Read it like you read the weather report. When it is raining, everyone is
affected – You get wet, feel gloomy, and have to change plans. If you
know in advance that it will be stormy, you’ll wear a raincoat and
bring an umbrella. When the Moon is in Cancer, everyone is similarly
affected. You feel emotional, want to be at home, and have strong
intuitions. When the Sun is out, everyone responds to that. It feels
good to feel warm, enjoy the sunshine, and things look bright.. When
the Moon is in Leo everyone feels playful and happy.

Don’t be confused seeing that there are sign names by each day. Don’t go
looking for your sun sign and read only that day. The Moon moves
through all twelve signs on a 28-day cycle. Each sign creates a
different atmosphere. I write about the character of the day, not
about a certain group of people. This is an interior weather report,
not a Sun sign column.

If you are familiar with your chart, you can make the information more
personal by seeing which house in the chart the Moon moves through
each day. That area will be highlighted and activated.

VC means that the Moon is Void-of-Course, which means that it is done
connecting to any of the planets until it finishes moving through the
sign it’s in. It describes a time period when what is started never
ends up as expected. It’s a time to reflect, rest, and meditate. Go
to the beach, take a bike ride, take a nap.