoughts gather and absorb new ideas.

July 25 – Moon in Aquarius, VC 7:14 pm. When you are in a heated discussion, balance your emotional reaction against the truth of the matter. You can uncover information that has been hidden from you. It’s a good day to do research before you go out to enjoy summer fun. Before you fall asleep, tell yourself to remember your dreams, there will be messages for you.

July 26 – Moon in Pisces. Summer is flying by so you don’t want to procrastinate about doing the things you can only do in the summer. You are drawn to water – ocean, lakes, rivers, ponds. Put your body in, on, or by some moving water if you can. Doing so will feed your soul. Today and tomorrow are fertile days for planting if you want to put in a fall crop.

July 27 – Moon in Pisces. Take care of an ill or elderly friend who has a task you can do or who just needs someone to talk to. Help someone enjoy summer. Your imagination is rich and productive.  You can use words to design a new scenario for your future, or start your memoirs. Mercury enters Leo tonight and he gives you a boost of creativity.

July 28 – Moon in Aries. The element of fire, with its enthusiasm, confidence, and boundless energy, is strong today. Blaze on forward to fulfill your dreams and desires. Try not to be too pushy. Jupiter backs up into Aquarius to open up your thoughts. He gives you another set of opportunities to advance your thinking and to make new friends.

July 29 – Moon in Aries. It’s a day for high drama. You have an abundance of creative energy and need to find the proper channel to contain it. Go all out with your favorite summer sport. Do something that scares you. Beat your personal best. Show off your talents. Mars enters Virgo – he puts the spotlight on work and slows you down a bit.

July 30- Moon in Aries, VC from 3:38 pm until 4:08 pm when it enters Taurus. You’re still fired up and raring to go. You want to move at your own fast pace and have no patience when stopped. Watch your temper, it’s easy to flare up today when you encounter the inevitable delays and frustrations caused by dealing with other people.

July 31 -Moon in Taurus. Give yourself a day to rest. Stop and smell the flowers while you enjoy the world you encounter through your senses. Take pleasure in your garden or a nearby park. Shop at the farmers markets for fresh local food. Do something different tonight. Take a walk in the dark or camp out so you can sleep under the moonlight.