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JULY 2022

Enjoy the month. It should be smooth sailing if you don’t overextend yourself. It is the family-centered month of summer when you can recreate the joy of childhood summers. Wear sunscreen, watch out for ticks, and let that be the worst concerns you have.

July 1 – Moon in Leo. If you cant start the holiday weekend today, find something enjoyable to do at work. Its a day for lightness and. laughter. Do your best to make someone happy. Take the kids for a special treat. You will face a serious challenge tonight about taking actions that go against the established way. Think before you react.

July 2 – Moon in Leo. Mercury is busy today. He wants you to take the thoughts he sends you and write them down so they wont get lost. He gives you the right  words to express yourself. Start an artistic project that excites you. You want to have some summer fun, but it will feel good to express yourself by writing, podcasting, or blogging.

July 3Moon VC Leo, enters Virgo at 8:31 am. Take care of family and those you love. See how you can help them. Can you carry something heavy, shop for groceries, clean a car, fix a broken heart, or child/pet sit to give them a break. Comfort someone who is grieving. Youll know what to say or know when to just be present.

July 4 – Moon in Virgo. Do the work of making the celebration that others will enjoy. Prepare healthy food for your picnics and parties. Be a good influence and serve natural foods. Think of what you can do to heal the country. Make a plan that is slow but steady and will work. This will be an unusual holiday but a good one.

July 5Moon in Virgo, VC from 2:04 pm until it enters Libra at 6:25 pm. Mars moves into Taurus and life calms down. You can proceed in a straight line again. Mercury enters Cancer where he brings up memories and emotions. Life will be less flashy, more sedate. You can socialize tonight in a way that didn’t feel appropriate to do over the weekend.

July 6 – Moon in Libra. Be a peacemaker. Mediate for friends or relatives who cant find a compromise. You can show them how to find one. It is H.H. the Dalai Lamas birthday. Perform acts of kindness in his honor. Take the high road when you have to make a decision. Meditate on peace and ask that all beings be safe and find happiness.

July 7Moon in Libra. Its a pleasant day when you appreciate the finer things in life. Its not the day to get grubby and deal with distasteful issues. Youd rather pick the flowers than get your hands dirty planting them. Improve your relationships by really listening to the other. Try to see both sides of the concern. Be ready to let go of your old way of doing things.

July 8 – Moon in Scorpio. Use your intuitive sensitive feelers to figure out how to heal a long-lasting psychic injury. It may cause pain, but you can clear up and clean out the memories of what caused the trauma. You will find the words to express your feelings. Plant seeds of health in your psyche as well as seeds in the garden.

July 9Moon in Scorpio. Its a watery day, rich and fertile. Let go of any plans you made and just float along with the currents of the day. Go swimming or boating or wading. Get lost in daydreams. You are ultrasensitive today so stay in your comfort zone. Trust your intuition to tell you the truth about people. Do the weekend planting today.

July 10 – Moon in Sagittarius. Have an adventure. You need to feel the lightness of leaving your life behind for a day. Break out of your shell and go exploring. Climb a mountain, get lost in the woods, and wander through a new neighborhood. Make a new friend along the way.

July 11- Moon in Sagittarius. Reach out to people who can help your work. You are persuasive and can sell your ideas to your advantage. You may have to ruffle a few feathers as you convince others to adjust to your way of thinking. Find a course of study or workshop that broadens your horizons.

July 12- Moon in Capricorn. Set boundaries to protect your work day and your free time. Focus on the job that must be done and don’t be distracted by someone’s needs. Remember what Robert Frost said: Good fences make good neighbors. Respect the limits others set if you want them to honor yours.

July 13- Moon in Capricorn. Today’s full Moon highlights the dilemma between the demands of family and career. Try to find a better balance. You can figure out inventive ways to satisfy these two parts of your life. Your intuition will show you unique solutions. Work long and late to achieve progress and get jobs done.

July 14 – Moon in Aquarius. Your mind expands to take in all sorts of unusual information. Seek out groups and organizations which will teach you something you don’t know. Have a brainstorming session to access the power of the groupmind. Don’t put limits on or censor your thoughts.

July 15 – Moon in Aquarius. It’s a day to network. Go online to make new connections, contact friends, and find people who do what you do. Don’t let any insecurities hold you back. Share your ideas and then detach from what people think about them. It will be hard to bring the weeks work to an end since you want it to be perfect.

July 16 – Moon in Pisces. It’s a weekend to plant and to space out. Intuition wins over logic as your right brain takes the lead. You can’t explain why you know something, just trust that you do. Let thoughts flood into your mind. Write them or speak them as you want to remember these quality thoughts.

July 17 – Moon in Pisces. Venus enters Cancer to soften your longings and bring you contentment from home and family. Neptune waltzes with the Sun and you want to dance with them in, on, or by a large body of water so you can dissolve into its ephemeral essence.

July 18 – Moon in Aries. Last night’s dreams showed you which self-imposed restrictions you need to wash away.  You do best striking by out on your own. This may conflict with the needs of your loved ones, but you need to own the day. Try your luck tonight in order to get something you want.

July 19 – Moon in Aries. Chiron turns retrograde giving you a second chance to heal old wounds. Mercury enters Leo to raise your spirits. The Sun and Pluto face off which is something’s got to give energy. Are you holding in your emotions in an unhealthy way?

July 20 – Moon in Aries, VC from 10:19 am until 2:23 pm when it enters Taurus. Tidy up any debris, material or emotional, that happened yesterday. Find a balance between caring for family and satisfying your own needs. Soothe yourself by being in nature and listening to her wisdom.

July 21 – Moon in Taurus. Today is the last full day of Cancer.  Take care of home and family matters in a calm, collected way. Work in the garden and yard. Go over your finances and see where you can cut spending. It will be easy to be practical and see what isn’t necessary.

July 22 – Moon in Taurus, VC 7:45 pm. The Sun enters Leo, the sign of summer fun, at 4:07 pm. It’s best to relax and finish up what’s been started. The energy is unstable as it changes from soothing cool waves of water to hot and fiery excitement. Do your weekend planting today.

July 23 – Moon in Gemini. Now you can start partying. You want to be with people and become energized as you share ideas. Your mind is active, full of creative words. You can amuse and entertain. It’s a day to stay in motion so leave the boring stuff to do next week.

July 24 – Moon in Gemini. If you want to garden, weed, and take care of buggy pests. Mow the lawn. This is a barren Moon, good for stopping what you don’t want to grow.  Take care of tomorrow’s correspondence and important paperwork.

July 25 – Moon VC Gemini, enters Cancer 1:54 pm. It’s a lucky day if you can detach from the outcome of your actions. Go for the brass ring on life’s merry-go-round. Gather your thoughts as if you are picking flowers to sort and display. You’ll want to cuddle up with a lover or pet tonight.

July 26 – Moon in Cancer.  Look through closets and storage bins to find the old objects which rekindle fond memories. Put them where you can see them and get a warm feeling. It’s a fertile day for planting berry bushes and flowering shrubs. Call Mom and talk about your favorite summers.

July 27 – Moon in Cancer, VC 8:54 pm. Today has an otherworldly aura that lets you see beyond what’s in front of you. Talk to your spirit guides. They like it when you ask them to help you. Take care of domestic matters. Clean and cook and soothe upset stomachs and feelings.

July 28 – Moon in Leo. Today’s new Moon signals the real start of summer. Have a month of sun and fun.  Jupiter starts his retrograde phase and this gives you the opportunity to examine your actions. Have you followed your personal agenda in a kind way or have you been pushy? Do something extra special tonight.

July 29 – Moon in Leo. Start the weekend early with a favorite summer activity. Remember Charlie Brown’s wise words “Summers fly and winters walk”. Make good use of this time of year. Start a creative project that’s been simmering in your mind. You’ll have the energy to produce.

July 30 – Moon VC Leo, enters Virgo 2:11 pm. Leave the chores and the worrying until tomorrow and do what pleases you today. Have a mini-holiday. Take the kids, and your inner child, to a place to play. Enjoy the fun of just being in the moment. Make plans for the next month this evening.

July 31 – Moon in Virgo. Jupiter gives you another lucky day. It’s the peak of summer, a day and night that our ancestors valued as the beginning of the harvest season. Turn your mind towards how you will preserve the fruits of summer, both the material foods and the emotional and psychic gifts you reap today.