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The energy is already different from 2020. Think of how air is lighter than earth. Saturn has moved from his cabin in the woods to his house on the mountain top which gives a wider perspective. He is teaching you to see the big picture. Jupiter opens up opportunities for education, community involvement, and innovative thought. Saturn and Jupiter want you to remember that Edgar Cayce taught that thought is the creator and to use that teaching.

There will be a VC Moon during the inauguration ceremony on January 20. It is the day when Mars is next to Uranus. Nothing will go as planned or expected.

Mercury will turn into retrograde motion on January 30.

 January 1 – Moon in Leo. When you make your new year’s resolutions, let your theme be that this is the year when you will express your creativity. Take notes on your dreams and intuitions so you can refer back to them. Have a fun day and put off any feeling of needing to work. Play games and do what brings you joy.

 January 2 – Moon in Leo, VC from 5 pm until 8:13 pm when it enters Virgo You have a lot of energy to fly free, pursue your desires, and make love.  Stay active and you’ll be happy. Start the new year by doing something you’ve never done but always wanted to do. Let your inner child out to play. Leave any serious work until tonight.

 January 3 – Moon in Virgo. Clean up all the residual mess from the holidays. You can organize your life and make lists of what you need to do and want to accomplish in the coming months, leaving plenty of room to deal with unexpected events. It’s time to get back on a work and health oriented path. Cook a nutritious dinner and get rid of the junk food in the pantry.

 January 4 – Moon in Virgo, VC 4:34 pm. You’ll feel good about getting back to work. Your mind wants to sort and file, categorize and make lists. You can pick up any unfinished work from last year and have the patience to take care of all the details. You’ll see and say the bottom line even though it may not be the popular things to do.

 January 5 – Moon in Libra. It’s a good day to rebalance your relationships. You can move forward with new negotiations and make deals and compromises. You’ll be less attached to what you want if it interferes with what’s best. Try speaking with a counselor or a mediator to solve sticky problems. Buy a piece of modern art.

 January 6 – Moon in Libra. Mars moves into Taurus and you’ll feel yourself calm down. The collective energy slows and is ready to take a rest after being on high alert for many months. Use your tact and charm to make some permanent changes to effect harmony. You can see the thread that connects any two sides and will know how to bring about a peaceful solution.

 January 7 – Moon in Scorpio. Your intuition will tell you how to handle any situations that arise today. Listen to your inner voice even if it conflicts with your thoughts. You are able to see below the surface and gather more of the story. You can find misplaced objects, so take another look. Find time to work alone, it isn’t the day for meetings and group work. Be ready to reply to an unexpected opportunity.

 January 8 – Moon in Scorpio. Mercury enters Aquarius to give words to Saturn and Jupiter’s lessons and opportunities. Venus enters Capricorn and she want to help you with your career and finances. You can make a well thought out career move today. Take time for your spiritual practice. Quiet your mind and sit in a space of gratitude.

 January 9 – Moon in Sagittarius. Be outside for as much of the day as you can. Find snow, if there is any near you, and ski, slide, tube and build a snowman. Act like the athlete you dream of being. Find friendly competition to challenge you. You can make your ideas real with a minimum of effort. Start an artistic project to keep you busy when in the house.

 January 10 – Moon in Sagittarius, VC 10:29 am. Play catch-up for your written work, your reading, and for setting up your long range projects. Think about downsizing and also eliminating things in your life that feel over and done with. Write a plan for 2021 which includes what you want to do and the steps to make it happen.

 January 11 – Moon VC Sagittarius, enters Capricorn 8:30 am. You have the focus to figure out how to advance your career, or how to find a new one. You’ll find the right words when you want to share your innovative ideas. Make your decisions by looking ahead, not to the past. Keep the image of moving forward in your mind. Try alternative methods to heal a lingering wound.

 January 12 – Moon in Capricorn. Today’s new Moon sits close to Pluto which makes transformation the theme for the month. It’s a day to make a realistic assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and then make another set of new year’s resolutions. The ones you decide on today will have sticking power as long as you put in the effort to stay disciplined ,

 January 13 – Moon VC Capricorn, enters Aquarius 11:44 am. Push comes to shove as Mars in earthbound Taurus squares off with Saturn in Aquarius. These are both stubborn signs so don’t expect anyone to compromise. You won’t be able to convince anyone that your ideas are best, so save your energy. The next two days have a VC Moon, do all your important work today.

 January 14 – Moon VC Aquarius. Uranus ends his retrograde motion early this morning. Expect some unexpected shakes and shocks. Things that became disrupted starting in mid-August will calm down again. The Sun and Pluto have their annual meeting to wrench away anything in your life that you have outgrown. Discard some old objects and clothing as a symbolic gesture.

 January 15 – Moon VC Aquarius, enters Pisces 5:17 pm. It’s a VC Moon day when the best activity is done inside your head. Finish up the week’s work. It will be slow going since your mind is out flying to unknown regions. Spend time on the Internet looking for unusual articles to feed your brain. See how you can become involved in work that helps others.

 January 16 – Moon in Pisces. Take some deep breaths and then float through the day. Your right brain will tell you what it wants you to do. Spread joy and happiness around you as if it is fairy dust. Move your body by dancing and doing yoga. Do a long meditation. Donate to charity. Listen to inspiring music. Feed your soul.

 January 17 – Moon in Pisces. It’s a day to self sooth, not self-sabotage. You have a vision for your future that will unsettle your secure routines. Find a way to make it real without doing any damage, emotional or physical. Keep one eye on the ground as your mind soars to new realms of thought. Do at least one act of kindness.

 January 18 – Moon in Aries. Today is the last full day of Capricorn with it’s focus on career advancement and efficiency. You’ll go full speed ahead as you start the work week. There are only two weeks before Mercury turns retrograde so don’t waste any time. Keep to your own priorities as you go through the day. You want to lead, not follow.

 January 19 – Moon in Aries. The Sun enters Aquarius 3:40 pm. Speak out and say those things that you’ve felt reluctant to express. Fill out applications and proposals and send them in. Face your fears and take a risk. You need to feel independent in some parts of your life. Work by yourself and do things exactly your way.

 January 20 – Moon VC Aries, enters Taurus 1:56 pm. Mars meets up with Uranus to shake you up and get you moving. You need to be cautious when handling anything dangerous – knives, flammable liquids, power tools. There is the potential for the kind of accident that happens when you move too fast. Drive defensively. Use this energy to make the kind of change that has people wondering why you did it.

 January 21 – Moon in Taurus. You are now living in the world of thoughts. Today is one of the days when you can make those ideas real. You have slow steady energy to do what you must do. Take care of your sensory needs. Shop the sales for soft blankets and bedding. Restock your food shelves with staples and fragrant oils.

 January 22  – Moon in Taurus, VC 4:28 pm. It will be a relief to do something tactile – paint, transplant the houseplants, knead bread. You need to keep a solid connection to your body. Examine your finances and make adjustments to keep your assets secure. Make a new budget for household expenses. Buy yourself some new pajamas.

 January 23 – Moon in Gemini. The Sun meets up with Saturn for the first time in the sign of Aquarius. They give you a new curriculum to study and new tests to pass. The theme is how you communicate and connect with others. Contact friends and relatives and share news. Support the local bookstore and buy something new to read.

 January 24 – Moon in Gemini. Use this planetary emphasis on air to work on writing projects, answer the emails you’ve been avoiding, and order, or upgrade, new phones and computers. You can download all kinds of information from the universe if you pay attention and keep an open mind. You need conversation with friends so that you can discuss these new ideas.

 January 25 – Moon VC Gemini, enters Cancer 1:52pm. Mercury turns retrograde on Saturday. Make good use of this week to set things in motion, be proactive about car repairs, and sign legal documents. Clear out your inbox. Make appointments to get any needed home repairs done. Think of ways to reduce your stress level.

 January 26 – Moon in Cancer. Avoid conflict and don’t call anyone out for being stubborn. The Sun and Uranus square off in opinionated signs so no one is going to back down from what they perceive as the truth. Find a way to get around any stalemate, be like water flowing by an obstacle. Cook your favorite comfort foods for dinner.

 January 27 – Moon in Cancer, VC from 12:55 pm until 9:54 when it enters Leo. Order those hard to find food items, both for your family and for the pets. It’s a good day to shop so stock your pantry and shelves. You’ll be torn between wanting to be taking care of issues around home and family, and letting your love of your business pull you out to the workplace.

 January 28 – Moon in Leo. It’s an intense day when you want to take the things and people you love and hold on to them. You will know what is real in your relationships and what is no longer alive. Jupiter and the Sun meet making this one of the luckiest days of the year. Take a chance, literal and metaphorical. You can win big today.

 January 29 – Moon in Leo, VC 8:53 pm. Mercury is standing still getting ready to change direction. Anything you start today will not turn out as planned, so be creative and don’t be attached to a specific outcome. You will already be making adjustments to your plans. Have fun today and play. Keep your heart open and share your love.

 January 30 – Moon in Virgo. Mercury turns retrograde at 10:52 am. Anything you do today needs to be done slowly, one step at a time. Make a list of what you want to do in the next three weeks using verbs that start with re-. Start by reviewing your ideas for the future. Take care of your health by listening to your body telling you what it needs.

 January 31 – Moon in Virgo. It’s the perfect day to de-clutter. Start small, with one closet or one drawer. Decide what is still of use and what isn’t. Recycle the pile that’s ready to go. Redo you daily routine and eliminate what is not practical anymore. Give the house a good cleaning, especially in those places you tend to ignore. Eat a healthy dinner.