Why go to an Astrologer?

An astrologer is a skilled translator of an ancient language. The chart is the textbook of your life. By studying this text you will learn about your potentials, gifts, and talents as well as your unconscious patterns, blind spots, and life challenges. You will see why certain things happened at certain times in your life. You can learn to work with the current energy and create a fulfilling future. An astrological reading is a validation of your intuitive sense of yourself. An astrological reading helps you gain insight into yourself and those around you and frees you up to see and make choices with a new perspective.

What do I need to do?

You need to tell me your birth date, birthplace, and birth time. If you are unsure of your birth time, you can call or write the Bureau of Vital Statistics in the state where you were born. Ask for the certified long form birth record and tell them that you need to know the time of birth.

How much does it cost?

The fee for a one-hour astrological consultation is $195 if you pay by Venmo, Zelle, or check. It is $200 if you use the Paypal button on the website.

What is a reading like?

My readings are one hour. I record the reading and send you a recording of the consultation. All that is said in the session is under the strictest professional confidentiality. I give readings on Zoom, telephone, Skype, and in person when possible.

What is astrological relationship counseling?

When I compare two charts, I can read the dynamics of any relationship be it husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, parent and child, or business partners. The areas of compatibility and challenge are shown by planetary interactions. Throughout the process the differences between the way two people think and feel and act are explored. This information offers a healthy perspective on what can and cannot be changed and promotes greater tolerance and acceptance of the partner. A composite chart is composed of the midpoints of the two charts and reads as the purpose of the relationship. It shows how each partner is affected by the relationship.

What is a yearly update?

Since the planets are continuously changing positions, their effects on your particular chart also change. Think of it as a weather report that will tell you when you are in for stormy weather or in a period of calm. Each planet represents a type of energy and through the update you can discover the larger purpose of present circumstances.

Every year on your birthday you begin a personal year that has its own chart. The information obtained from this Solar Return chart helps you see which areas of life are highlighted for the coming year so you can prepare for the challenges and enjoy the blessings that your personal new year holds.

How often should I call for a reading?

Once a year, perhaps around your birthday is a good time. Clients often find it helpful to have an additional chart reading to gain perspective when a major life event or emotional upset happens. Many people call when they meet someone interesting to help them to understand the dynamics of the interaction.